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Lord Enélien Cenlys—the Dark Lord

Welcome to Dark Lord Seduction Plan! In a world torn by a conflict between the Light and the Dark, Dark mage Alina only cares about seducing the Dark Lord and getting him to marry her... Come read about her plans, and the world where she lives!
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The most amazing mage in the country, the cleverest, most powerful and most skilled—and so the only one I would ever accept to marry.

Let's examine how amazing he is

  • Last heir of an old noble House known for some specific magic but not particularly powerful magically or politically.
  • Worse, his parents wasted what little money they had, so he really didn't have the best start in life and what he's accomplished is even more of a miracle.
  • Thankfully, they're all dead now—most probably at his hands!
  • Body
  • Extremely handsome, tall, with dark hair, blue eyes, and looks very regal.
  • His clothes are always elegant and tasteful—he's undoubtedly grown up aware of the importance of appearances.
  • Education
  • Graduated from Ravance University thanks to scholarships.
  • Obtained several masteries: maths, history, engineering, runic magic, rituals (obtained in another country of course), wards and is currently studying healing.
  • Was the national duelling champions the 7 times he deigned to participate and utterly destroyed the competition.
  • Great amount of power and knows how to use it fluidly and precisely, giving him incredible duelling speed and deadly accuracy.
  • He's taken an interest in all fields of magic but seems to specialise in intent-based magic for duelling and rituals. Because of this he is to leader of the Dark society.
  • Still amazing at everything that catches his attention. All that competence is super sexy.
  • Great strategist and manipulator—always fun to see him play with people.
  • Jobs
  • Ex-general in the military.
  • Independent researcher of many fields of magic.
  • Political leader of the Dark faction as our Dark Lord.
  • Wanted criminal.
  • Future king.
  • Hobbies
  • Getting masteries apparently!
  • And duelling the members of his inner circle.
  • I need to find more about this if I want to seduce him...
  • I've taken note of his food tastes at least.
  • He naturally has the arrogance to go with his amazing skills, but has the charisma and cleverness to make it forgivable.
  • He's very curious about everything and loves learning—we'd fit very well together!
  • Manners
  • One great characteristics of his and a proof of his intelligence is the impeccable manners he uses with absolutely everyone regardless of their social classes, power, and usefulness to him.
  • Too many people lash out at anyone they perceive to be beneath them, thus creating long-lasting resentment and a burning desire for retribution.
  • Not him—and that's very sexy of him.
  • Leadership style
  • Appreciates his minions showing common sense and initiatives as well as knowing their limits and when to ask for help.
  • A great person to wok for and always reward his people's success handsomely.
  • However, stays a Dark Lord, and like all of them he doesn't suffer fools and people getting in his way—very attractive ruthlessness.
    Life Goals
    Take control of the country and put it back to rights!

    Dark Lording

    Lord Cenlys spent years in foreign countries to study differences in magic practices and wrote lots of fascinating and well-considered academically books and articles. Trouble started when he came back to Nélannie and openly flaunted the ridiculous laws in place here to restrict magic. Unsurprisingly, the Light took offence and began a campaign of aspersions against him. Rather than attempt to deny them, Lord Cenlys has embraced the title of Dark Lord and the associated expectations.  
    Military past
    It was to serve in the army that Lord Cenlys came back to Nélannie. During the war against Illinie, he rose to the rank of general, but he was dismissed "in disgraced" for practising human sacrifices on the battlefield—and why would killing and torturing enemy soldiers be perfectly fine, but doing so over a runic diagram suddenly cause problems? Exchanging our wounds for theirs should be standard practice!
      Since then, Lord Cenlys has been an incredibly popular Dark Lord for the Dark faction. Rivalries are between evil minions or members of the inner circle hoping to gain his favour, not to replace him as a Dark Lord. Everyone agrees that he's our last big chance of changing our society before the Light irreparably damages it.
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    Minion list
  • House Royenneseveral inner circle members.
  • House Coroy.
  • House Lange—mine.
  • Lots of other old Dark Houses—which are unfortunately a dying breed.
  •   Individuals:
  • Sérénius de Coroyprobably inner circle member.
  • Me!—future Dark Lady.

  • Enemy list
  • Lord Justinien de LabruyèreLight Lord and chief enemy.
  • The King—less important enemy.
  • All the political leaders of the Light faction—which are most politicians.
  • Lots of dead people—and the list keeps growing!

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