Under an iron sky Construction of Ubudongiu

Construction of Ubudongiu

Construction beginning/end


The city was built on the foot of The Waves and served as the capital of Briknomm.

The city is built on the foot of The Waves and serves as the capital of Briknomm which would soon be Bridt Sche but at the moment was just the stronghold of one Dragon Family. Some other Dragons questioned whether building near the border was a bad idea but the Briknomm Dragons said that it was fine because they knew how to move the mountains and had plans to make sure that the flights would fear them. The other Black Dragons were content to leave the Briknomm Dragons and their growing cult.   As for the cult, the Elves insisted that the city had to be built on the site where they were almost buried alive under the crushing rock of the magical mountains. The Spider Queen thought that would be a good idea and her husband the Lord of Order set up anchor points around the site to make sure that the city wouldn't move.

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