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The Metraind (Meh-tra-EEND)

Thanged's first and last line of defense...   For Thangiens, the art of battle is effectively a religion. Through the school of Rait'chian, skilled warriors are able to tap into and harness ambient matter inherent in the universe. They refer to this as the "Fabric of Being", and those who have achieved the pinnacle of training and unlocked the ultimate technique-the Metra Wave- are referred to as the Metraind: Knights of Metra. After losing half their number recently to the actions of an assassin, only four remain currently active. They are considered the most powerful warriors alive on Thanged, able to summon at will massive streams of energy to engulf their foes.


Those who achieve the ultimate level of Rait'chian are automatically considered Metraind. They serve under direct command of the Watch-Rider but are able to operate autonomously as the situation calls. Since losing half their number, current Watch-Rider King Torke keeps the Metraind in reserve, deploying them only in the direst of situations.  

Notable Metraind

  Ander Vai-Stel-Vethu (deceased)   Aulioch (deceased)   Keuireen (deceased)   Ramhethet (deceased)   Rothenn (deceased)   Azuro (active)   Nalore (active)   Phaeryn (active)   Geiro (deceased)   Aurora (active)


It is said the School of Rait'chian, or "Art of the Sword" has one-thousand techniques, and only those who have mastered all can fully tap into the Fabric of Being. While weapons-masters such as T'plaureth are capable of training others in the execution of such techniques, even they are not truly considered Metraind. Due to the staggering power unleashed by a Metra Wave, Metraind generally have inflated egos sometimes viewing themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. Their recent losses at the hands of a traitor in their midst has humbled them somewhat.

Public Agenda

Metraind are often dispatched to the front lines in times of conflict, ready to lead the charge in battle. The sight of a Metra Wave rolling onto the battlefield is an inspiring sight to behold. With their numbers dwindled and new trainees slow to ascend to their level, King Torke holds them in reserve should they ever need to defend against the Maw of Flame  


The current team of Metraind hail from prominent families of the Council of Houses, with Chi Chi Lina, Azuro eldest son of the First House of St'lur considered their foremost member. While it is possible for a pauper or even an untrained warrior to unlock a Metra Wave, it is quite rare. Chi Chi Lina, Ander was the first Oldworlder in over three-hundred years to have achieved a Metra Wave without any prior training.


Thangiens hold that Rait'chian was taught to them by the goddess Roth, Queen of Triumph, in order to compete with Thunthen in close combat. Indeed a warrior with but a sword can go toe to toe with a fully-grown Nobeyl. Metraind are quite rare but extremely powerful, capable of unleashing powerful swathes of energy against attacking forces. Chi Chi Lina, Ander very nearly wiped out half of Sur Daggur's fleet but for the Supreme High Overlord's intervention in a desperate move to protect the Maw of Flame   The word "Metra" is something of an anomaly. Some believe she was the first warrior to achieve a Metra Wave, or an ancient Freelander who pioneered the discipline in the earliest days when humans first met the Four Queens. A few devout adherents hold that Metra is the literal mother of Roth, and that invoking "Blessed Mother of Roth" is a prayer to her.   In past ages Metraind only numbered a bare handful. In Ander's time, many more ascended to the rank of Metraverse. They numbered eight until one of their own accessed forbidden powers and slew three of his fellows in his madness. His rampage ended only due to the actions of Azurotago.

Mythology & Lore

Five thousand years ago, as Thangiens finally found their legs in the great city of Bainshaebo, Roth-Goddess of Victory and Patroness of the Turning of the Tide- imparted knowledge of the School of Rait'chian to any warrior willing to learn. A series of incredibly complex combat techniques, mastering this art required agility, strength, and mental fortitude. As a reward for years of training and discipline, warriors could tap into the ambient power of the universe itself, dubbing it the Fabric of Being.   There are six levels of mastery, each patterned after a celestial occurrence: Impacting Asteroid, Sweeping Comet, Solar Flare, Super Nova, Colliding Galaxy, and Metraverse. The former tiers involve physical technique, combining parries and acrobatics to throw opponents off balance. Even an Impacting Asteroid rank novice can swat an enemy's projectile straight back at them.   Progression through the latter tiers sees the emergence of energy-based attacks and more powerful maneuvers such as the iconic Cresta's Wheel-a move capable of breaking nearly any blade. Metraverse is the pinnacle of the art, allowing a warrior to harness energy at will and direct it in powerful waves or precise strikes at opponents.

Divine Origins

In the earliest days of their existence, aboriginal humans traversing the plains encountered four powerful beings they viewed as gods. These beings introduced themselves as Wrawthe, Wuerhen, Oorotin, and Rhiyo. They collectively became known as the Four Queens, each of them taking a particular role with Wrawthe-viewed as chiefest of the Queens- becoming the Queen of Triumph and the Goddess of Victory.   Believing Thangiens worthy of her knowledge, the Queen of Triumph-now called Roth- taught the strongest warriors the secrets of battle and tapping into the Fabric of Being. While Thangiens were quick and eager to learn, they proved slow to master with only a scant few capable of achieving the highest rank of Rait'chian. Roth encourages them nonetheless, believing those so blessed to achieve the rank of Metraverse as heroes of their age and destined for great deeds.


For a Thangien warrior, a sword is as important a tool as an umbrella. A Metraind is capable of using any instrument be it a pipe or crude bar to summon a Metra Wave, but only a sword tempered by a skilled smith can withstand channeling such power for long. Thangiens view combat itself as a religion, and their chilling Soul Screams can inspire awe in fellow warriors and fear in their enemies.

Enturate: Tolerate No Slight

“So that’s what a Metra Wave looks like…” Rowen whispered in awe.   “It’s strange…but…it feels no different from the powers we wield,” Anubis remarked.   “It wouldn’t. Azuro is a Metraind; one who’s achieved the Metraverse rank of Rait’chian. He can easily be classified as one of the most powerful people alive on Thanged. A Metraind can tap into what Thangiens call ‘the very fabric of being’,” Rowen explained as Azuro continued to unleash the fury and might that was his heritage, all the while bellowing deeply.
— Foes From Another World, Ch. 11
“For the last time,” Azuro growled and swung the pipe about. An amazed Shainie watched as the air itself seemed to warp and follow the motions. “I. Am. THANGIEN!!” Azuro roared deeply and made a single mighty slash. Black Hawk launched a salvo of feathers, but Azuro swung the pipe and sent up a wave of bluish light to deflect. Shainie gasped in awe as Azuro produced successive pulses into the single wave that arced up towards Black Hawk. He reminded her of an artist, painting forcefully and passionately.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 13
Religious, Other
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Knights of Metra, Heralds of Roth
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Shannon glanced to the side down the street when she thought she saw a flash of light in the distance. A blazing wave of light rolled like a wheel, lashing out in a distant street. “HOOOO-AAA! Looks like someone just joined the Metraverse club!” Shannon blinked in amazement.   Chi Chi Lina, Australa sat on the pavement in a daze. Dozens of charred and disintegrated corpses littered the pavement before her. Off to the side stood Ru Ru Tiki, Aurora. In addition to being a very aggressive Mamma Bear, she could be a very protective older sister. Ander’s eldest daughter would suffer no harm to her youngest sister. Aurorakhan raised her arm and caught her bouphoran as it swept back towards her. She let out a piecing Soul Scream and loosed another Metra Wave, frying hundreds of oncoming beasts. The sight rallied the spirits of the Northern Garrison, who cheered joyfully.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 11
"Immeasurable quantities of ambient energy flow through outer space: The Thangiens refer to this as the Fabric of Being, and the most skilled of their fighters are able to tap into this energy. You know them as the Metraind; those who achieve the rank of Metraverse. There’s some debate as to who exactly Metra was. Some believe she pioneered the discipline of Rait’chian thousands of years ago; the first to achieve a Metra Wave. Others believe she is the literal Mother of Roth, that when someone says ‘Blessed Mother of Roth’, they’re referring to her. Battle is a religion to Thangiens. Each battle cry is a hymn, each sword stroke a prayer."- Captain Caroline Wendell
— Spacequake Ch. 2

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