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Rune Guild Members

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Guild notice—Guild members

    Being a member of a guild—especially one as prestigious as the rune guild—is an immense honour. It is also a lot of responsibilities. As a member, you represent the guild in every interaction you have with outsiders, and you better act accordingly if you want to keep your status.  



Lady Director—the big boss
Lady Aliénor Duhaut

Administrator—the pillar of the guild
Madame Solène de Nivers

Researchers—the rank & file
E.g. Mistress Alina Lange, Master Sérénius de Coroy, Master Jean Lannoie

Assistants—the minions!

Students—pets to look after

Admission Process

Who? Handpicked by one researcher (future mentor).
How? Have to pass competitive entrance exams.
How long? Until either passing their mastery viva or dismissal.
Who? Rune masters put forwards by three current guild members.
How? Examination by a board made of their future colleagues.
Need approval from: The director.
The director
Who? Chosen among the senior researchers of the guild.
How? Elected by all the researchers of the guild.
Need approval from: The king.



Dedication & Loyalty
to the kingdom and to the guild

Manners & Professionalism
as representatives of the guild

High-quality work
to prove worthy of the guild
to prove that best rune masters in the country

Roles of the rune guild and its members

Serving the king through civil engineering and military work—non-negotiable.
Advocating at the royal court for the whole field of runic magic magic—and not just your speciality!
Awarding the status of rune master to internal or external candidates throughout the country—don't complain about examining too many bad students!
Guaranteeing the quality of the work of all rune masters in the country—don't be petty with your rivals and make false reports!
Pioneering runic magic research and bring prestige to the guild—and yours is not so much better than anyone's else to justify skiving off your other duties.
Participating in the scientific community by presenting your results, participating in debates...
Teaching at one of our partnered universitiesteacher approval and module attribution handled by each chancellor, don't complain to the guild.
Obtaining funding as the guild only provide location and contact network, not salary and research materials—if unsuccessful with official funding rounds, look for a private funder.

Being at the beck and call of private citizens for their own rune projects—no matter what fancy titles they have! Projects need to be approved by the guild and funded properly.
Tutoring childrenstudents are good enough to teach brats!
Conducting research about or teaching alchemy or enchantmentseven with dual masteries, this is not within our remit!


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