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Veninedute's Verbal Blessing

"May Veninedute smile and fill your purse."
- Old Nuossa Nualestota Saying
It was believed that invoking Veninedute would give wealth and prosperity to the person her name was spoken over. When people were in economic hard times others would speak over them in faith with a simple prayer that she would give them wealth. However, now that Ci Scá Múnt is no longer the prominent religion in Bridt Sche so the phrase isn't spoken as much anymore.


The expression comes from the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elders Elves and is in honor of the Goddess Veninedute the Lady of Wealth and wishing that she shows favor to people and gives them wealth.   In modern times most people don't use this phrase because most DwarvesHumans, and Orcs don't like the idea of handouts as they prefer to work for what they have and not relying on a goddess for wealth. They prefer more pro-work phrases so this one isn't used much outside of Elves.


Since this tradition is a spoken phrase it needs to be spoken and is believed to give the blessing of the goddess so that she will give her favor and hopefully wealth to the person it is spoken to.
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