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None of my novels are published yet, but I have a few short stories freely availble online.

Short stories

Deathly Flowers

Fantasy Romance short story
  The rash action of her neighbour, Heir Lyrienne, forces Éldorine to go with him into the deadly Black Forest in search of miracle apples.  
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The Prophet and the Dark Lord

Fantasy short story
  Despite her young age, Elènie is a famous prophet at the Sérannian royal court, having established herself by revealing the existence of a Dark Lord plotting against the king. Yet, one year later, with the Dark Lord still unmasked, her status is once again being threatened...  
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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure short story
  Your life sucks, and what better way to improve it than to become one of the Dark Lord's minions and enjoy your part of the spoils?  
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