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Shroom People

Shroom People are descendants of the World Builders, the race of beings that built Realm-R under the direction of the Angels. World Builders were fairy-like in appearance, but gave up their wings in order to protect areas of Realm-R. Their wings were turned into the gems that Shroom People trade with visitors of the Forest.   They:
  • Are cute
  • Are different colours for differernt areas of the forest
  • Live in the forest
  • Live in mushroom collections
  • Shares forest undergrowth resources
  • Are the forest traders - allows you into different areas of the forest
  • Have to include a math riddle with each trade to allow you into a new area¬†
  • Have many gems & collectables inside mushroom cap
  • Are decendants of World Builders (thus are closer to a divine being than they are human or monster)


Nidi is likely to be the main Shroom Person that players will interact with in our visual novel, Collecting Foundations.
  Here is a progress of the art of Nidi, from my concept image to my sister's final version:

The Forest

Shroom People live in mushooms that generally match their own skin colourings. They are fun guys ;)
This is a view of Nidi's mushroom house.
by TaraFaeBelle

See Nidi in Action:

A short visual novel of an interaction with Nidi was created via
Welcome to the forest!
  Nidi is one the Shroom People who allow access to the various areas of the forest. She and her friends spend each day trading stories and pieces of life for gems that open the gateways to the various forest areas. With each trade comes a math question.
  Follow as Nidi trades with one of the local residents.
  To see it for yourself:
  Some screenshots of the game:

Articles under Shroom People

Cover image: by AvalonCollierArt & Canva


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