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29 Jul, 2020 04:24

Thanks for the Follow! ^^

29 Jul, 2020 00:04

Thank you for the Favorite! We hope you like the worlds we're building!

29 Jul, 2020 02:51

Yes. It is an interesting house.

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Michelle Cachey
25 Jul, 2020 22:12

Hi! Thank you for the Favorites :)

22 Jul, 2020 14:50

Thank you very much for the likes!

12 Jul, 2020 01:28

Thank you so much for the like!!

5 Jul, 2020 02:12

What Game are you building Charron for?

5 Jul, 2020 02:17

It is my homebrew fusion of AD&D, WhiteWolf, microgames "melee" and a cluster of other influences. The Kuan region is inspired by Exalted, Jorune and Empire of the Petal Throne. My older traditional gaming region is more traditional european/ ancient rome inspired.

5 Jul, 2020 04:48


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