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Master Breeder

They know the secret languages of animals...   Often overlooked by the scholars of Raaezen, the physicians of the Traedeskaton, or the smiths of Peirolyth, Mazzan oversees the care, reproduction, and distribution of domesticated animals ranging from the clueless clucking chamia to plodding kirya. Lonesteaders need draught animals for their farms and city-dwellers need status pets or fighting steeds. In recent years, the facility has had to undergo major reconstruction and renovation, adopting newer technology. Working in concert with Peirolyth, the bulk of efforts now go toward the breeding, feeding, and training of Pegasi, the mechanical reincarnations of the nigh-extinct pegacorns. The individual responsible for directing all of these efforts is known as a Master Breeder, a humble position currently occupied by Dar Dar Vanes, Norin.


Master Breeders undergo extensive apprenticeships starting from mid-late teens until whenever the current Master Breeder steps down or perishes from old age.


Master Breeders must be able to care for any type of animal found within and around Bainshaebo and understand needs and desires. With the advent of Pegasi, Master Breeders must be able to interpret the digitized vocalizations Pegasi sometimes use amongst themselves.  
“The guy tried using this,” Yulie held up the damaged halter. King Torke took it carefully and thumbed the braided cord, studying it a few moments.   “This is of Thangien craft. Were you able to identify the attacker?”   “It was too dark for me to see. White Wind says he recognized him, but he refuses to tell me. I dunno if he’s still scared or just too proud to admit someone got the jump on him.”   “Pegasi have their own secret language they use to communicate with one another, and no one understands better than Norin. He will be able to coax the truth out of White Wind.”
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 2


The current Master Breeder chooses a successor from a pool of highly-trained candidates. Traditionally the most distinguished, stand-out individual is chosen either from the predecessor's deathbed or when they become too old and infirm to conduct their duties.


In recent years with ascendant Pegasi, riders must be trained on the proper care and handling of these living machines. Because Thangien Ranks require skilled riders-preferably with all limbs intact-Master Breeders strive to minimize injuries during training.


Master Breeders keep extensive records of lineages, breeds, and bloodlines. When it comes to livestock such as kirya and chamia, the hardiest, high-yield strains are produced for Kundainian lonesteaders. A good Master Breeder can tell a Pegasi's sire and dam at a glance. A rider is not permitted a Pegasi of their own until either the Pegasi chooses of its own accord or the Master Breeder gives express approval.   Far Star Traveller
"Outworlder! Ander! You crazy nichratho!! Look at you! Look at him! I can scarcely believe this!!" Norin exclaimed as Ander came in for a landing on the pavement, Skybolt flapping his wings grandly as he alighted on all fours. "What you have done today is the stuff of legends! Songs will be sung of this! Khanphe will spin wild tales for sure! Oh, look at you! Look at you you fine, big, strong fellow! What a lovely fellow!" Norin stepped close and stroked the sides of Skybolt's face with his gloved hands. Skybolt surprisingly enough consented and actually seemed to indulge in all this attention, flicking his ears and swishing his tail.   "Goodness sakes alive, Norin: you speak as though to a passionate lover," Ander snorted as he slid off of Skybolt's bare back.   "He is an apprentice in Mazzan. Horseflesh is his lifeblood," Torke explained and kept a respectful distance, arms folded over his chest.   "You must understand, one day I may become Master Breeder. Pegacorns are more than beasts of burden, they are kin, friends. I speak to him as I would any other man," Norin added, cupping Skybolt's chin in his hands. "I think you two are well placed together," he stated, glancing at Ander. The four of them looked skyward when they heard a piteous cry from Sunbolt, who circled overhead. Skybolt raised his head and let out a cry, as if inviting his brother to come down and join them, but Sunbolt refused. "He thinks he has lost his brother, and Skybolt is trying to convince him that we are to be trusted."   "If Ander could prove his worth to Skybolt, then I can prove mine. I will show myself worthy of Sunbolt's friendship, or die trying!" Torke declared and clenched a fist as Sunbolt flew off, wailing in despair. The remark drew awkward grimaces from Ander and Norin while Skybolt let out a rumbling whinny like a chuckle.


Livestock is bread and butter for a Master Breeder, and it pays for prominent houses to stay on their good side. Even lonesteaders do not have the facilities or resources to care for animals out in the plain, so all matters involving domesticated beasts go through Mazzan. Cloaked with dust as they are from the pens, Master Breeders look out of place in the polished courts of the Rider's Citadel, but because of their deep wisdom regarding animals, their voice holds just as much weight as any Everlasting Mother, and thus even the Watch Rider will defer judgment to them when it comes to the will of beasts.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Gloves, belt, boots, and heavy coat and trousers woven from Thangien's specialized reinforced fabric are the only finery a Master Breeder needs. Ropes are not used when it comes to Pegasi, since the living machines have minds of their own. Norin is the first Master Breeder in history to have a Pegasi of his own, with bronze hide and black accents.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

There are no recorded incidents in history of a Master Breeder being forcibly removed since they dedicate their lives to the upkeep of Mazzan and care of animals. The only incident known of in recent memory is when Norin's predecessor relinquished his post, seeing how far his apprentice had come and realizing the truth of his words: that Thanged needed fighting pegacorns to combat Thunthen aggression after the Siege of Bainshaebo.


Though the position had not yet been named, Deres could technically beconsidered the first to practice the duties that would come to be associated with the leader of Mazzan. Unor was more than his pride and joy, he was his cherished friend, and his progeny-pegacorns-treasures to the people. Deres tended to split his time between the Four Corners but he always made time to visit Mazzan. During the City Strife, Mazzan served both as a refuge and a field hospital with Ritho and Unor keeping watch over man and beast alike.   When the Genesis Plague erupted and ravaged the city, the Master Breeder of the time discovered the contagion was nontransmissible with animals and worked fervently to distribute guard beasts to intact households.   Memner might have been a Master Breeder at some point but records are sketchy at best concerning the doomed Sky King. After the loss of nearly half of the Thangien war host, Mazzan went quiet with successive Master Breeders focusing on simple livestock. The breeding and care of pegacorns fell by the wayside with the abilities of Unor's children being forgotten.  
Siege of Bainshaebo

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  Far Star Traveller
Ander bunched his shoulder-and with the practiced arm of a mound pitcher-flung the chorinae with all his might at Skybolt. Instead of splattering against his face or impaling on the horn, the fruit flew sideways as if swatted away by an invisible hand or had glanced off a hard surface.   "Ander!! Even if it is just a chorinae fruit, you should not be throwing things at Skybolt!" Norin exclaimed, aghast at the act. Skybolt tossed his head and whinnied, sounding more annoyed than offended.   "Look! Look at what he just did!" Ander interrupted and took a step to the side, pointing at Skybolt. "He did not seize it for himself, he deflected it! Think about it: why not simply grab food as they need or desire? Their abilities have limits, boundaries, he cannot lift a weight with his mind, but he can manipulate it. If he can deflect a solid object using his power, he can deflect anything in danger of striking him." Ander stooped down and retrieved a stick and began scratching a diagram in the soil. Norin, Torke, and other riders gathered around, observing with curiosity. "What if intead of individual riders, we take off in a line? Dozens, no, hundreds of riders abreast of each other? Each deflection shield would lend its strength to their neighbor. The dragon-men would not be able to hit us until we are very well on top of them. What say you?" he asked and looked up at the gathered riders.   "It would be better than cowering in Tirmutua for the rest of our lives...unless any other has a better option to field?" Torke asked.   "Skybolt?" Ander turned to his friend. Skybolt fluttered his wings and nodded eagerly. "Then we will do this: the mightiest of our warriors at the core with the weakest along the rear and fringe-for mop-up duty," Ander drew a series of concave lines in a wedge. "Torke, Norin, you must hang back for the sake of your positions. We will need a voice in the Council of Houses after all is said and done, and if this succeeds-and it must- we will need fighting pegacorns for each and every able-bodied rider! That is why we need a voice in Mazzan as well. The dragons will not stop, and neither should we," Ander argued, stifling protests from Torke and Norin.
Battle of Banguk
  After the proven success of spaceworthy pegacorn riders, the newly-assembled war host set out to intercept Sur Daggur's fleet near Fienlor with riders matching D-class fighters in combat and Metraind harrying the larger ships. Though casualties among pegacorns and riders were relatively low, the Burning of Banguk and the loss of Ander Vai Stel Vethu sent shockwaves through morale. In honor of his friend, Dar Dar Vanes, Norin maintained the breeding of fighting pegacorns.  
Pegacorn Plague
  The Thunthen bioweapon had devestating effects on the herds, and only intervention from Goddess of the Forge, Eyurodin, saved Unor's children from extinction. Norin would live to see Ander's third daughter, Danaetanera, depart in exile alongside Paigasurin only to return a bare cycle later. In the interim, he shifted Mazzan's resources to breeding and care of Pegasi while Peirolyth provided heavy assault war saddles.  
Battle of the Citadel
  Danaetanera and her companions would display the full might of Pegasi against the Dynasty, unleashing the impressive arsenal and fighting spirit of their steeds against an enemy which had in previous incidents thwarted conventional armaments.  
Northern Garrison
  Under special authorization from King Torke, a permanent outpost is established on Earth secreted within Mount Dojo. At this point in time nearly every household in Bainshaebo has at least two or more capable riders.

Cultural Significance

Due to their humble beginnings and cordial natures, Master Breeders offer a sympathetic ear whenever needed. Even members of noble houses must defer to their judgment, since pegacorns and Pegasi are not merely animals to be broken.  
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  Far Star Traveller
"Well..." Norin began in a low tone and leaned his thin elbows against the low wall. "You heard nothing from me, but the way I hear it is the two brothers were picked to be mounts to the Watch-Rider's elder sons. They balked at the idea of those addle-minded nasurin sitting upon their backs so much, they fought like mad to escape Mazzan and have been at large ever since. The Master Breeder has deemed them too hazardous to approach, and so the matter is out of Mazzan's hands," Norin shrugged his head, smirking.   Ander raised an eyebrow. Norin certainly did not mince words, and he got the impression that the current ruling family was not very popular. He looked back at the two pegacorns as they flew over the market, searching for their next target. No matter what it took, no matter how many bones it might cost him, he felt an overwhelming desire to have such a glorious beast for his own.

Notable Holders

Deres, The Father of Metal
-Eccentric explorer, inventor, diplomat, and polymath. Favored student of Eyurodin, Lady of Flames. Mapped portions of Thanged and discovered dererium at the Northern Ring. Crossbred the first pegacorns from wild pegasids and Unor, a unicorn of unusual stature and intelligence. Served as unofficial field general during the City Strife, credited with slaying Yapign, the Vulgar Warlord with the aid of Eyurodin.  
Memner the Sky-King?
-Fierce patron of Mazzan and avid warrior. Led a war host through the newly-built Transgalactic Gate in attempt to defeat the Totalitary. Established contact with Kaosu the Ancient One and attempted to lend aerial support to the first Ronin Warriors. Presumed KIA.  

Dar Dar Vanes, Norin

-Close friend of Chi Chi Lina, Ander and his family and Ram Ram Tairu, Torke of House Taurit. Confidant of Eyurodin and associate of the Ronin Warriors and their allies, in particular Yulie Yamano. Logistics coordinator for the Mount Dojo facility. Current Master Breeder. Holding strong in his late 40's.
Master Breeder Norin by Mardrena
Made in Realistic Paint Studio
One teenage rider tried sneaking close to grab the colt’s rein cord, but the colt spied him out the corner of its eye and whirled around. It folded one wing and used its shoulder to slam the Thangien boy against the fence roughly. It skipped back to the center of the pen and began rising up and down on its hind legs, curling its forelegs and beating its wings.   “Whoa…what’s his problem?” Tanya muttered. Norin shook his head.   “It happens sometimes after they’re born. The young ones don’t know why they’re metal, and it frightens them. Most of the older Pegasi know what happened and why they’re like this, but the little ones often don’t understand, and it makes them wild and uncontrollable,” Norin explained. He then barked some commands in Thangien to the teenagers in the main pen. They promptly slipped out between the fence rails.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 11
“White Wind was…originally bred as a present for Torehj…he had just returned from freelanding; not many do so at such a young age. Torkenantakin wanted a worthy steed for his son, and so White Wind was sired from Skybolt. But he rejected Torehj!” Norin turned to the side to look at Yulie. “Do you remember, the day you and TanyTakin came to Mazzan? The boys that tried to corral White Wind?” Yulie remembered when White Wind-unruly and indignant at the time-smacked a teen with his wing. “That was Torehj. He assumed White Wind was his to bend to his will, but Pegasi are not to be tamed. Even Ander learned that the hard way…"
— Yulie's Tales Ch.2
3000-B.C. (5000 years Earth-Time)
Form of Address
Master Breeder
Equates to
Head Physician (The Traedeskaton), Master Playwright (Raaezen)
Source of Authority
Special order of operation by the Watch-Rider
Length of Term
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
“Few are those who understand the words of Pegasi,” those in the stands looked to the arena wall when Norin strode out into the grounds. “Yet his words ring as true and clear as bells to me. White Wind left Mazzan of his own volition, by his own strength and will. He was not coerced, nor deceived. He does not regret, nor does he hesitate. Just as it has been for ages, just as it was with Ander Vai Stel Vethu and Skybolt Sunhammer, riders do not choose their Pegasi. Pegasi choose their riders, and White Wind chose Yulie Yamano.   “Such things always have and always should be the choice of the Pegasi. There was no theft committed, and as such, this duel has no merit. It is the vote of Mazzan that this Trael de Vaor be invalidated,” Norin shouted aloud. King Torke smiled and tilted his chin up.   “The Rider’s Citadel hears the voice of Mazzan, and will respect the judgment of the Master Breeder. By my right as Watch Rider, I declare this match over, and YuliTakin the victor!” he raised one arm and held his palm forward with fingers pointing upward.
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 2
“Torkenantakin has a gift awaiting you at Mazzan. Come,” Aurora beckoned the Ronin to follow. She led them through the city towards the massive breeding center for all Pegasi. As they arrived, they spotted Cye leaning against the rail waiting for them. He waved a greeting and looked back towards the giant main pen. Dar Dar Vanes, Norin, strode out onto the gravel and slapped his gloves against his thigh.   “Morind de Witheren, Thelektukak! Torkenantakin had tasked me with procuring companions for your personal use, and though I would have preferred you become acquainted with them more gradually, the urgency of this crisis leaves no time for pleasantries.” Norin made a throat-click and nodded his head towards a shadowed entrance in the rear wall of the structure.
— Fight Alone Ch. 15

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