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The Council of Houses

Counselors to the Watch-Rider...   A relatively new organization in Bainshaebo, the Council of Houses advise the Watch-Rider in matters relating to commerce, law enforcement, exploration, defense, and infrastructure. Founded during the latter days of Wuelro's reign, the Council serves as a counterbalance in the event of an unstable or unfit Watch-Rider. Twenty of Bainshaebo's wealthiest, wisest, and widely-influential families occupy the Council with the Grand House fulfilling the role of Watch-Rider. In the past, Houses endlessly jockeyed for prestige and influence, but in the aftermath of the Battle of Banguk, the formerly disgraced House of St'lur has surged back to prominence thanks to their new ties with the Oldworld and the heroics of Ander Vai-Stel-Vethu.


Houses are ranked by deeds, fame, wealth, and influence. A family of cunning politicians will be of higher rank than a family of artists and performers. A family of shrewd traders and metal-workers will surpass a small family of simple farmers. Houses can fall in and out of disfavor throughout the years, and a single pivotal event can make the difference between catapulting through the ranks or falling out of the council altogether.  

Notable Houses

Grand House of Taurit
Current ruling House. Led by Watch-Rider Torkenantakin.  
First House of St'lur
Ancient family renowned for ruling the longest. Led by Chi Chi Lina, Yainae.  
Sixth House of Eklan
Formerly House of Raman. Currently expelled from the Council. Led by Na Na Kulk Ekaea.  
Sixteenth House of Au'tour
Nearly wiped out with the Weeping Death. Extinct with the death of Gao Gao Bure, Geiro.


Prosperity, security, and strength form the core concerns of Bainshaebo's citizens. There must be enough food to provide for the populace. Defenses must be strong and formidable. Warriors must be vigilant and avoid complacency. Lesser Houses argue that their voices are drowned out by the vocal few, but to the Council, their concerns involve all Houses, and thus the strongest guide the rest of the citizenry. The Council can consist of families specializing in trade, medicine, metalworking, weapons proficiency, scientific research, architecture, large-scale agriculture, and long-range exploration.

Public Agenda

The Council does not convene on a regular basis or adhere to a strict schedule. There is no place in Thangien society for plump, portly bejewelled buffoons prancing and preening about in a royal court. Every decision made must be for the advancement of Thangien civilization. They are prohibited from expanding due to Roth's Edict, but they can maximize the resources they do have access to and undertake new infrastructure projects such as irrigation and farming and explore the far corners of the planet for easily-obtainable resources. They are quick to assemble in the event of a crisis such as incursion by the Thunthen or the revelation of an extra-planetary force. While Thangiens do not go out of their way to pick a fight, if vocal enough, the Council can overrule even the Watch-Rider when issuing a declaration of war.


Families comprising the Council are generally very wealthy, either materially or through great renown. A family of traders might pale in comparison to a family that secured an alliance with an entirely new world. Because families can remain active for many generations, a House will carry with it all the splendor and trappings of previous generations.


Roth originaly intended for the ruler to reign singularly uncontested, believing too many competing voices would undermine the Thangien people. This worked for a thousand years after Danaetanera III's reign and the Blood Walk that secured lasting peace.   When the Genesis Plague ravaged the populace, caused by a reckless servant of Queen Payina, her son Wuelro did all in his mortal power to stem the outbreak and resolve the crisis. Though it took many years, eventually the plague came to an end, but dissatisfied families demanded a say in the leadership of Bainshaebo. With the House of St'lur in shambles and his energy spent, Wuelro reluctantly agreed to the formation of the Council of Houses.   While Bainshaebo knew relative peace and stability for a time, there are those who argue their culture has stagnated somewhat without significant events to stir the people to action. The loss of Memner the Sky King to the Totalitary jarred Roth, and she knew if the Thangiens were to survive future dangers, it would take a mighty warrior to rally the people.   As of recently the Council formally declared war against Mal Daggur's forces. With the revival of the House of St'lur, it is believed Bainshaebo may eventually gravitate towards the emergence of a new great Queen.
"Such a pairing would serve two purposes: to unite Thangien with Ronin Warrior, as well as Thanged with the Oldworld. Our rival, the Sixth House of Eklan, is jealous of our position. Before the return of Paigasurin, we ranked only Third, and since then we have ascended to First, and therefore are next in line for Grand; the House of the Watch-Rider. Already House Eklan makes claim to leadership of House St’lur."-Chi Chi Lina, Yainae
— Foes From Another World Ch. 4
"Whatever they were talking about, it didn’t sound too good…” Ryo muttered.   “I know what they said.” The two glanced at Cye, who leaned against the wall further away. “I don’t have to know Thangien to understand them. Azuro’s planning to call an emergency meeting of the Council of Houses, and Aurora was trying to talk him out of it.”   “Talk him out of…what?” Ryo raised an eyebrow. Cye looked at them grimly.   “Petitioning the Watch-Rider…to go to war.”
— Foes From Another World Ch. 21
Founding Date
1? A.D. E.T.
Government, Leadership
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
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Notable Members
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I didn’t think it would happen this soon…It didn’t take much convincing from Azuro to have the Council screaming for blood. Even those normally opposed to violence had to agree action needed to be taken. Peirolyth burns with the fires of righteous war, and every artisan from senior metalworkers to the lowliest of students work day and night.-Raeo Flamerider
— Foes From Another World Ch. 22
“Yeah. What’s all this about? It looks like the entire city is out here on the plain,” Ryo commented.   “It’s called the Dawn Walk. It’s a procession of Thanged’s most prominent families, and being a member of the esteemed First House of St’lur, I’ll be up front hobnobbing with the rest of the Council of Houses. Later,” Dais teased and waved over his shoulder as he, Danae, Aurora, and Australa wove through the crowd to meet up with the rest of their family.   “Figures: a little bit of fame and it goes straight to his head,” Kento mocked.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15


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