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Her Highness Princess Luna kitten

Welcome to Dark Lord Seduction Plan! In a world torn by a conflict between the Light and the Dark, Dark mage Alina only cares about seducing the Dark Lord and getting him to marry her... Come read about her plans, and the world where she lives!
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Luna kitten is the cutest and most intelligent kitten of them all, and anyone looking down on her for her mixed pedigree and criticising her manners is a rude imbecile! >:(


  Little Luna has a most glorious ancestor in the person of Lady Clémentine, a fluffy and fussy white Persian who is the official cat of the noble House of Lange—read, my parents' pet. As a prized animal, all of Clémentine's partners are chosen with extreme care so as to produce the best kittens possible.  
My parents are using Clémentine's kittens as a gift to other noble families. Fluffy little kitten are extremely popular with young children, and pleasing them is an easy way to increase the good will between our families.
  One year a particularly enterprising stray tabby managed to penetrate inside our house and impregnate Clémentine, and this was not discovered until the birth of the kittens. Fortunately for my parents, all but one were born dead. Unfortunately for them, the last one was extremely vigorous and most undeniably tabby-looking.


Cute Luna kitten by AmélieIS


  As they do with everything that displease them, my parents attempted to get rid of the evidence of their mistakes and pretend that nothing had happened. To their high disgust, I saved the little kitten and adopted her as my own, naming her with the horrifyingly common name of Luna.  
Official portraits
All members of the house of Lange have to sit for an official portrait, and our cats are no exception. My parents like to go all out and hire fashionable painters to make master pieces that can be hanged in our drawing rooms and showed off to every single guest.
  My parents' opinions of Luna didn't prevent them from having her sit through an official portrait, as befitted her statue as a daughter of House Lange, nor from extensively criticising her look and evil expression—perfectly understandable for a kitten immobilised with magic for the several hours the painter demanded to work!
Painting of Luna kitten by diplikaya.gmail.com on DepositPhotos


As a kitten, Luna was very cute and loving. Since she was separated from her mother too early—from fear she might contamine her with her commonness—Luna required a lot of cuddling and attention. I became her maternal figure, and certainly a better one she would have had otherwise with that fussy old Lady Clémentine!  
As any kitten, Luna was very playful. Her favourite game was—and still is—hide and seek. At the sight of me, she runs in the house and display her superior hunter instinct to find the best hiding places, from where she can lay in wait and pounce on me as I walk by unsuspecting.
  From the start, Luna was very clever and mischievous, and she has always known how to get what she wants—and what that is most often is attention! She understands perfectly well what she needs to mess up with to have me or anyone else running at her side, ready to lavish her with pets and compliments. Her favourite methods include curtains and house plants, but she will occasionally innovate to avoid boredom.
Playful Luna by AmélieIS
Mischievous Luna by AmélieIS


In the time she has been with me, Luna has grown up to become a beautiful and very graceful young lady. The absence of the fluffy fur of her mother only allows us to better admire her flexible body and delightful little spots—which she never hesitates to expose to demand pets.   Yet despite all of her good traits, even I have to admit that Luna has unfortunately inherited the worst traits of both of her parents. That she has a lot of opinion and never hesitate to express them is the most polite way to say this... Truthfully, she's extremely capricious and behaves like a spoilt little princess, throwing tantrums and hissy fits as soon as her food is not of a high enough quality, if the flavour of the current meal is not to her taste, if the meals are too repetitive and lack variety, if anyone in her vicinity enjoys a meal without having the grace to offer her to share it with them...  
Her favourites are of course brioche, cheese, and tuna—although only the tuna from other people's plates. She has a preternatural sense of smell and will detect brioche and any buttery confection from several kilometres away, which will cause her to rush to assault any horrible being standing between her and the treats.
  Pets also have to be delivered perfectly, at the right place and at the right time, otherwise Luna will very generously teach any miscreant how to behave politely—with the help of her teeth and claws, obviously. Luna is also an extremely protective guardian. She is very naturally jealous of my attention and will savagely attack any interlopers stealing it.
Graceful Luna by AmélieIS

Savage Luna by AmélieIS
Luna might be a cute fussy little annoyance, but she's mine, and nobody's else opinion of her is requested nor welcome. Thankfully, she'll bite you before I'm forced to deal with your rudeness.

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All hail her adorableness! :D

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