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Introduction to the world of Dark Lord Seduction Plan

Welcome to Dark Lord Seduction Plan! In a world torn by a conflict between the Light and the Dark, Dark mage Alina only cares about seducing the Dark Lord and getting him to marry her... Come read about her plans, and the world where she lives!
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Short book synopsis
In a world on the brink of a civil war between the Light and Dark political parties, Alina doesn't care much about what's going on beyond wishing well on the Dark. Far more pressing is her unwanted upcoming marriage that has been arranged by her parents. But she has a plan. If marriage is inevitable for her, she will snatch the most desirable match of all: the Dark Lord himself.
Genre: Romantic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Science Fantasy.   Location: Nélannie, a highly militarised country where manners are all important, but alo a country torn between "Light" and "Dark" politics.   Interest: In a world full of intrigues and on the brink of a civil war, enjoy following a ruthless heroine, ready to employ all manipulations to get what she wants.
Court intrigues
Intrigues by Carl Schweninger Jr

The world


Nélannie is a highly militarised country constantly at war with its neighbours, Illénie and Rénance.   With everyone military-trained, manners and the respect of hierarchy are essential to avoid honour duels and everyone constantly killing each other in the streets.

Society is lead by a king and a senate made of noble Houses.   Traditionally, those Houses have hold the most powers and enjoyed numerous social and legal advantages.

The senate is currently controlled by the Light political party, which sees itself as "enlightened" and progressive.   It wants to help and support all citizens, and its main aims is to regulate what magic people are allowed to cast so as to ensure everyone's safety.

The opposite Dark party has been made illegal.   However, one powerful mage dares oppose the government openly. Of course, he was immediately delcared outlawed and an "evil Dark Lord".   This has not stopped his ideas from spreading, and revolution has been brewing...



Everyone possesses magic.   To "cast a spell", most of the population has to use shortcuts such as lengthy preparation or artefacts.   Only powerful individuals like the Dark Lord and Light Lord can use magic without them, either as intent-based magic or even as burst of raw magic.

Education is essential for people to know how to use magic, and universities and magical guilds are highly socially influential.   Noble Houses have access to their own private library hidden well out of sight of any police inspections, and most have records of long-forgotten magic.
Types of magic:  
  • intent-based magic—aka instantaneous magic.
  • runic magic—the best magic! Great for making magical artefacts.
  • alchemy and enchantments—used in conjunction with runes or by those too lazy to use runes.
  • rituals—all illegal.

  • Magical innovations are essential for rivalling with foreign countries in war, trade, and prestige.   Research is mostly done by members of the magical guilds and is funded by the government or private investors.   Researchers are highly regarded—so long as they are actually successful.


    Most of the worldbuilding articles in this world are written as the plans Mistress Alina Lange is making to seduce the Dark Lord or as official flyers made by Madame Solène de Nivers for the rune guild.
    Mistress Alina Lange is a rune mistress from a Dark minor noble family, and very determined to seduce and marry the Dark Lord!   All she has to rely on for this is her magical skills and her unique way to approach artefact design and crafting—a great way to stand out!
    Madame Solène de Nivers is the amazing, highly respected, and terribly overworked administrator of the rune guild.   She's the corner stone on which the guild is built. Think twice before bothering her with your petty concerns!
    The two most powerful mages in the country and most important politicians are the Light Lord and the Dark Lord. Both are intensely recruiting in preparation for the coming civil war...
    The Light Lord by ysbrand on DepositPhotos
    The Light Lord Justinien de Labruyère is the leader of the main political party and a royal advisor.   A very open and friendly person, and you're welcome to attempt to impress him, but do remember to stay within the boundaries of etiquette and good taste!
    The very attractive Dark Lord by kathysg on DepositPhotos
    The Dark Lord Enélien Cenlys is the most amazing person in the country, the most powerful and skilled mage, cleverest scholar, and charismatic political leader.   He's going to save us all from the restrictions the Light is imposing on our society!


    Despite the imminent civil war, Alina is far more preoccupied with trivial things...
    The Langes were Dark before it became illegal. This makes everyone look at Alina with suspicions, limits her career opportunities, and has the government watch her.
    All nobles have to make arranged marriages for the good of their Houses. Her fiancé and the very idea disgust Alina. She has decided to take the matter into her own hands...
    The Dark Lord
    Alina's plan to catch the Dark Lord's attention is also very dangerous in itself. The powerful never care too much for the pawns they use in their games...

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