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Welcome to Dark Lord Seduction Plan! In a world torn by a conflict between the Light and the Dark, Dark mage Alina only cares about seducing the Dark Lord and getting him to marry her... Come read about her plans, and the world where she lives!
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Even if my schemes to seduce the the Dark Lord will mostly rely on taking advantage of happenstance, I need to prepare for all eventualities and so to plot some more precise scenarios. Traditional courtship gifts have to be a good idea. As a Dark Lord Lord, he's bound to appreciate the traditions he defends against the Light mages, isn't he?

The tradition

Gits a suitor offers to their would-be partner. The suitors need to created them themselves specifically for the circumstances.   A little old fashioned but still very effective.
The choice of the gift needs to be meaningful as it is used to not only show off your devotion but also what you can provide to your would-be partner.   They are adapted to the suitors' skills & means.


Flower arrangement
Most flowers and plants are boring, but if I get anything remotely interesting like crimson rhubarb or feisty lettuce, it risks being mistaken for an assassination attempt...
Cooking / Baking
Cooking... I've thought about what the Dark Lord is likely to appreciate, but cooking feels way too plebeian...   Maybe once I'll get to know him better it will instead feel intimate?
Poetry / Painting / Music
Composing music or poetry & painting are valuable & original, but I don't know his taste in the matter.   Anyway, with my lack of experience it's probably too risky
Artefact crafting
Lot of colleagues say that this is very low imagination & effort for masters like us, but if we've chosen this path it's because we love crafting. The Dark Lord is a master too.


The Dark Lord has always been very clear that he values intelligence, skills, and creativity. And let's not forget pragmatism! So making him an artefact that embues all those qualities and offering it to him under the guise of being useful to the cause is clearly my best bet...


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Cover image: Flower arrangement painting as a courtship gift by marrad_art on DepositPhotos


Author's Notes

The little drawing of the Dark Lord was made by Annie Stein.

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