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Singing Stone

Purpose / Function

"What are these stones used for?" Alls asked.   "Historians are not sure," Raga replied, "They might have been used in the worship of the Spider Queen in the old cult of Ci Scá Múnt. I use them to tell how far away campsites are."
There are three theories for the purpose of these stones. The theories are basically worship for the Spider Queen, a trail marker, or a way to scare away Giant Spiders. Let's break them down.   First, the stones are used in the worship of the Spider Queen. Solsínabh is a goddess of chaos and art. Music is a form of art and therefore is a part of her domain. Therefore it is assumed that the stones were used to worship the goddess in some way.   Second, the stones are used as a trail marker. The stones are on the paths in The Waves and are spaced a few miles away from each other. They seem to act as mile markers. The stones also move with the path and make remapping the Waves easier.   Third, the stones are used to scare giant spiders from the trail. This just doesn't happen. The spiders do not seem bothered by the stones. The spiders can be seen walking on and off of the path. Now if there is a strong wind the sound from the stones can become louder. This seems to startle the spiders off the path for a while.


The stone is about three feet tall. It is hollow with holes all over it. When the wind blows through the stone it makes a ghostly sound.


The stones are on the paths in The Waves. They are hard to miss. Some tourists like to stop and take pictures of the stones. This can be dangerouise because the Waves move at night. It is important to get the next camp site.
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