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Fioje Prisa (ˈfiɔ priˈza)

Talking Stone

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Fioje Prisa is enchanted with Alteration magic and utilizes the old technology of Magical Frequencies for long distance communication.


The first Fioje Prisa that was created was by the Miylian Elders who were the Elves that lived on Miyla. The ability to talk to people over a long distance was useful to both sides during the Miylian War and for normal communication before the war.   In the modern era, this low-tech form of communication has been replaced by cell phones which are not as common because this tech is still new and expensive. Some people still use Fioje Prisa to stay in touch or they will simply write letters. One organizations that use Fioje Prisa are Kezedfrunch which is an eco-terrorist group that uses the low tech to keep their movements corninated and secert.


Fioje Prisa was the first long-distance communication device created with Alteration magic. In the modern day these are still used to a lesser scale usually by organizations such as Kezedfrunch and Fal Uafrúl who don't want the government to know what they are doing.
Item type
Related Technologies
Base Price
50 Veni
Raw materials & Components
To enchant the stone an Artificer will need an Enchanter and needs knowledge of Magical Frequencies to place the Alteration encahntment on the stone.