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The Four Queens

Four Queens to guard the world...   In the early days of Thangien civilization, before the foundations of Bainshaebo were laid, this quartet of unfathomably powerful entities have watched over the fledgling people. These beings imparted great knowledge to the people, helping them regain their footing in the world. They exercised incredible powers in aid and defense of the people, and since then Thangiens have revered them as gods. For thousands of years through much trial and hardship the goddesses have stood guard over the world, but events on the Oldworld have caught their attention. With the Totalitary still at large, the goddesses seek the aid of new champions.


The Queens operate independently in regards to their specific domains, but the other three will defer to Roth in decision-making and matters concerning themselves and Thanged as a whole. Roth leaves day-to-day governance of the city to the Watch-Rider and the Council of Houses while keeping her eyes to the Vault of Stars for threats to the planet and its people. While the Queens consider dominion over tenets and ideals rather than regions or property, each Queen has a particular location associated with them.  
-When not traveling abroad she spends most of her time residing in Thananagreia, the Citadel-Chapel.
-Purportedly binds damned souls in the planet's core. Regularly visits the Pit of Spikes to observe duels.
-Seen at nearly all hours of the day at Peirolyth. Rarely leaves the High Forge.
-Splits her time between Tirmutua and the Traedeskaton where she comforts recovering patients.


Each Queen presides over a particular aspect of Thangien society: defense, offense, innovation, and compassion. They take their roles as Thanged's gods very seriously. While not as public in recent years as in the past, they still keep vigil and intervene as necessary. Because of escalating tensions with the Thunthen, the Queens have resumed a more active role.  
Queen of Triumph
Roth's sphere concerns the preservation of life, defense of loved ones, and courage in the face of insurmountable odds. She embodies victory in all things, triumph over the enemy, recovering from illness, even passing a test. Her insignia is a sun overlaid with a crescent moon and a sword.
"Wuelro really did draw the short end of the stick. He had the favor of Roth, a strong family history, he took firm and decisive action to curb spread of the plague, and still drew blame for the actions of his mother and that goblin-faced cretin."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
Maiden of Blood
Witheren's sphere involves not merely defeating an enemy, but crushing them. She exalts in bloody combat and retribution: the messier the better. She doesn't merely favor swift retaliation, she requires it, reveling in the splatter of gore. Her emblem is a heart pierced on two sides with swords.
"Tales speak of Witheren dispatching 'great and terrible beasts' threatening the people. More than likely merely tree bears raiding the foodstores, but Witheren made such a mess it purportedly rained blood for several hours afterward."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
Lady of Flames
Innovation, creativity, physical labor, and inspiration embody Eyurodin's sphere. All craftsmen are precious to her and she brooks no threat to artisans of any age or skill, whether shapers of metal or weavers of words. Her crest is an anvil crossed by two mallets.
"The Queens took a huge gamble. If they had simply slain Yapign off the bat, it might have had the opposite effect, stoking resentment instead. The attempted murder of Deres showed the people just how depraved Yapign's followers truly were."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
Morning Mother
Compassion and generosity may encompass Ritho's sphere, but she does not discriminate in her anger towards those who abrogate their duties to their family to indulge in unsavoury desires. The sun with radiant arms extended is her heraldry.
"The gods learned early on times of peace and prosperity led to a proliferation of 'unsavoury desires', as Deres would dub. When Witheren found out how much good bloodshed she missed out on, she offered to join Ritho on her little 'purges'..."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian

Public Agenda

In exchange for their aid and protection, the ancient people offered to worship these four beings as gods. Pitying the people, the Queens agreed on the condition that the people maintain their fighting spirit. Each Queen has a law associated with them.  
Roth's Edict
-Prohibits the reckless exploitation of Thanged's natural beauty in pursuit of industry.  
Witheren's Pact
-Offers strength to worthy warriors at the brink of defeat.  
Eyurodin's Covenant
-A weapon cannot be used to strike its creator, even when traded or purchased.  
Ritho's Edict
-Richtho leaves cannot be grown by the Thunthen nor Natives heal themselves with their horns.


Faith is their treasure, the people their army, but the individual goddesses are capable of deploying devastating powers when provoked as witnessed during First Contact. Thananagreia serves more of a ceremonial purpose, a physical covenant between the Queens and the people, but all of Thanged is under their protection.


The Queens have guided the people from the founding of Bainshaebo through the City Strife, Genesis Plague, and Thangien-Thunthen War. They feared the Oldworld lost to the Totalitary with the fall of Memner. Ander's arrival centuries later confirmed that the Oldworld endured, but not until many years after would they learn how...  

Wildfire In the Sky

  Events concurrent with Original Animated Series Episode 10: In The Sea of the Sky  
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"Do you hear that?" Roth glanced over her shoulder wide-eyed. It sounded like an echoing chime, the clanging of a hundred bells.   "I do! It-It's coming from the Oldworld!" Witheren replied. They could sense it echoing from the Vault of Stars: loss, despair, anguish. The resonance grew louder, reverberating through their thoughts. Roth turned around and raised one palm to the sky, extending her free hand in the direction of the resonance. She pulled her palm forward, pushing towards her extended hand. Far above in space, the departing Paigasurin and Danae jerked to a halt and shot towards the inactive Gate. The orbital ring hummed to life and the two plunged through. "Are you sure that's such a good idea? We had enough trouble of our own with Paigasurin, they might not be able to handle him," Witheren commented.   "No, they can. They are ready, I can feel it!" Roth stated, mouth spreading in a rare smile.
Events of Aftermath
  Danae makes contact with the Ronin Warriors, who aid her in restoring Pegasus and returning home. Roth encourages establishing diplomatic ties. Eyurodin repairs the shattered Soul Swords of Fervor, allowing Ryo to defeat Dygra in the Battle of the Citadel.  
Events of Foes From Another World
  The Queens begin working behind the scenes more frequently, either observing at a distance or intervening directly during several events. Roth takes the guise of Suzunagi to encourage Cye to fight, showing him a vision of Earth fallen to the Totalitary.  
The Neo Ronin
  Eyurodin creates prototype lesser Armors made of dererium and bestows them upon youths of outstanding character. While incapable of summoning full Armor, she considers them a success due to the Rising Effect.  
Events of Fight Alone
  The Four Queens take a step back to observe how each of the Ronin deal with individual crises. Jealous of these "champions", Phitdaitiarona creates the Black Unicorn to attack Kundain. Roth personally saves Cye from death, nearly revealing herself.  
Events of Cataclysm War
  Dais' biological mother Caroline Wendell attempts to reconnect with him, dropping hints regarding the Queens' very real influence. Each of the Queens makes an appearance during the Blood Dawn: Roth issues a curt warning to Jonathan Proud-Wolf, Kaosu drops by Peirolyth to chat with Eyurodin, Reiou visits Thananagreia to speak with Ritho, and Witheren shares a few words with Shannon.  

Events of Spacequake

  Flummoxed by their resilience, Phitdaitiarona gathers as much ambient energy as she can, launching it at Earth. The Ronin are forced to use the Armor of Gea to shield the planet, enraging the Empress of Night who takes direct control of the spacequake. Gea is destroyed but the spacequake dispersed, the feedback severely draining Phitdaitiarona. Roth elicits aid from Trakar of the Reptilloids. After rescue operations conclude and the Ronin are reunited and restored of their memories, the Four Queens decide to finally reveal themselves.  

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  Spacequake Ch. 11
They glanced to the entrance when the heavy doors groaned from being pushed open quickly and casually. They spotted a slim figure bracing her hands against the edges before sauntering inside, passing through shafts of light and shadow produced by the colossal stained-glass windows. "Roth! Daaaaarling!" a silken voice purred, and they could see more details as she approached: long black hair reaching below the waist, a elegant dark gown, and ornaments of diamond and pearl crowning her head. "H...Ho...How could you have company over, and not invite me," she taunted, her voice alternating from a triple echo to a rumbling boom, blood-red lips spreading in a cunning smile. Her gaze fell upon each of the guests from Earth, and like a shock, the memory hit each of the Ronin: Green eyes full of hate.

Mythology & Lore

"I am the break of dawn, I am the Turning of the Tide..."
Roth, Goddess of Victory by Mardrena
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"Roth comes off as very much no-nonsense. I imagine she's learned the perils and pitfalls of 'helicopter parenting' and more or less leaves the people to their own devices, provided they abide by her Edict. She rarely smiles and takes her position as Queen of the Gods very seriously."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
"Vengeance is yours, but their blood is MINE!!"
Witheren, Goddess of Righteous War by Mardrena
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"Despite her coarse appearance, Witheren is actually the most laid-back and approachable of the Queens, speaking rather casually and candidly. Reputation aside, she really is quite compassionate in her own way, that prickly exterior of hers a mask for dramatic effect."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
"Let no weapon forged by hand bring harm upon its maker."
Eyurodin, Goddess of the Forge by Mardrena
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"She might be the most public of the gods, but not very sociable, being so absorbed in her work. Dour, humorless, not much of a conversationalist...She won't hesitate to enforce her Covenant whether its a senior student or a lowly apprentice. If that hammer of hers IS made of a dead star, I can be inclined to believe: she never takes it off her person."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
"Leave be the little ones lest you incur my wrath."
Ritho, Goddess of the Home, Hearth, and Family by Mardrena
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"Ritho's placid demeanor has given rise to the erroneous belief that she is somehow the weakest of the gods. If anything, she should be considered the most dangerous. People sometimes ask why the gods did not simply slay Yapign from the getgo. If The Smiting is any indicator, Ritho easily could have-and would have-flattened the entire city just to get to Yapign."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian

Divine Origins

The goddesses did not appear to the people, actually vice versa. Primitive men did not have a cohesive religion aside from ancestral reverence for the Celestial Brothers. Originally known as Wrawthe, Wuerhen, Oorotin, and Rihyo, the goddesses dwelt in the metallic structure they called Pauraluxth and explained they had fled their own home to escape a terrible threat. They had wandered the stars aimlessly in search of a new refuge, ultimately settling on this world they referred to as Thangeodo. The people thought they meant Thangor the Tactician. Realizing they were but guests in this world, the goddesses decided to use their powers to aid the people. The people worshiped them, and the goddesses repaid their generosity.
Fleeing Geodo by Mardrena
Rough pencil and ink doodle

Cosmological Views

The early people did not have a concrete creation myth, the closest being The Cresta and the Imp. The planet was and had always been and the people roamed the plain along the great river from the days of the Celestial Brothers all the way to the Dread Winter. None of the Queens are associated with creation of the planet as a whole either rivers, lakes, or mountains. Witheren and Ritho are associated with creation of Tirmutua, Ritho the Richtho plant, Witheren the fyrhundi, Roth the Citadel-Chapel of Thananagreia, and Eyurodin the Pegasi.

Tenets of Faith

As Explained by Chi Chi Lina, Danae

"'Hair of silver, eyes of steel, power such to make you reel! Hair of blood, eyes of flame, quiver at her spoken name! Hair of platinum, eyes of bronze, hammer sings the forge's songs. Hair of autumn, eyes of dawn, love enduring above and beyond.' These are the four major deities we Thangiens revere. Roth is our Goddess of Victory, and Patroness of the Turning of the Tide. She is the dawn's triumph, good over evil, life over death. Eyurodin is the Goddess of the Forge, and the Patroness of the Striking Craft. She is the attention to detail, the finishing touch, the night's waking inspiration. Ritho is the Goddess of the Home and Hearth, and the Patroness of the Family. She is the couple's embrace, the first-born's cry, the parent's gentle caress.   "Witheren," Danae uttered this name with a firm voice. "Is the Goddess of Righteous War, and the Patroness of the Bloody Battle. She is the decisive blow, the thundering charge, the exaltation in combat. Since the beginning of existence, these four have guided us. It is their names we invoke in our every day lives. Every friend and sibling we thank Ritho for, every idea and crafted item we attribute to Eyurodin. Every enemy slain, every traitor's blood spilled we give homage to Witheren, and every battle's end, every triumph no matter how small, we bless Roth."
— Aftermath Ch. 12


At first the Queens took a more proactive role in shepherding the people, punishing transgressions personally and swiftly. The arrival of Phitdaitiarona later complicated things with the self-styled Goddess of Wickedness inspiring the disaffected to indulge their darkest desires. Deres would come to define grievous transgressions as "unsavoury desires", an umbrella term covering "violations of natural law, profanities of flesh, preying upon children, theft of any degree or type, slaying another without just cause, willful deceit, and wanton gluttony." Smiting is far less frequent than in the olden days, but every now and then tales circulate of a criminal crossing Ritho or Witheren on a lonely street, and screams heard throughout the neighborhood.


Prayer is part of everyday life for Thangiens, even woven into the fabric of the family unit. Prayers are uttered when smithing at an anvil, going into labor, charging into battle, or engaging in a duel. Despite being called the Citadel-Chapel, there are no daily services but pilgrims will congregate in the courtyard and offer supplication on a regular basis. Small shrines are maintained on family property and even the Thunthen will secretly carry personal shrines secreted under their shells.  

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  Spacequake Ch. 11
Roth watched the vessel shoot up into the sky, leaving in its wake a billowing trail of exhaust. "Y...Y...You haven't seen the last of me!" Baeron's voice taunted, echoing through the air itself. "I shall return with my father, and all of his forces! A...An...And we shall burn this 'paradise' you've built TO ASH!! AH HAH HAH HAAA!!!" Baeron's wicked cackle reverberated across both city and plain. Roth clenched her fist, knowing she could not stop him: she'd already tried, and he'd thwarted her.   "...Gigamatamur..." she muttered. Ryo had made his way up the thoroughfare toward the gate and quietly walked off to the side of her. "This...this wasn't supposed to happen..." he heard Roth stammer hoarsely.   You held off on using your full power, didn't you? You wanted to make a show of killing him like you did with Bautan...but you underestimated him, and it backfired... Roth glanced at him, and in that moment he could see genuine fear in her eyes. Roth set her jaw and scowled, drawing herself and squaring her shoulders. She still had her part to play as the all-powerful god...   "Weeeeellll now we're in for it," Witheren grumbled as she sauntered up behind Roth, standing off to her left.   "They were bound to track us down sooner or later, it was only a matter of time," Eyurodin intoned, standing to the right.   "I had hoped for a few more years preparation. It seems, however, a Power far greater than our own decided to force our hand." Roth stated. "R...Ry...Ryo of the Wildfire," Roth began and flicked a glance off to the side. Ryo hummed when she addressed him. "There is a harrowing you all must undergo in the near future from which I cannot protect you from."   "I'm sure we'll be just fine," Ryo replied curtly, scowling.   "So you think," Roth retorted and turned her eyes to the exhaust cloud. The way that it spread reminded Ryo very much of the vision he'd seen; of Roth, Witheren, and Eyurodin facing the colossal entity in the distance.


The Silver-Haired Maiden

  Only a tiny percentage of Thangiens have the genetic trait that yields silver hair after using G'thru extract. Such women are called to serve as messengers and intermediaries, taking up residence in a convent within Thananagreia. Silver-Haired Maidens preside over special events and ceremonies such as a prominent Pairing or a Blood Dawn. They give up their formal and family names to serve the gods.  
Events of Foes From Another World
Ryo converses with the Silver-Haired Maiden before Dais' Pairing is to begin. She gives the opening invocation and performs the traditional rites such as the incineration of the blood cloth and the closing hymn. A biological attack by the Thunthen causes a re-emergence of the Weeping Death, and as a result she succumbs to illness.  
Events of Fight Alone
Due to the unforeseen death of her predecessor, the new Silver-Haired Maiden is a little girl of three Thangien cycles, or six-years Earth-Time. Regardless of her age she is very well-spoken and performs her duties with an air of professionalism.  
Events of Cataclysm War
The Silver-Haired Maiden attends the Blood Dawn and participates in the opening and closing ceremonies alongside King Torke, Bak Thraplek of the Thunthen, and Almethea the Last Bangukian.

Granted Divine Powers

The practice of Rait'chian is both martial discipline and ritual meditation through combat. Progression draws practitioners closer to the gods and attaining the final rank forges a connection to the divine.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Queens keep an eye on the social and economic goings on of the city but will not interfere or intervene unless a dire need arises or one of their personal laws is violated. A merchant invoking the name of Roth or Witheren absently will not immediately call them to their side. If anything they might get smitten for their impertinence. The Watch-Rider keeps close ties with Thananagreia, visiting often to converse with Roth. Although his predecessor attempted to shirk this duty, King Torke has overseen a resurgence in faith and treats with the Queen of Triumph on an almost daily basis. In the present day Roth has greater things on her mind than petty squabbles among ruling families.
"Probably the most unnerving thing about them aside from their stature is their eyes. They have a very sort of 'uncanny valley' look to them. Their powers go beyond just bending spoons or setting fires. They truly are in an entirely different class of being."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
Unusual Eyes by Mardrena
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I shall be thine god, if thou wilst have me...

No one else in the immediate vicinity seemed to notice her standing there. He had only seen her at a distance back in the tunnel in Arizona, but now, this close, he saw very clearly the gray sash over the blue combat uniform, the high pearl-white crests, the tall yellow boots and gloves. Silver hair flowed down her back and her bangs hung low close to her brow. She regarded him sternly with black irises and steel-gray pupils.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15
He noticed a single woman laboring at an anvil mounted on a raised platform, the “High Forge” apparently. Platinum hair flowed down her shoulders and a high-spired black crown kept her bangs out of her eyes. She noticed the monk out on the floor and set down her hammer.   “I don’t often entertain tourists,” she commented, her voice echoing from the platform.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15
Founding Date
5600 B.C., 7600 years ago Earth-Time
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
Goddesses of Thanged
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Species
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Reiou looked over his shoulder as the woman he’d seen the last time strode out on to the floor, seemingly from out of nowhere. The folds of her blue robe swirled around her legs and her brownish hair took on a reddish hue in the sunlight. Her eyes remained the same, however: black irises with hazel pupils.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15
She hadn’t heard footsteps or seen anything out the corner of her eye, and yet here this woman stood: Wild dark red hair flowing down her back and spiky bangs protruding from her head. The woman wore a white shirt and brown leather pants tucked into high black boots. A burgundy leather vest hung over her shoulders.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15

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