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Light vs Dark politics and Dark Lords

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Light and Dark are fundamental concepts that have now divided our society for several centuries. From simple magical definitions, they've become political concepts to which ideas of morality are deeply attached.   The Dark Lord is the leader of the Dark society, and whatever meaning of the word Dark is used, you can always be sure that we are a harbinger of change—especially the violent kind!

History of the "Light" and "Dark" terms

"Light" and "Dark" are ancient magical, moral, and political concepts whose meanings have changed over time.
Initital meanings
The feel one got from certain types of magic.   E.g. 1: Ritual magic = heavy and heady sensation = Dark magic.   E.g. 2: Elemental magic = spark of lightning = Light magic.   Simple magical concepts, no moral or politics attached.
"Light" evolution
1) Light = revelation, knowledge, and wisdom.   2) Practioners of Light magic are enlightened and have progressive views vs people stuck in the ignorance of darkness.   Light = positive elements like honesty, happiness, purity of all kind but especially moral.
"Dark" evolution
1) Dark = used by Light mages for their enemies—Dark magic practitioners, "traditionalist" politicians, and criminals embarked in "shady" dealings alike.   2) Dark = negative elements like immorality, dishonesty, and outlaws.
Recent history
The Light party has been in power for a few centuries and used this propaganda to turn the general public against the Dark.   They outlawed one by one each field of Dark magic, making Dark a synonym for illegal.
First among them was ritual magic, highlighting its most horrible subbranches (human sacrifice, cannibalism, necromancy) despite other harmless and life-saving rituals.   A centuries ago, Light mages finally succeeded in outlawing the Dark political party itself.

The resistance

All of this did not happen without opposition, of course.
Dark society
The Light's ennemies started by decrying the concept of Light and Dark as an obvious manipulation, but since the terms staid, they've come to reclaim them.   They gathered together in a "Dark society" who shares magical practices, social events, and political objectives.
Dark Lords
Sometimes a Dark mage so far above everyone else in power and charisma emerges. People instinctively gather around them and look up to this "Dark Lord".   Dark Lords are designed by consensus among the Dark society, but the Light also delight in applying the title to criminal gang leaders so as to further tarnish the Dark's image.
Our Dark Lord
The Dark political party has been outlawed, but opposition to the Light and its Lord is not dead. Dark mages linger in the shadow, scheming their returns.   A new Dark Lord has risen, more powerful and intelligent—and handsome and charming—than all those who have preceded him. War is coming...
Contrary to what the Light think, the world isn't black and white. Light mages are hypocrites and manipulators, but they also share positive values such as tolerance and generosity. In theory. And many of them sincerely believing that banning even more magic will make our country safer for everyone.   On the other hand, because the Dark welcomes so many forbidden practices and refuse any constraint on magic, it has become a haven for criminals and those only looking for a chance to cause troubles and let free their sadistic impulses.   Thus, there isn't clearly anyone who is absolutely right or wrong. Believing so—and worse, basing your politics on this—is as dangerous as it is outrageous. I, however, much prefer to be stabbed in the front than in the back.

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