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Deres the Father of Metal (DEH-rez)

The Father of Metal Deres (a.k.a. Rdguagdaraaz(Thunthen))

Deres, I invoke your memory. Deres, I invoke your fire.   Long before Ander, long before Danaetanera, Deres had secured a place in the hearts of Thangiens as a prominent folk hero. Coming from humble beginnings in the lonesteads of Kundain, from the second he could walk and talk he constantly asked questions. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How? His boundless curiosity and knack for problem solving caught the attention of the gods and Oorotin extended an invitation to come to Pauraluxth: not to be taught, but to teach. After thousands of years of hard work, Bainshaebo had finally neared completion as originally envisioned, but in order for the people to advance further, they would need access to resources. Deres took it upon himself to find out how to procure these precious resources without violating Roth's Edict, and his great tour of exploration became the stuff of legends. Scholar, soldier, artisan and apothecary, not a single student in any vocation fails to give homage to this man to whom Thangiens owe so much. He is known primarily for the metal which would bear his name, but his accomplishments encompass so much more.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Possessed considerable physical strength from his early years both on the lonesteads and during his trek abroad. Lost a great deal of muscle mass in his latter years and developed chronic arthritis.

Body Features

Known for having a great deal of body hair on his forearms, back of hands, and chest.

Facial Features

Had a very distinguished chin and broad smile. His jowls started to sag in his later years.

Identifying Characteristics

After his experimentation with G'thru plant extract, he became the first with silver hair, which others took as a sign that he'd been blessed by the gods.

Physical quirks

His fingers had become quite calloused over the years from working on devices, and he had a habit of twitching his fingers and gesticulating often.

Special abilities

Solar Flare or Super Nova Rait'chian

Apparel & Accessories

Always carried a satchel with drawing supplies, both to draw hasty images of his surroundings during his trek and to make preliminary sketches of theoretical mechanics. Avoided using a cane or any other walking aid in his later years.

Specialized Equipment

Carried a sword originally made for Yapign under duress, later gifted it to the Thunthen scouts.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

His parents sent him to the Winding White on a daily basis to fill up water barrels and cart them to their home. A strapping lad in his late teens at the time and the oldest of his siblings, naturally such a duty fell to him. He wondered why he had to rely on such a cumbersome method: Because Roth's Edict forbade drilling for water. He pondered this problem until planning out a system to bring the river to the Lonesteads and used fired clay half-pipes to construct a rudimentary aqueduct to his family's farm. Once neighbors saw what he'd been up to, they began asking for similar systems to be erected for their farms, paying handsomely with either livestock or stores of food. Deres' parents found it hard to keep up with this sudden influx of wealth and started enlisting aid from across the Lonesteads, finding an ample supply of youths with aught to occupy their time.   The Lonesteads had traditionally operated autonomously since the days of the founding, but the people still abide by the laws set down by the gods. Word reached the Lady of Flames at the High Forge and she took a rare jaunt outside the walls to investigate the goings on that had provided such rich gossip for artisans in Pauraluxth. Startled at the hustle and bustle taking shape, she sought out the mastermind behind this great project, as Deres had gone from laying pipe personally to planning further refinements to his original design. Up until then Pauraluxth had been viewed as a sort of temple with artisans the priests and monks who served at behest of the Lady of Flames. Oorotin asked Deres to serve her, not as a student, but as an instructor. Giddy at the prospect, Deres readily agreed and chose a location nearby to build both an estate and workshop while his parents and siblings maintained the farm and enjoyed the fruits of his innovation.   The next couple years would be quite busy for him getting used to life in the big city and dealing with inquisitive students from all backgrounds. At this point in time the other three superstructures had not yet been completed, so Pauraluxth became the go-to destination for learning. However, being relatively small compared to the other structures under construction, Oorotin could not necessarily take in everyone just yet. She had cannibalized all non-essential metal and needed more, but Roth's Edict barred her from establishing mines or even conducting surveys.   Deres took this as a divine calling and decided to find out how to get more resources. If he could not dig, he could at least take a look, and much like the river, bring these resources to the city rather than the city to the resources. After much preparation and with the blessing of Oorotin, embarked on what would become a sort of freelanding tour unlike any other.
Deres and The Razzer by Mardrena
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  After half a cycle, or a year's time by Earth-reckoning, Deres returned with much to show for his efforts. In his absence, Mazzan, the Archives of Raaezen, and the Traedeskaton had finally been completed. He greeted the Four Queens, bestowing new names upon them, and presented Eyurodin with a gift of metal. Ecstatic at the potential of this miraculous metal, the city saw an explosion of interest in the arts and technological and creative innovation that ushered in a new era of prosperity for all. No longer an aloof cathedral of crafters, he and Eyurodin established the Academy of Peirolyth, inviting all those willing to put their hands to hammer and anvil.

Dere's Great Trek

-see Thangien history.
As Narrated by Bau Daophyn to Edward Connolly
“Well, when your entire race is cunning and innovative, it’s difficult to stand out…but there is one person who would fit that description,” Bau grinned. “Rdguagdaraaz, or as he is better known by his proper Thangien name; Deres, the Father of Metal,” Bau said reverently and splayed his claws.   “You see, after the disastrous First Encounter with the Native Thangiens, Roth forbade the people from despoiling the land in search of resources. No mining! No drilling!” Bau waggled his index claws to either side sharply and shook his head, closing his eyes. “They couldn’t even cut down trees for lumber. Now this presented a problem, because the people needed these precious resources in order to grow and advance as a civilization.   “Ahh, but Deres was born to solve problems! He designed the irrigation systems for Bainshaebo. He charted the weather patterns that would cause caevas to extend from the sky and rake across the forest like claws, tearing apart everything in their path…”   “You mean tornados!” Edward sat bolt upright and swung his legs to the side to face Bau.   “Yes!” Bau nodded and continued. “And that is how Thangiens find wood. He discovered sources of oil in sulfur springs, and Gual de Phu Alcu: the Lake of Glittering Stones where polished gems are found. He mapped the shores of the Winding White, Thanged’s great glacial river, but his crowning achievement came when he followed the river to its source all the way to Thanged’s northern pole. As he clambered over the last icy ridge, he saw them:   “Basek de Rhakka! Towers of Untamed Flame! Massive volcanoes of the likes never before seen by man! Deres watched, transfixed as the ground shuddered and mighty plumes of lava rose high enough to scrape the sky!” Bau swept up with both hands, and Edward could almost picture it in his mind the sight of such an eruption. He hunched over and listened attentively as Bau continued. “Deres took samples of the lava and found that when cooled, it yielded the metal which bears his name to this day: Dererium. Wondrously light! Highly resilient! Only on Thanged does it occur naturally, and its discovery ushered in a new age for the people of Bainshaebo.”
— Neo Ronin Ch. 5
Deres, Younger by Mardrena
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Deres, Self Portrait by Mardrena
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The City Strife and the Bloody Bricks
  Deres tweaked the procedures for crafting weapons so as many hands partook in the process from casting the metal to tempering the blade. When Eyurodin discreetly allowed weapons to fall into the tyrant's hands, no matter who they tried to attack, they'd trigger her Covenant. Even though Deres played a pivotal role in rallying the Faithful and defeating the vulgar tyrants, he did not speak fondly of the City Strife, never forgetting his captivity at Yapign's hands.   Yapign's followers had torched Deres' family home, forcing his family to relocate to his estate near Peirolyth. The spiteful warlords had even smashed the aqueducts he'd painstakingly erected in his youth, forcing him to redesign them yet again. Deres committed large portions of his personal wealth to assisting the displaced Lonesteaders, but the process of rebuilding would have to wait a bit in the light of very interesting guests...
The Dragon-Men from the Stars
"Deres had thankfully long been dead by the time Das Anazhar made his attempted conquest and then the later aggression from Sur Daggur, but I think it would have broken his heart to see them succumb to barbarism so. He loved the Thunthen! He saw much of himself in them! I am told Highlord Takshi Anazhar of the Sons-in-Exile keeps Deres' original sword with him at all times, considering it a family heirloom of the Anazhar Clan. When peace is at last declared and all grudges cooled, the Highlord will return the sword to the Thangien people."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian.
Later Years and Deres' End
  Deres' parents had neither the strength nor heart to return to their home even after rebuilding and chose to retire to the city. Deres ceded the property to his children and grandchildren leaving it in their hands. Not much is recorded of his other children or grandchildren only that they contributed to rebuilding the lonesteads. Vthia preferred to stay with her grandfather helping him in his efforts in Mazzan and Peirolyth. He became less mobile as his health started to fail and much to his chagrin became bedridden, otherwise he never would have let Vthia out of his sight. He believed he'd exhausted not just his body's strength but his mind as well, running out of ideas to keep his mind occupied. His joints had gotten too sore for the intensive work he enjoyed.  
"To this day the Thunthen have professed their innocence in the matter of Deres' death. Given Eyurodin's cordial treatment of parolees at Peirolyth, it stands to reason they are telling the truth regarding the circumstances of his passing."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
"Deres, I invoke your memory. Deres, I invoke your fire. Deres, I invoke your name. Guide my hand, may my strikes land true, in your name, in Eyurodin's name, may my skill prove worthy.
— Hymn to Deres
Deres is remembered best for his discovery of dererium and exploration, but due to his humble nature, is not widely featured in artwork, although he rather cheekily added a cameo of himself to Raaezen's story-window depicting the Bloody Bricks as a plainly-armored soldier baiting Yanwis into striking him.
When the dragon-men came calling he quite literally jumped for joy despite his arthritis. Saying his farewells to his family and friends and especially the Four Queens, he embarked on what would be his final journey. He looked and looked and even threw bits of dererium into the spectra pools but could not quite crack the puzzle and relayed his theories to his Nobeyl escort. In his musings, he stood close to the edge and at that point his body fully exhausted itself and he fell in. Even with the protection of a hazard suit, he would not have survived full-body immersion, but likely he'd already passed before his body hit the surface. The Thunthen felt horrified by the loss and erected a number of stone shrines in his honor, naming him Rdguagdaraaz in their tongue, but the Thangiens would for millennia afterward accuse the dragons of murdering him.
Deres' Final Journey (Thumbnail) by Mardrena
raw pencil sketch
  RoninWarrior Spectra
"Um...commander...I'm picking up something on perimeter scans..." a Common remarked. The nearby Noble strode over to the window and leaned forward, peering out over the Spectra Pits.   "It's...Witheren? What, has she come to mourn her fallen 'champions'?" he drawled. The Maiden of Blood currently leaned against one of the dilapidated monuments dedicated to Deres, or Rdguagdaraaz, as the Thunthen called him.   "...Why...Why is she smiling?" the Common asked nervously.   "It's Witheren: she's always smiling," the Noble shrugged. Witheren tilted her head up and seemed to look in their direction.   "...She's smiling at us now..." the Common gulped and cringed. Even from a good distance, he could still see her pearly white teeth.   "I think you've all stewed in there long enough..." Witheren purred as she gazed down into the bubbling fire. She moved her halberd to the side then twirled it grandly, slashing through the air. Seemingly at her command, the Spectra Pits came to life, roiling and surging, great gouts of liquid arcing into the air. "FLYYYYYYYYYYY!!! FLYYYYYYYYYYY!!" Witheren howled. All of a sudden, the surface bulged and ten bright lights surged out of the pits, streaking up into the sky. The Noble and Common could only watch in horror as great jets of molten spectra reached into the air. Witheren arched her back and cackled gleefully, the orange light of the spectra pits giving her blood-red hair a hellish tint. "AAAH HAAA HAAA!!! AAAH HAA HAAAA!" Her laugh raked through the minds of anyone unfortunate to be standing nearby.


Eyurodin's Covenant (thumbnail) by Mardrena
raw pencil sketch
Mostly self-taught from life on the farm, Deres had a solid grasp of mechanics, agriculture, and animal husbandry. Equipment needed repairs, crops planned, and draught animals shoed. In later years he expanded to metalworking, scribing, and herbalism. While not particularly known for fighting prowess, he was believed to have been at minimum Solar Flare level and did his fair share of fighting during the City Strife.
Great Towers of Flame! by Mardrena
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Family farm (early-late teens), Pauraluxth (Early twenties-onward), Mazzan, Raaezen, and the Traedeskaton (later years)

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Mapped the Winding White from the Northern Ring to the Southern Salt.
  • Discovered hair-coloring properties of G'thru plant.
  • Discovered black water and sulfur in the Salt.
  • Discovered the existence of The Razzer.
  • Discovered Gual de Phu Aclu: Lake of Glittering Stones.
  • Discovered large lake which would later become the site of Danaetanera III's tomb.
  • Discovered the source of the Winding White.
  • Explored the calcite caverns of the Northern Ring.
  • Scaled the Northern Ring and discovered the Basek de Rhakka supervolcano.
  • Discovered naturally occurring alloy produced by lava floes.
  • Charted weather patterns for the storm and flood seasons including caevas fronts.
  • Researched animal behaviors of Pei monkeys and Grand Crestas.
  • Designed aqueduct system used by lonesteads and Bainshaebo to the modern day.
  • Designed water retention system for the Pavilion.
  • Designed grasshopper well system to extract black water without violating Roth's Edict.
  • Devised new names for the Four Queens. (Wrawthe=Roth, Wuerhen=Witheren, Oorotin=Eyurodin, Rihyo=Ritho)
  • Crossbred the first pegacorns with the help of Unor and granddaughter Vthia.
  • Slew Yapign the Vulgar Warlord with Eyurodin's aid. Later contributed to death of Yanwis, Yapign's last son.
  • Devised a method to have as many hands involved in a weapon as possible in order to trigger Eyurodin's Covenant.
  • Served as unofficial commander for the Faithful during the City Strife through the Bloody Bricks.
  • Established tentative diplomatic ties with the Thunthen. Coined the Noble/Common/Peasant naming convention.
  • Suggested renaming Pauraluxth Peirolyth and opening it to all willing students, establishing it as a formal Academy.
  • Designed the first few of Raaezen's story-windows.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Although he slew Yapign, the City Strife would drag on for many more years.
  • Did not properly tutor his grandchildren about the hazards of the Eastern Jungle, resulting Vthia's botched expedition.
  • Could not unravel the secret of spectra and ultimately died in the process.

Mental Trauma

Deres witnessed first hand the lewd depravity of Yapign and his cohorts. After the conclusion of the Bloody Bricks, he collaborated with the Four Queens to establish laws and define transgressions as "unsavoury desires", proclaiming that such hedonism could never be allowed to proliferate ever again.
"No one had more reason to hate Yapign than Deres. Yapign threatened his family-grandchildren included-with all manner of heinous acts, the details of which are best left out of academic discussion..."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian

Intellectual Characteristics

Known for being an eccentric polymath, Deres loved to pick apart anything, rather cheekily pointing out the flaws in the Thunthen explorers' first shuttle.

Morality & Philosophy

Deres firmly believed in the pursuit of a vocation to curb indolence and hedonism. He urged his children and grandchildren to look to the Four Corners and settle on career paths of their liking. He believed unsavoury desires were the result of poor upbringing and lack of discipline. He despised unsavoury desires of any kind, particularly profanities of flesh and natural law.

Personality Characteristics


Improvement, exploration, and education were his core tenets.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Loved to teach and possessed great patience, but even though he had lots of children and grandchildren and spent much time with them, he unfortunately had a tendency to neglect his wife. Her death preceded his by several cycles.

Likes & Dislikes

Analyzing just about anything from a bookbinding to a wagon wheel. Strongly disliked indolence and hedonism. For all of his creativity, however, his granddaughter Vthia would devise the perfect method to punish unsavoury desires.

Virtues & Personality perks

Very amiable, so much so even the Thunthen were caught off guard by his curiosity. Loved getting his hands dirty.

Vices & Personality flaws

As much as he is credited with advancing technology for the Thangiens, he was very reluctant to shift towards electronics as used by the Thunthen in their shuttlecraft. He preferred simple solutions with as much human involvement as possible and dreaded automation and mass manufacturing. Strongly encouraged pursuit of artisanry to keep youth engaged and produce necessary goods.

Personality Quirks

It took alot to get him to frown. Had a habit of rubbing his jaw often.


While he kept himself well-dressed and clean for the most part, not a day would end without him covered head to toe in dust from somewhere.


Contacts & Relations

Had a very extensive extended family and ties to various merchant families in the Pavilion. Never forgot his roots in the Lonesteads and offered significant material aid after the Bloody Bricks.   Fyrhundi as a breed had not become widespread until many years after the City Strife, and Deres viewed the children of Xiar as being rather clumsy and wanted them nowhere near his workshop. While familiar with Xiar the God-Hound, he gave Witheren's prize creation a very wide berth.   Personally cared for Unor until his health started to fail, and not even the touch of a unicorn could reverse the effects of old age.

Family Ties

Preceding the recording of families as distinct Houses, his ancestry and descendants are unknown. Allegedly he is an ancestor of the House of St'lur but given his fame just about any House claims ancestry to some degree. It is claimed that he was descended from either Bainshae or Kundai but never verified since physical records had barely begun being kept after the completion of Raaezen.

Religious Views

Deres knew the Queens on a first-name basis and kept close contact with them up until his death. He had witnessed their power first hand and even though his ideas were entirely his own, he might not have survived to see them to fruition without the intervention of the gods. His mother allegedly had difficulty bearing children until Rihyo aided her, and roving bandits sacked his father's farm until being hunted down by Wuerhen. Oorotin considered him her prodigy but he saw the least of Wrawthe until the Bloody Bricks when she requested he lead the Faithful on the front lines. Even though Eyurodin cautioned against him leaving Thanged to visit the Thunthen homeworld, Deres had already made up his mind since he knew he lived on borrowed time.

Social Aptitude

Incredibly charismatic, well-spoken, and warm-hearted.


Known for "sketching in air" until he remembered his drawing satchel and started putting whatever idea haunted his mind to paper. Loved to give anything a thorough examination.

Hobbies & Pets

He considered Unor a friend, not a pet, and aside from his activities at the other Four Corners, spent a fair share of time at Mazzan.


Had a very reedy sort of voice even in his youth. Tended to cough a great deal in later years, likely due to poor lung health from so much dust.

Wealth & Financial state

Not one to brag, his inventions became so sought-after people practically threw goods and funds at him. His family's exact fortune remains unknown only that he could have been considered one of the wealthiest Thangiens at the time preceding the emergence of the Watch-Rider and later Council of Houses.
“I can fix this,” she simply replied.   “Such a feat is beyond your skill, Australa…” T’plaureth argued. Australa set her jaw and stepped around Sage and stalked over to her pair-brother and pressed a finger to his chest.   “Do you know the melting point of dererium?” T’plaureth blinked and stared down at the much shorter girl. “Do you know the Hymn of Deres?” The Native took a step back as Australa pressed forward. “Do you know the Seven Sacred Strikes?” T’plaureth’s white fur turned slightly pinkish from embarrassment. “You know how to wield weapons. I know how to make them. Do not presume to inform me of my limits and let me work!
— Foes From Another World Ch. 15
Australa swung the strip out of the forge and placed it atop the anvil and removed her mallet from its loop. She closed her eyes and began chanting.   “What’s that she’s saying? That word she keeps repeating…” Sage whispered.   “Deres, the Father of Metal. Kinda like a patron saint of metalworkers."
— Foes From Another World Ch. 15
199 at time of death
Date of Birth
Circa 3000 B. C. (5000 years Earth-Time)
Date of Death
Circa 2800 B. C. (4800 years Earth-Time)
Circumstances of Death
Died of extreme old age, fell into the pits
Place of Death
dark green
Platinum blond/Silver
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
5' 11" (young) 5' 7" (old)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Great towers of fire!!"   "It requires a specific form of energy to complete the process, a resonance!"   "Faend! Pairvart! Loothsoom boor! Piggy man with a piggy face and a piggy heart and a piggy soul!!!"(Describing Yapign)
Eyurodin, Lady of Flames
Known Languages
“Deres, Il voal memjag. Deres, Il voal rhak. Deres, Il-”   “Wait! Stop! She is trying to cast a spell!” Bautan shouted abruptly. Australa glared at him.   “Nichratho! Naditanyakina! Naditanyakina!!” she screamed and pointed her mallet at him.   “Wow she’s quite the little firecracker…” Black Hawk muttered.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 15
Australa swatted the sword out of Talpa’s grasp, catching it neatly and pointing it at him. “You know much about us Thangiens, Ouagli, but you do not know everything! Long ago there lived a man much like you. He desired a weapon like no other, and to make it he commissioned Deres, the Father of Metal. Deres despaired, knowing that the wicked one would slay him once he completed his work. He feared his skill would die with him, but Eyurodin, the Lady of Flames, came to him and said unto him ‘Let no blade forged by hand bring harm unto its maker!’ That is her covenant with all metalworkers!”   “ENOUGH! I WILL TAKE THAT WHICH IS MINE!” Talpa roared and drew two swords from the rack mounted on his back. He seemed to swell like a rushing wave, appearing as tall and terrible as a thundercloud. Australa tensed and hefted the blade.   “It ceased belonging to you when you attacked me with it!”
— Foes From Another World Ch. 15

Cover image: Deres Header by Mardrena
Character Portrait image: Deres, Self Portrait by Mardrena


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