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Hi I'm Panther or Neriak. I'm a MA student in China studies (yup, that's what we Danes call it). So why European medieval world, you may ask. Well can't help it, I've always loved it. I'm also a sparetime writer, gamer, artist, a proud nerd, and a chocolate lover.

Interests & Hobbies

Larp, reenactment, music (both the listening part and the playing part), writing, reading, sewing, learning languages, drawing and painting, writing, nerding (aka seeking new knowledge).

Favorite Books

Uff, tooo many. I'm definitely hanging out with a lot of fantasy books, or books tht have medieval as a setting. But books about China is also getting my attention (would be weird if not, since I'm a person who studies Chinese).

Favorite Games

Dragon Age, Witcher, Mass Effect, etc.


Latest Loved work

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