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Her Highness Princess Luna kitten

Luna kitten is the cutest and most intelligent kitten of them all, and anyone looking down on her for her mixed pedigree and criticising her manners is a rude imbecile! >:( Thankfully, she'll bite you before I'm forced to deal with you.

1217 words

Blue Syndrome

Terrible fungi spores causing the destruction of nerves, necrosis of the tissues, and death. Remember the 5Ds when handling dangerous material: detect, decontaminate, delimit, destroy, denounce! Only with everyone's collaboration can we all be kept safe.

845 words

Mistress Alina Lange

A rune mistress from a Dark minor noble family, and very determined to seduce and marry the Dark Lord! All I have to rely on for this is my magical skills and my unique way to approach artefact design and crafting—a great way to stand out!

1400 words

Universities and higher education system

All you need to know to survive in the adult world! Choose whether to apprentice at a university, a merchant school, or a craft school, and how best to select under whom to get your mastery and become part of the elite!

1027 words

Madame Solène de Nivers

The amazing, highly respected, & terribly overworked rune guild administrator. The director's assistant, research manager, publicist, diplomat...She's the corner stone on which the guild is built. Think twice before bothering her with your petty concerns!

404 words

Transportation portals

Portals are incredibly complex to establish, incredibly costly to operate, and incredibly dangerous to use. They ought to be treated seriously and not used for trivial matter. Any violation of the rules will see you in the royal army's care.

815 words

La Voix de Nélannie—Newspaper editorial on the teaching of military arts at university

An editorial from the most prominent newspaper of the country discussing how military education needs to be stripped out from our university programmes so as to bring forth a more peaceful society, and how contrarians are obviously violent and immoral.

1207 words

How to use food to seduce a Dark Lord

Because of my plan to seduce and marry the Dark Lord, I need to consider the topic of food, and all the sacrifices I'll have to do for the sake of politeness...

766 words

Crystalline materials and their use in magic

While runic diagrams and the design of magical artefacts can be highly optimised, in the end their quality are limited by the materials used in their creation. This is why the choice of those materials is primordial and requires careful reflection.

1405 words

The God of plants

Recently, a new plant god has come to dominate all others in our country, even becoming an assistant to our Lord the water god. Many underestimate this young and unusual god, forgetting that nothing good can be gained from trifling with any god at all.

786 words

Gods' influence on language

Beyond a few differences of accents, everyone in the world speaks the same language and write it in the same way. What not many realise, is that this is the result of a lot of efforts from the gods.

861 words

The architecture god

The architect god is not particularly powerful, yet she is one of the most important gods of our country, a member of the local gods' council ruling us, and the one keeping the other gods from tearing us apart in their quarrels.

680 words

Lord Justinien de Labruyère

Leader of the main political party, royal advisor, admired scholar, and feared duelist. A very open and friendly person, and you're welcome to attempt to impress him, but do remember to stay within the boundary of etiquettes and good taste!

405 words

Light Lords

Light Lord is not an official title but something us from the Dark mutter between ourselves about a particularly sanctimonious person who has a high influence over society and an urge to destroy anything associated with the Dark.

445 words

Runic magic

Runic diagrams and their runes are an essential but often disregarded branch of magic. For those unafraid of the maths, memorisation, and efforts involved, runic magic allows for a level of complexity and a lifespan unmatched by any other field.

632 words

Alchemy and Enchantments

Alchemy and enchantments are two of the three pillar techniques of artefact crafting. They work without anchor, with the magic of the artefacts directly embued in its final form into their materials themselves.

636 words

Light-activated artefacts

Artefact-activation mechanisms are essential. They can be based on enchantments or on the intrinsic properties of the materials; so far, light-absorbance properties have been neglected. This project will create artefacts with light-activation mechanisms.

457 words

Feeding Halls for Eldritch Horror

The Feeding Halls are unquestionably the most dangerous place in the country. This is where the main Eldritch Horror Itself is imprisoned and fed. This place must be excruciatingly guarded from both within and without, or the whole country is at stake.

1218 words

Local Eldritch Horror

Our cute local Eldritch Horror, regularly threatening to escape and destroy all life in the country. Thankfully, our gods keep a close watch on It and feed it regularly with poisoned humans to keep it asleep and save us all.

1117 words

Picture Book: The Tale of the Eldritch Horrors

A picture book illustrating the Tale of the Eldritch Horrors. It explains how very nice people are saving the country by volunteering to become snack for the Horrors. Listen children, and take example on them!

850 words

Sérénius de Coroy

An extremely skilled young researcher of the runic guild. He has many important contacts who privately fund his research and allow him to advocate for the guild at court. His links with Dark mages and politics are to consider at your discretion.

524 words

Lord Enélien Cenlys—the Dark Lord

The most amazing person in the country, the most powerful and skilled mages, cleverest scholar, and charismatic political leader. He's our Dark Lord and he's going to save us all from the restrictions the Light is imposing on our society!

1280 words


Rituals use symbolism and environmental magic and they are a primitive form of magic tightly associated with religion and cultural events. Ritual magic is wild, difficult to control, and incredibly dangerous, which is why they are now outlawed.

720 words

Dr Clothilde Levert

French evil scientist and the Dark Lord's second. Perfect boss to work under for work-life balance and career progression! Undesirable minions tend to disappear without traces around her, so don't get too attached to your colleagues!

399 words

Evil Minions

Evil Minions are an essential commodity for all Dark Lords worthy of the name. However, minions vary in quality and even good minion can become damage. Come here to learn all about good practices for minion adoption, care, discipline and disposal!

948 words

Rune Guild Members

Being a member of the prestigious rune guild is an immense honour and a lot of responsibilities (military, politics, awarding mastery, research, teaching, finding funding...). Members also represent the guild with outsiders and better act accordingly.

975 words

Noble Houses

Extremely powerful families who are ruling over land and people. Loyalty to the king optional. They have many privileges in society, resulting from their magical power and wealth, but they are torn by internal divisions and are on the break of civil war.

736 words

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    1) The Empire of the Covenant: Set in a huge federal empire ruled by powerful mages linked to the ancestral magic of their Lands. One Fantasy Romance short story written.
    2) The Magical University of Lille: Alternate 1850s France. Set in a university with lecturer characters.
    3) Portal to Sérannie: Portal Fantasy, going from France to a secondary world influenced by Roman culture and that is on the brink of a civil revolution.
    4) The Engineering Corps: Science Fantasy, Alternate 1845 France. Focus on the engineering corps of the French army during the French revolutionary wars.
    5) Rome and the Sasanians: Alternative 340s Roman Empire.
    6) Divine Tyranny: Set in world where gods are all-powerful, walk among mortals, and mess up with their lives.
    7) Soul Jars: Merchants-Mages steal the soul jars of the ancient Mages-Kings from their mausoleum and use their souls to power artificial bodies that are enslaved to their will.
    8) Dark Lord Seduction Plan: in a world where Light & Dark magic and political parties are on the break of war, set on the the Dark side.
    9) Challenges of Magical University Life: slice-of-life in a magical university.
    10) Victorian Evil Scientists: 19th century Europe, evil scientists work fun experiments in the service of a Dark Lord.
    11) Magical Maths: magic is practice through complex maths, making mathematician extremely prestigious. Also deals with disability and discrimination.
    12) The City of the Hundred Fiefs: each fief of the city is controlled by one powerful mage, and all are at war against each other. To thrive in limited areas peaople have built upwards.
    13) Metas: for WA events and list of challenge articles.

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