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Light Society

Welcome to Dark Lord Seduction Plan! In a world torn by a conflict between the Light and the Dark, Dark mage Alina only cares about seducing the Dark Lord and getting him to marry her... Come read about her plans, and the world where she lives!
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Ironically, by their rush to destroy the Dark and our society, the Light managed to destroy themselves too along the way. Nowadays they are only a shadow of their former self. Just as deserved, if you ask me...

Light Society

  Just like the Dark, the Light started as a political group that gathered these politicians and their families, with most of society having little influence or little interest in politics and so not identifying with either group. However, since the accursed day the Light "won", the Dark party has been disbanded and anything Dark has become illegal. This leaves the Light as the only possible identity left. Nowadays, everyone is Light!   This means there is no need for them to defend their values, no need to be ready to die to preserve their culture, no need to gather to plot their next scheme. So what is left?  
Some of the old Light families are still meeting regularly together, but this is more extended family gatherings than anything else.   Contrary to the Dark, they're not trying to grow & recruit & are instead deeply suspicious of any new acquaintance possibly being a "convert"—ancient Dark mages who have been forced to give up their practices but are still not respectable enough to frequent.
The Light has given up on all the old religious practices because they were too tightly linked with the rituals they have outlawed.   Instead of the big public celebrations we all used to have to bring ourselves together, they know only have tiny private family gatherings during which they have meaningless prayers & games.
The Light does not enjoy public debate as much as the Dark—they don't like having to justify themselves—& they are also a lot more politically divided than us. This means that they don't discuss politic publicly very much.   However, they do have special gathering to do so, but those are limited to allies & people sharing the same politics.
Magical practice
The Light do not see the practice of Light magic as their duty—and in any case, they're not forbidden from doing so in public. his means that they don't organise special meeting for this.   Instead, groups of friends will casually gather together at a duelling halls whenever they feel like having some fun—although even that is undoubtedly going to become illegal soon seeing how this is going & the Light new dislike of "unnecessary violence".

The darker aspects

It's the height of outrage for the Light, but they are not themselves spared from the darker aspect of humanity...  
The defining quality of far too many of their members!   Despite in theory valuing tolerance, in practice they spend their time being deeply suspicious & judgemental of everyone around them
The Light are deeply afraid of the world around them & react by wanting to control absolutely everything & everyone.   They want to forbid all kind of perfectly normal and safe activities & to continuously censure more knowledge.
Every repressive regime has to be full of lies & propaganda and the Light is not an exception.   They particularly love to assign any crimes past or present to a Dark mage, rewriting of history if necessary.
A great bunch of hypocrites preaching tolerance but that will judge you immediately for your family name and keep poking at you until they provoke a reaction or find an excuse to arrest and execute you... Say what you will, the Dark might have its fair share of problems, but at least we have far more fairness than the so called "good guys"!


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Jul 31, 2023 10:27 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

They definitely do sound like big hypocrites, and definitely not as good as they claim to be.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 3, 2023 12:51 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

It's always the problem with mages who claim to be "good" and "Light"... :(

Aug 7, 2023 19:10 by Rin Garnett

I have to wonder how reliable this narrator is... Is this the sort of narrator who would consider rituals to be among those "perfectly safe and normal" activities being "overregulated"? Or is Light Society truly trying to ban things like petting puppies?   I like how this frames the cultural identity in relation to differing identities. Once a group becomes ubiquitous, there's no longer any meaning derived from being a member of that group. It's a different take on the prompt than I've seen most others write about :)

Sep 29, 2023 11:27 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Alina regularly practices rituals and indeed find them perfectly safe and normal :p - I've been trying to do a mix of justified concern and over-bearing laws so that you can't easily say that my Light or Dark mages are in the right, but Alina is definitely not unbiased with her opinion XD   Thanks for you comment <3

Aug 13, 2023 23:36 by Rori

I love the idea of light and dark as not these... vague moral alignments, but rather political parties with espoused and lived ideals that don't necessarily match up. Also, I love the formatting on your article! Was a very fun visual read.

Sep 29, 2023 18:58 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Thanks! I've been having a lot of fun coming up with alternative way to present the worldbuilding info to make it more entertaining :D   I love playing with the concept of Light and Dark magic and politics and not having the concept so easily be broken down between good and evil, it makes things more fun :p

Aug 14, 2023 02:51 by Molly Marjorie

The way Alina talks about the loss of culture due to everyone being Light makes me think of my own family's assimilation into American society and our resulting loss of culture. I really appreciate how you present the two sides--I can rationality in both (though a lot of people on both sides sound like people I wouldn't get on with.)   Also, I cannot get enough of Alina's disdain for "games."

Check out Natural Magic : a coming of age fantasy novel, because life is hard enough when you're fourteen, even without saving the world. Or listen to it in podcast form .
Sep 29, 2023 19:08 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Thanks for your comment :D I didn't think about immigrant integration when writing this (more about counter culture or a subculture suddenly becoming mainstream), but it's a good point! My father's side of the family are also immigrant (from Poland to France), but with my generation we've lost all link to Polish culture and language :(   I'm glad I've done a good job showing that they are no good or evil side in this world :p   And since this is the last comment of yours that I'm answering to, I really wanted to say thanks a lot for all the reading and commenting you've been doing in this world in July and August! This was super nice of you to do and I was super happy and motivated to see all the notifications and comments <3

Aug 20, 2023 15:32 by Chris L

Reading this right after the "Dark Society" article. You definitely have to join the light side and change them from the inside! Right! That's the only choice! Right? (These guys sound like a-holes too! You're cutting me to shreds with how close this is to real politics nowadays!)

For your consideration, my submissions for the WorldAnvil Worldbuilding Awards 2024. (I've also included some of my favorites other worldbuilders.)

Sep 29, 2023 19:01 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Thanks! I'm trying to not refer to any modern politics because with fantasy you can easily find yourself saying things you don't mean at all XD But I think there are a lot of common elements shared by politicians that makes any such problems very relatable.   The whole concept have this world is to have fun being on the "evil" side - I'd say for once, but that might be something I'm doing a bit too often in all my worlds and novels XD

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