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Jorie Grey


Hi! I'm Rin, storyteller and aspiring otherworldly entity. The other nerd to my name is my fiance, whose music I occasionally upload to WA on his behalf.   I have two worlds here on WA and a third that I co-author with a group of lovely people.

wow that's a lot of stars

12 planets connected by metadimensional space, divided by ideals, and held together by one beleaguered organization.

My primary world is a grounded science-fantasy setting I created for TTRPG campaigns with the Stars Without Number system. Follow this world if you like space travel, alien planets, psychic abilities, and tabletop shenanigans. I also post prose, homebrew, and system-agnostic GM tips.
You Are Here Now

(Currently empty, check back soon!) Settings, characters, plots, and excerpts from my various novels and short stories

My second world is for my fiction writing. Rather than creating a new World for every project (some of which are quite small), I created One World To Rule Them All. Follow this one if you like speculative fiction and story-focused world building. My current project is urban fantasy/romance.
Roleplay Radio: Strixhaven

Magic school, Magic: the Gathering, D&D, and more in a tabletop podcast edited in the style of a radio show.

Lastly, the world I co-author is for a tabletop podcast I play/VA in. It's based around the Strixhaven module for DnD (magic school/Magic: the Gathering), and we run other sessions in different systems and settings, such as Masks. Follow if you like cozy stories and want notifs for weekly updates.

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