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Application for the Rune-Guild Pilot Project Funding

  Background: Artefact-activation mechanisms are essential to limit and control their output, thus ensuring safety, purpose, and savings. Activation-mechanisms are of two kinds: 1) based on complex enchantments whose criteria need to be fulfilled, or 2) based on the intrinsic properties of the materials used to forge the artefacts (in its simple form, magic-absorbing material that activates once they receive enough magic).   Enchantments themselves have many defaults (e.g. wears out over time, can become twisted and activate with the wrong trigger...), whereas material-based mechanisms are limited by our understanding of materials and how to best combine their properties. So far, attention has focused on magical, mechanical, electrical, heat, and more rarely magnetic properties, leaving others and in particular optical properties unexploited.   Aim: This project will create new light-absorbance-based activation mechanisms.   Method: Materials expected to have high optical-absorbance properties and good magical-conductance will be used to craft two sets of light-activated artefacts: 1) a simple shield-generation artefact, 2) a complex ward-stripping artefact. Different laser wavelengths will be used to trigger activation. The quality of the materials will be measured as either shield-thickness or time-to-ward-take-down.   Expected Results: Different laser wavelengths will be more or less absorbed by each material. The energy resulting from photon-absorption will diffuse into heat and magic, with some materials favouring magic-diffusion (Q effect). The magical build-up will lead to artefact activating more or less quickly.   Conclusion: New artefact-activation mechanisms with specific triggers have numerous potential applications, particularly in medicine to replace faulty magnetic-based mechanisms of internal drug-delivery reservoirs.
  • Point out military applications or leave that unsaid? Increase interest and chance of funding vs risks of project being stolen by the army?
  • If chances of success with the guild too low --> keep the info secret and look for more favourable private funder?


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    Dec 20, 2022 14:22

    Cease your investigations! Light activation is the trademarked technique of the right honorable Lord Friedrich von Hohenstetten. Any further research into this will be met with serious litigation!   (Real talk: Lovely way of fleshing out the world with in-universe articles. As someone who has probably seen one too many of these applications, I have to say you hit the feeling of one with an uncanny precision. Well done!)

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    I might have spent the last 2 years writing way too many of those applications -_- You can escape academia, but academia will never escape you...   Thanks <3 Although, those German Rénance people would have more chance with enforcing their patents if there was not the small matter of a war going on :p

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