Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Fantastical worlds filled with romance, magical science, manners, and deadly politics. Novels in the genres of Science Fantasy, High Fantasy, Alternate History, Romance Fantasy and Contemporary Romance. With enemy-to-lover romances.
Fantastical worlds filled with romance, magical science, manners, and deadly politics.

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Deathly Flowers

Fantasy Romance short story   Because of the rash action of her neighbour, Heir Lyrienne, Éldorine finds herself in the deadly Black Forest in search of miracle apples.  

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The Empire of the Covenant

The Engineering Corps

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Empire of the Covenant
High Fantasy series set in a millennia-old federal empire with hundreds of independent Estate.
Each Estate is ruled by a powerful mage who is linked to the ancestral magic of their Land. The series will focus on exploring the conflicts between the two main political partis, the Light and the Dark, and between the powerful mages ruling the empire and those that are subjected to their rules. In book 1, Annabelle initiates Courtship Rituals in a desperate attempt to gather allies before the Dark Lord kills her.

The Engineering Corps
Science Fantasy series set in an alternate 19th century France with magic.
Adalinde is the new leader of the engineering corps following the death of all her superior officers during a bloody battle. She has to rebuild the corps, continue the race for military technology innovations, and face the king and his nefarious schemes.

The Magical University of Lille

Portal to Sérannie


The Magical University of Lille
High Fantasy series set in an alternate 19th century France with magic.
Adélaïde is a lecturer in the university of Lille, content with dealing with academic politics and the cut-throat race for funding and promotion. However, when the Chosen One prophesied to kill the Dark Lord is admitted among her students, she attracts the attention of both the king and the Dark Lord in question.

Portal to Sérannie
Portal Fantasy novel set in Sérannie, a Roman-style world with magic on the brink of a civil war.
Isabelle is a young woman from our world who was called to Sérannie to help them defeat their Dark Lord. However, afterwards she was thrust back into our world. She is not happy about this and is ready to do everything to go back, whatever the price she has to pay to do so.

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Academia Romance

Challenges of Magical University Life


Academia Romance
Contemporary Romance series set in the University of St Andrews in Scotland.
Alizée is a researcher at the university, and she is attempting to obtain a research grant to start her own lab. Unfortunately, some colleagues are not being very collaborative and are making things more difficult than they should be...

Challenges of Magical University Life
High Science Fantasy, Slice-of-Life series about daily life in a magical university.
Noéline tricked her way into the premier university of the country despite not being a nobel and not having huge amount of magic at her disposal. She is now struggling to keep pace with her class and the students' drama, but she is determined not to let anything come in the way of her success, no matter who she has to crush to do so!

Soul Jars

Rome and the Sassanid Empire

Magical Maths

Soul Jars
High Fantasy-Romance novella set in a city of a thousand towers at the heart of a magical technological revolution.
Galatée died millenia ago and was resting in the imperial mausoleum under the city. However, her soul jar was stolen and used to animate an automated body. She awakens without memory, with someone calling herself her mistress putting a knife in her hand and pointing her towards the tower where her enemy resides.

Rome and the Sassanids
High Fantasy Romance novel set in an alternative 4th century Roman Empire
The estrange daughter of the emperor is forced to go back to Rome with her mother to take refuge from the Sassanid invasion. This thrust her at the centre of the conflict between her parents, the deadly politics of the imperial court, and the attention of the Sassanid king.

Magical Maths
High Fantasy, Science Fantasy, and Romance novel set in a secondary world.
A royal mathematician gets noticed by the king and dragged into deadly court politics, which makes it harder for her to hide her disability in a world that look down on this.

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