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Roleplay Radio: Strixhaven

Follow five students through four years of mayhem, mischief, and murderous machinations at Arcavios' premier university of magic
A rendition of the Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos D&D campaign. New posts every Wednesday.

Praise for Roleplay Radio

"Some of the highest production quality that I have seen in DnD videos."
— benjohnson7793 (ep1)
"Man I've never been happier to go back to school and i like going back to school"
— somerandomflower4994 (ep26)
"Those songs! THOSE SONGS! This is a cast and GM with tons of talent!"
— Dromio (ep16)
"An amazing job of breathing life and complexity into the faculty"
— johnathannguyen5658 (ep20)

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