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Natural Magic

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Matsias Beleed

Matsias Beleed was born lucky. Since the age of nine, he has been able to magically manipulate situations to work out in his favor. But all the luck in the world can't stop the president of Ethion from trying to destroy his people. The Pelan are confined to certain areas of the city, cannot drive cars, and must wear purple armbands identifying themselves. As the conflict escalates, Matsias knows he will never have the chance to apply for the internationally renown Faraday School for Wizards, far away in the northern hemisphere. But when tragedy strikes, an unexpected gust of luck takes him far from his home, to his dream school... and leaving him to question the price of his good fortune.
Key Truuit
The day Key Truuit's mother brought home her best friend, her life changed forever. The only survivor of a terrible fire, Key vowed to make Mat's life better by helping him apply for the famous Faraday School of Wizards and joining him on the way. But Mat is a magical prodigy who outperforms her in school and may fit into her family better than she does. When a pair of unusual upperclassmen invite her to join their world, she may have to decide which family matters more.

  Ayan Tyeen
Though Ayan Tyeen was born with only hand, she has never let it stop her. Orphaned at eight, she and her brother fled to the streets to avoid being picked up and separated by the terrible Florarovan government. Later adopted by the leader of a thieves' guild, she put good use to her talent for sewing magical disguises, and attempted not once, but twice to steal the Antaran princess's crown jewels. When caught she's not punished, but offered a place at the prestigious Faraday School for Wizards--in the hope that she will make something better of herself. Is this the possible path to her dream career as a seamstress? Or will she merely end up as a royal pawn and rip her family apart?

  Miriam Lumo
Miriam Lumo is not accustomed to socializing. Having been raised by her politically powerful uncle in the midst of the Alajan civil war, she's had more experience with spying than talking--a task which is made all the more difficult by her magical ability to discern lies from the sound of others' voices. But once she is accepted to Faraday School for Wizards, Miriam sets her mind to learning how to interact with her peers. But in the process she discovers just how similar truths and lies can sound and starts to wonder what secrets her doting uncle may be keeping.

  Tilli Todetse
Acceptance into Faraday School for Wizards should be an honor, but for Tilli Todetse, it's more of a burden. If it were up to Tilli, she would attend art school. But with every member of her family a current student or an alumnus, she knows what's expected of her. Once arriving, Tilli makes friends, but spends less time studying wind magic than she does secretly working on charcoal drawings, and when one of her new friends ends up in the middle of a student conspiracy, Tilli's destructive nature might lead her down a path to expulsion.

  Natural Magic is a fantasy coming-of-age story about five students coming to terms with their abilities, their families, and their identities on the cusp of an international crisis. Because life is hard enough when you're fourteen, and the real magic is finding your way through.