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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a tradition or behavior considered old fashioned
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Yav Gre: The Making of Tap Cards

Public Execution and Display

The Crefts Family Patch Keeping

The Nuture of Highfell Lyleaves, in memory of Hyaffa

Old Fashioned Tendencies

Die Zeremonie der Sturmweihe

Treasure hunters's code of conduct

The Sumptuary Laws of Calanthi

The Great Hunt of the Frostwyrm

The Rite of Fair Battle and the Rite of Razing the Wyrm

Development of wedding traditions

Dwarven Beard Traditions

SC.2023.21. Flag-childless

Yvazhare's Notes: Carriages

The King’s Colonies Day - A Ka'yar Traditionalists Celebration

The Lokili, Wyrm Performers

The Dance of the White Lotus

The Clockwork Hunt of Keztoxs Time Slip

Time Honoured Traditions - Obsidian Empire

Traditional & Cultural Languages in Altwaus

Annual Goblin Decapitation Ceremony