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Vthiasaking (Vih-thee-ah-sack-ing)

Vthia's Sentence...   Most of the time when outsiders think of Thangiens they think of their fearsome steeds, their dererium swords, their brilliant hair, or their unearthly soul screams. Sometimes they think of this shocking-seemingly barbaric-practice that traces its roots to Vthia's ill-fated jaunt into the Eastern Jungle. There are no prisons, nor police, nor lawyers, nor judges, nor bondsmen, nor courts in Bainshaebo. In the early days serious transgressions were handled personally by the more militant of the Four Queens, namely Ritho the Morning Mother and Witheren the Maiden of Blood. With the Queens taking a more hands-off approach towards the people, this literally hands-on practice pioneered by Deres'' granddaughter has served as a powerful deterrent to any would-be offender. Should anyone indulge in unsavoury desires heedless of the consequences, they are swiftly dealt with.


As Narrated by Captain Caroline Wendell

“Keep in mind this happened a few thousand years ago. Vthia, a granddaughter of Deres, set out with her seven daughters and a company of warriors on an expedition to explore what her grandfather did not, not taking into account there was a reason he avoided places… They charged into the Eastern Jungle, determined to uncover the secrets within. Vthia’s youngest daughter took ill with a fever not even Richtho tea could abate. They came across a village built around a stand of trees.   “She thought the Natives might have a remedy, but when they approached the village they found it empty. Puzzled, she left her daughter behind with a retinue of guards and orders to appeal to the Natives for a cure and offer gifts in exchange. She and the rest of her company left to forage for supplies...but when they returned, they found not only the guards slain...but Vthia’s daughter as well.   “Vthia went berserk. She attempted to ambush the Natives when they returned, but each time they charged into the village the Natives were nowhere to be seen. She considered simply burning the village to the ground, but nothing but complete and total vengeance would appease her. One of her daughters, a clever lass and a worshipper of Eyurodin, suspected the Natives used lifts to escape, and sure enough they found ropes and pulleys disguised as vines. Vthia ordered her men to pitch tents and camp within. That night, the Natives descended quietly and crept towards the tents, ready to murder those that slept inside. But when they pulled back the flaps, they found the tents empty.   “Vthia and her warriors sprang out from concealed pits, seizing the treacherous Natives before they could escape and setting fire to the lifts. The Natives begged for mercy, but Vthia coldly reminded them that they’d murdered her daughter for no other reason than she existed. The Natives certainly didn’t help their case any. They weren’t at all contrite about what they’d done. Vthia’s surviving daughters wanted to simply execute them all, but Vthia wanted her retribution to resonate throughout the ages.   “She ordered every female put to the sword, and every male gelded. Her daughters carried out this sentence on the females, while Vthia herself castrated the males with her bare hands. Not only did this cement lasting hatred between human-born Thangiens and Natives, but created the most perfect form of punishment and humiliation that bears her name to this day: Vthiasak-‘Vthia’s Sentence’.”
— Spacequake Ch. 6
  Vthia had been too young to participate in combat at the Bloody Bricks, but she hadn't forgotten what Yanwis attempted to do to her, what Yapign had done to her grandfather Deres. Even though the Faithful had succeeded in crushing the upstarts, there would always be those drawn to unsavoury desires, especially with Phitdaitiarona whispering in their ear. As account of Vthia's Vengeance spread far and wide, her actions became popularized as a literal shock and aww tactic to punish severe transgressions.   Vthiasaking became the go-to method to punish criminals caught in the act, because humiliation often proved far, far worse than death. Eventually it declined in use within the past century or so, whether because such desires had successfully been purged from society or criminals had simply retreated further underground, but that is unlikely given all transgressions catch the ears of the gods at some point or another. The practice still remains a powerful deterrent and is often issued as a threat or warning or even in jest, but it is not uncommon for a father to find a local peeping tom outside his daughter's room and punish him swiftly...  
"Bainshaebo has prospered by keeping its population relatively compact and pruning out unsavoury elements in their society. In the early days virtually all crime was punishable by death, either by local vigilantes or Witheren and Ritho, who honestly didn't need much of an excuse to mete out old-fashioned smitings... While you don't hear of it happening very often today...let's just say there was a period of time when there were...quite alot of eunuchs running about..."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
Duel Process
  With the creation of the Pit of Spikes after Ander's famous duel with Rolinilo, more formal duels have become the go-to method of settling disputes. If given the choice between vthiasaking and a duel, a transgressor will typically choose to duel because at least then they have a slim chance of winning.  
Events of Aftermath
-Danae threatens to vthiasak Kento when she misconstrues Chinese words as insulting.  
Events of Foes From Another World
-Azuro comes awfully close to vthiasaking a purse-snatcher targeting Shainie. Due to his enhanced strength as a Thangien and a Metraind, Ryo is only able to stop him with use of his sub-armor.


Vthiasaking is meant to be bloody and spontaneous, coming from a place of deep-seated anger. While males are punished most often, it is possible to carry out the procedure on a female, albeit more difficult for obvious reasons. Because of its brutality, vthiasaking is intended only for grievous offenses and eye-witness testimony from two or more individuals is required or that the procedure be carried out by the immediate victim against the transgressor. The Queens do not brook false witness nor unjust punishment. The criminal is typically pinned down by the neck with one knee on the chest and the free hand used to carry out the procedure.   A human would find this impossible to perform, but Thangiens benefit from enhanced strength and for them the motion comes as easily as swinging back a bowling ball very, very forcefully.

Components and tools

Bare hands, and no anesthesia whatsoever. Sometimes a vendor in the Pavilion or a Lonesteader will let their personal fyrhund have a go at a criminal.


Typically only parties immediately affected by a transgressor are permitted to perform a vthiasaking, such as a close relative or extended family member. Witheren appreciates any blood spilled in her name and she's not picky about where it comes from or if its not necessarily fatal to the transgressor. A stranger cannot be permitted to perform vthiasaking on another's behalf because their anger is not sufficiently fueled by deep emotional grievance.   An exception to this comes in the form of the Metraind who operate with the authority of both the Four Queens and the Watch-Rider. Since they are judge, jury, and executioner, they act as agents of the gods and will make great haste to hunt down transgressors.  
Ryo’s gaze flicked up and he saw a dirty-looking hand wrap around Shainie’s purse strap and slowly move it away from her. Things happened quickly as Azuro glanced to the side just as a small figure took off running carrying Shainie’s laden purse. “HEY! HEY!! STOP! STOP! THAT’S MINE!” Shainie sputtered to no avail. Ryo tensed to give chase, but Azuro darted ahead of him. The thief wove through the crowd deftly, trying to put dozens of people and distance between him and his hapless victim. He looked over his shoulder with a grin that quickly turned to a horrified frown as he saw a tall athletic man barreling towards him like a locomotive.   The thief let out a panicked squeal and sped up, driven by desperation just as fury drove Azuro. Ryo barely managed to keep up, trying to follow Azuro’s distinctive blue hair as he bounded after the bold purse-snatcher. His lungs started to ache and he paused for a few moments by a wall. He glanced about to make sure no one saw him as he seemed to shrug his arms. He flexed his fingers, previously bare, now covered with smooth black metal.   “Man, I am really getting out of shape if I have to go Armor just to keep up…”   The bandit reached a crosswalk and darted infront of cars, even shoving pedestrians out of the painted lines. Azuro waved his hand through the air to the side then up before thrusting his hand forward with fingers straight like a spade. The thief cried out as he felt something strike him in the back and knock him head over heels. He struggled to get to his feet and tried grabbing the fallen purse but a strong hand grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed him back-first against the wall. His scuffed shoes dangled several inches above the ground.   “Ehn pehl gehsa! Naditanyankina! Tuvo en thabbo! Nichratho!!” Azuro snarled.   “Hey man…I’m just trying to make a living. I woulda dropped it off after I took the cash…”   “Vitreelas! Nasurin! You would sustain yourself at the expense of others?! I will not permit you to perpetuate your arrogance!” Azuro pulled his other arm back, splaying his fingers. The thief blinked in confusion as Azuro swung down with his hand.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 13


Crime does not pay in Bainshaebo and if criminals don't pay with their lives they pay a far greater price. Basically any severe crime is punishable via vthiasaking, this includes violent theft, assault, murder, adultery, blasphemy against the Queens, and worship of Phitdaitiarona. Petty theft, shoplifting, and harassment usually are left to fyrhundi to deal with.
“Maes huaas faen il tak egiei vthiasak,” she purred stiffly. Kento blinked stupidly.
  “Um....what does that mean?”
  “It means ‘be grateful I was unable to vthiasak you.” Kento blinked a few more times, not sure what to make of the sentence. Danae continued staring at him with that hard expression. Then the corners of her lips turned up in a smirk. Kento wasn’t sure what to make of that either, but was glad he had the coffee table between them.
— Aftermath Ch. 5
“Guys, give me back my stuff right now or else I’ll show you what vthiasak means.”   “Let’s not be so hasty, Dais. I mean admit it, most of your crap was…well…crap.”   “We’ll chip in to get you new stuff. I mean, now that you’re back and all.”   “Either get my stuff back or I’m going to neuter you with my bare hands.”  THAT’S what that means?!” Cale’s eyes popped wide open.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 4
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“WHOA! Azuro, stop!” Ryo arrived just in time to grab Azuro’s wrist, stopping the Thangien’s hand inches from the thief’s crotch. “What do you think you’re doing!”   “Unhand me RyoTakin! He must be punished!” Azuro glared at him, and Ryo could sense from his grip that he only restrained him because he wore sub-armor.   “Not by you he doesn’t.”   “Such a crime should not have been committed to begin with!” Azuro tried to wrench free.   “THIS ISN’T THANGED!!” Ryo shouted. Just then a police car drove up to the curb in response to the commotion. “Let them handle it.” Azuro relented upon seeing the uniformed officers and released the thief, letting him drop to his backside on the sidewalk.   “Maes huaas faen il tak egiei vthiasak!” Azuro snapped at the scrawny man and stooped down to retrieve Shainie’s purse before heading back down the sidewalk.   “He’s from out of town,” Ryo said to the bewildered officers, shrugging as he hid his hands in his pockets.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 13
“So, Captain? You got one of your tales for the occasion?” Roxi asked, remembering how the elderly space pirate had proved to be a well of history during their brief stay in the Nether Realm.   “Well, I could always tell you the origins of vthiasak…” Caroline shrugged and braced her elbow against the sofa armrest and her knuckles against her cheek.   “What?! Nooooo!” Mia suddenly put her hands around Ryu’s torso and pulled him into her lap then promptly plugged his ears with her fingertips. “Ryu doesn’t need to be hearing any naughty stories!” Ryu glanced up at his mother in confusion while drawing startled glances from Ryo and Renee.
— Spacequake Ch. 6


Author's Notes

Future Fight Content

The only vthiasaking that actually ever occurs in Age of Defiance happens in the near future. After the changing of the guard following the End Tide, Vandall Carter, the new Warrior of Corruption, uses the claws of his Spectra Armor to messily castrate an enemy attempting to attack his close friend Ruth Sjordsdotter, the Warrior of Venom. Being a half-Geod, Ruth certainly could've defended herself, but the thought of her in danger drove Vandall berserk and he ripped the entire package off of the assailant.

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