How to use food to seduce a Dark Lord

Welcome to Dark Lord Seduction Plan! In a world torn by a conflict between the Light and the Dark, Dark mage Alina only cares about seducing the Dark Lord and getting him to marry her... Come read about her plans, and the world where she lives!
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Because of my plan to seduce and marry the Dark Lord, I need to consider the topic of food, and all the sacrifices I'll have to do for the sake of politeness... Refusing to eat anything is extremely rude, regardless of how disgusting it is, so I'll have to endure whatever is served to me at elite gatherings. Once I'll finally have enough clout to host gatherings myself, I'll also have to be careful not to serve anything the Dark Lord would not like—not that he would force himself to eat anything, but him not eating would be a great public insult against me! This all means I'll have to be tactical...
Elites' food
  • Characteristics: capital, elite, rich
  • Starter: fish, very elaborate—Ok, but careful of risk of not being hungry anymore afterwards!
  • Main: wheat-based, creamy sauce, hunting meat or exotic meatMeat sometimes very strange especially with one-upmanship, most sauce excellent but can be too rich.
  • Cheese: cow and goat milk, compressed paste & non-baked, soft & creamy, very smelly & strong taste—Smell disgusting but delicious.
  • Dessert: very whippy-cream cake—Disgusting, too sweet & lack consistency + new trend from Illinie! Who even likes Illinie? Why are we imitating them??? No way I'm eating that!
  • Note: study vanishing magic.
    Dark Lord's family food
  • Characteristics: poor, Eastern local
  • Starter: only vegetablesSize perfect, but salad sauce rarely good.
  • Main: potatoes, fruity sauce, often mixing sweet & sour taste—Unusual but very interesting, explains why Dark Lord always prefers fruity-stuff -> adding fruits is great way to please him!
  • Cheese: cow milk, compressed paste & baked, hard, mixed with fruits & nuts—Hit or miss, some combinations too strange.
  • Dessert: fruit tarts with vanilla custard and/or chocolate & nuts—Delicious, I need to try new recipes! Could even try baking myself as a gift? Or too plebeian?
  • My family's food
  • Characteristics: mix elite and Northern local
  • Starter: small mix of meat and vegetables—Size ok, content likely to please Dark Lord.
  • Main: less exotic meat and prefer to eat all parts of the animals as is done in traditional cuisine—Taste great but weird out other regions, don't serve to Dark Lord!
  • Cheese: cow or goat milk used to make baked cheese with compressed paste that are hard and surface-ripened (gruyère, emmental, comté)—Dark Lord likely to consider them dull, serve with quince jam?
  • Dessert: real chocolate cakes & other cakes with consistency!The absolute best, especially melting-heart chocolate cakes! Can mix them with strawberries for Dark Lord.

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    Author's Notes

    Thanks to Qurilion, Dutrius, Soulwing for the inspiration for this article!

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    Dec 9, 2022 23:02 by Aster Blackwell

    The "note: study vanishing magic" made me CACKLE! I have no idea the context for this but it's wonderful all the same.

    Dec 14, 2022 13:51 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

    Thanks XD Vanishing magic is really the perfect thing to have on hand while stuck at an important dinner with terrible food XD

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    I absolutely love her distaste for the new Illine whipped-cream cake. And Illine as well. Ready to even study magic to not have to eat it. ... I just hope the dark lord will not sit down on one such vanished cake. :P

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    A great, funny take on the article that gives us both a nice little peek into the food of the setting, the dark lord's preferred menu, and a whole lot of Alina's snark. Great stuff! :D Luna says it's a great article, too

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    I love all the comments this character makes on each of the menus! And the strawberry chocolate cake sounds delicious.   They say the way to a Dark Lord's heart is through his stomach...

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    Thanks, I had fun coming up with all those comments XD And yes, writing/reading about food always makes me sooo hungry...

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