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Trakar (TRAH-car)

Thurionahliorankalnderalulaktar (a.k.a. Trankandalaktar (Tran-candle-ack-tar))

Last not least, he comes at night...   The final representative of the prophesied Three Allies, Trakar and the Reptilloid race must swallow their simmering hatred of the Thunthen to make a final decisive stand against the Dread Enemy he once served. Humorless, quiet, swift and cunning, Trakar seems relatively out of place among more colorful cultures like Thangien and Thunthen or the eclectic Humans. Initially he never wastes an opportunity to exchange barbs with Bak Thraplek, but over time develops a grudging respect and will bounce theories off of established technicians such as Naz Dassyr or Tar Uhnin. Kento feels a kinship with him given their similar predicaments; being affected by circumstances beyond their control, but the Warrior of Earth's brand of humor often falls flat with this dour dinosaur.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Trakar is a frightening first-hand example of near-complete Conversion with his body riddled with all manner of implants that augment or replace bodily functions such as circulation or motor control. His skin is made up of a complex reinforced polymer, his heart an amalgamation of synthetic tissue and tubes, and his eyes intricate mechanical implants. When injured he bleeds a dark fluid similar to oil. It is entirely possible not a single scrap of organic tissue remains intact on his body, though whether that is because of his age or Conversion is unknown.  
Trakar, Original Sketch by Mardrena
Pencil and ink pen sketch

Body Features

Trakar resembles a sauropod like deinonychus or Utahraptor, with a long tapering tail, small forearms, and powerful back legs. He walks digitgrade and tends to keep his forearms close to his chest outside of combat. He keeps his head, spine, and hips relatively level. While walking, one can hear a soft whirring from his legs and the clanking of his implants.  
Trakar, Oldest Drawing by Mardrena
Pencil sketch with gel pen
  Spacequake Ch. 6
"Hey! You're new around here, aren't you? I haven't seen you before," Davie beamed as some of the Neo Ronin gathered around Trakar.   "Look, Harry! He's digigrade!" Harlann squawked as he knelt down beside Trakar and leaned close to his legs.   "What the heck's he yammerin' about?" Harry commented.   "It means he walks on his tippy toes!!" Harlann replied excitably.   "He means 'digitgrade'. Species such as Humans, Thunthen, and Thangiens are plantigrade, meaning they walk on their heels," Edward explained. Trakar had yet to say anything and glanced from each of the human youths.

Facial Features

Metal covers most of the top of Trakar's head and brows, making expressions difficult to discern. While seldom, he is capable of expressing emotions via his eyes and mouth. His head is wedge-shaped and only bares his teeth when in the thick of combat.

Identifying Characteristics

Trakar would be difficult to single out from a crowd of other Reptilloids given their similar implant structures. As a Sprinter, most of his implants are concentrated around his legs. There are subtle differences in implant configuration and spine coloration. Trakar's voice and ocular recognition library would distinguish him to allies.

Physical quirks

Trakar has a very stiff, mechanical walk and cannot curl his body to the side due to his chest armor. When addressing someone behind him or to the side, he will often turn his entire body rather than simply looking over his shoulder.

Special abilities

Augmented Endurance
Can take a substantial amount of punishment thanks to his armor.  
Augmented Strength
Is able to lift substantial weights such as heavy equipment or Raurgoth's upper jaw.  
Immense Speed
Can easily outpace enemy projectiles and outmaneuver opponents.  
Immense Durability
Multiple shots with phergon pistols and a nerve deadener at best temporarily incapacitate him.  
Moderate Technical Expertise
Can process data and interface with most machines quickly.  
Moderate Healing Factor
Is able to repair severe damage after a time thanks to implants.  
Moderate Firepower
Sports an array of energy weapons on par with WILDCAT.  
Weight Manipulation
Defensive measure to deter capture. Can increase density by absorbing ambient matter.  
“Hang in there buddy! I’ll get you out of here in one piece, don’t you worry!” Kento promised and worked his arms underneath Trakar’s limp body. “Eeeeeeaaaasy does it!” Kento hefted Trakar over his shoulders and staggered to his feet. “C’mon, let’s get you outta here-whoa!” Kento took a step forward. “Whoa! Whoawhoawhoawhoa!” Kento staggered to and fro a step, having to plant his legs apart to keep steady. Shockingly enough, he could feel his knees wobbling and he huffed and let out a muffled swear. “...Dude! I could lift a bulldozer if I wanted to, and I’m telling you: You’re heavy!”
— Spacequake Ch. 5

Apparel & Accessories

Trakar stores an assortment of small devices within his chestplate such as diagnostic sensors and interfacing probes.  
“I am going to ask you a set of simple questions, and you will answer, do you understand?”   “Yes,” Kento replied and nodded. All of a sudden the tiny device stuck on his forehead sizzled and popped off completely, landing on the floor sparking and hissing pathetically. The two looked down at it briefly before back at each other. The creature narrowed its eyes and leaned close.   “I strongly recommend against doing that again.” Kento gulped and nodded.
— Spacequake Ch. 5

Specialized Equipment

As a Sprinter, Trakar can quickly navigate a battlefield through use of his implants. His armor contains several small energy-based weapons and he sports a pair of energy blasters on the back of each wrist for close-range combat. Sprinter-classes are second only to Grapplers in melee combat, and Trakar makes ample use of his leg implants to literally run circles around enemies, often blindsiding physically larger opponents.  

Spoiler Warning: Unpublished Content!

  Spacequake Ch. 10
"Emperor Talpa shall have his revenge for the death of High Sorcerer Bautan-hmm?" the upgraded Doom Lord looked to the side when it spotted something dart out from behind the Ronin. It looked dark, almost black, and covered in an array of metal plating and tubes. Trakar dashed towards the towering construct, keeping his body low to the ground before moving his legs together rapidly, gearing up for a charge. The Doom Lord stood there staring at this small being stupidly as Trakar sprang up into the air, pulling his knees to his chest and keeping his feet flat facing forward while still maintaining his momentum.   He struck the Doom Lord with such force that sent its torso flying one direction while its head, arms, and legs remained floating in air comically for a brief second before clattering to the ground uselessly. Trakar landed nimbly on his toes and skidded sideways before launching into another dash towards a second Doom Lord.   "You really should come up with a name for that technique. Something like "Missile Kick" or "Torpedo Slam"," Kento remarked.   "Combat is a necessity for Reptilloids, not a form of amusement," Trakar replied in his monotone as he executed another dismemberment charge on his next target.   "Well if you're gonna polish it off with an Akira-Slide, you should at least call it something cool..." Kento muttered as he hobbled a Dynasty Droid with his bo. "Hey, Thangiens don't exactly fight for the heck of it either. They fight to protect their homes and families, but they at least make combat fun."   "In the event you have not noticed, I am not a Thangien," Trakar flicked a glance at him.   "Yeah, but you know how that saying goes? 'Passion is a part of Purpose'? Think of it as trying to reclaim your past and stuff." All the while Kento prattled, Tanya glanced at him over her shoulder, grimacing awkwardly. Trakar paused before making another charge, cocking his head to the side as he analyzed Kento's words. He dashed over to a nearby group of Droids and began slamming them with his tail and headbutting them, making halfhearted grunts. "Eh, all things in baby steps, I suppose..."   "For *censored* out loud! Get a room you two!!" Tanya squawked, exasperated.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Trakar knows precious little of his former life outside the yoke of the Totalitary. He mentions revolting against his former masters, so it is safely assumed he is older than at least four or five centuries when the Enemy attempted to invade Earth. Bak recognizes him from when Ander attempted to solicit aid from the reclusive Reptilloids. He knows he was hatched, but not when. Somewhat "late to the party", Trakar and his race stand ready to lend their technological might and sheer staggering numbers to the coming End Tide.  

Events of Spacequake

  Residual energy from Phitdaitiarona's spacequake alerts Trakar to the situation unfolding on Earth. Roth communicates with him telepathically, entreating him to join the fight. Whether transported by Roth or utilizing leftover Totalitary tech, Trakar makes his way to Earth where he comes into contact with the least likely among the legendary Morind de Witheren.  
It opened its mouth and Kento only heard more of the same hissing gurgle as before, only this time interspersed with what sounded like coherent words. “I. Am. Asking. You. If. You. Are. One. Of. The. Morind. De. Witheren,” the creature spoke jerkily.   “Whoa! How can I understand you all of a sudden?!” Kento stiffened and pointed a finger at it.   “I downloaded your speech patterns,” it replied, becoming more accustomed to speaking fluidly, albeit a bit clipped. Kento kept one finger pointed at it and glanced from side to side awkwardly.   “Okay, first off: don’t download anything from me, okay? Alot of that is personal, you know, and I don’t appreciate a complete stranger rooting around inside my nogg-” The creature raised its wrist weapon again, placing it within an inch from Kento’s face. “Hey! Take it easy, dude! No worries! My mind is your mind!” Kento raised both hands and cringed. The creature lowered its arm. The metal covering its brows made it difficult to tell if it scowled or not.
— Spacequake Ch. 5


Most of Trakar's understanding of technology-both his own implants and other machinery-was directly programmed into his mind by the Totalitary during the process of Conversion.

Accomplishments & Achievements

To date, Trakar is the only Reptilloid who has made diplomatic contact with either Thangien, Thunthen, or Human. He spoke briefly with Ander years before the Battle of Banguk, warning the doom-driven hero that hostilities between the two superpowers must be exhausted in blood before the Reptilloids would enter the stellar stage. He later makes contact with the Morindae Khanto Earthrider and offers his service to the leader Raeo Flamerider.   As a Sprinter-class, Trakar is quite formidable in combat, handily dispatching nearly two-dozen Thunthen Nobeyls in melee combat.

Failures & Embarrassments

Trakar hates being ridden.  

Spoiler Warning: Unpublished Content!

  Spacequake Ch. 6
"Hey! I wonder if he'd let us ride him!" Harlann beamed as he clambered atop Trakar's back between his tail and spines.   "I certainly would not!" Trakar retorted and promptly bucked Harlann off his back, with Harlann landing on the floor nimbly.   "Cool! He speaks! Hi! My name's David Osmond! What's yours?" Davie introduced and extended a hand. Trakar leaned close, bringing his nose within an inch of Davie's face. Davie watched amazed as Trakar's irises reconfigured, giving him the unnerving impression of staring into a mirror as he saw his own eyes in Trakar's. The irises reverted to their original color. "Hey! Check it out! he scans your eyes!!" Davie reached out and grabbed Brainpan, all-but shoving him infront of the metal-clad saurian. Before Edward had a chance to object, Trakar greeted him in similar fashion before turning his head to Crystal Hacker.   "Oooh! Do me next! Do me!" Harlann piped up and waved his hands, flexing his fingers excitedly.   "So, what, ya do that so you make sure no one gets replaced by evil clones or somethin'?" Harry asked.   "Maybe its so he can, you know, like use our eyes to hack systems and bypass stuff?" Harlann suggested. Trakar cocked his head to the side, puzzled by the giddy mood as the Neo Ronin exchanged all manners of theories about him.

Mental Trauma

Like the entirety of his race, Trakar despises the Totalitary for not only enslaving him but stripping him of his past, present, and future. When asked if he fears the Totalitary will re-assert control over the Reptilloid people and turn them against their new allies, Trakar responds: "Vengeance keeps us free".

Intellectual Characteristics

While Reptilloids cannot develop any new technology of their own, they are quite adept at using existing technology of other races as well as the implants granted through Conversion. Trakar is able to interface with equipment such as the Console and the Argonauth, though admits his mate Thranctipo, a Technician, is far superior.   Anubis gifts him with a copy of William Shakespeare's complete works, resulting in Trakar sometimes randomly spouting off a Shakespearean quote in the middle of a conversation.  

Spoiler Warning: Unpublished Content!

  Spacequake Ch. 6
"I guess Kento feels a sort of connection with him," Dais remarked.   "Yeah, food is practically a universal language for him," Ryo grinned.   "Yes...he seems to be...rather hungry for knowledge..." Anubis sighed, drawing glances from Ryo and Dais.   "...You okay?" Dais asked, scowling in concern. Anubis sounded almost distraught, for lack of a better word.   "Oh, it's nothing...It's just...well, I gave him a first edition copy of Shakespeare's complete seemed only fitting, what with us both being former servants of evil and all...and...well...he...uh...ate... it..." Anubis replied bleakly. Ryo and Dais exchanged glances, looking confused before looking back at Anubis.   "You're not talking figuratively, are you?" Ryo raised an eyebrow.   "No...he, um...did something with his headgear..." Anubis twirled a fingertip over his temple. "And drew it into himself...and...that was the last I saw of it...that was a first edition..." he lamented piteously.   "Uhh...sorry for your loss?" Ryo remarked awkwardly. He and Dais said nothing for a few moments while Anubis stared off into space bleakly. Ryo averted his gaze and made a face. "I guess it's kind of a bitter pill to swallow..."   "Yeah, it's alot to digest," Dais added.   "I mean, it is Shakespeare, so you've definitely given him food for thought."   "Yeah, it's alot to chew on that's for sure..." Anubis threw them an angry scowl and growled softly through his bared teeth while Ryo and Dais sniggered under their breath.

Morality & Philosophy

Humor generally falls flat with Trakar, him being of the mind that luxuries such as cheer should wait until after the Enemy is vanquished once and for all. He is quick to attack aggressors, but being a former servant of the Totalitary, is slow to place judgment.

Personality Characteristics


Trakar shares with his species a potent need for retribution against the Totalitary, who at an unknown point in the distant past, brutally enslaved and Converted the entire Reptilloid race. Although he rarely displays emotion openly, vengeance simmers within his heart and mind. If there is any hope to restore his people to their former lives, it must wait until the Dread Enemy is scoured from the Vault of Stars.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While technologically proficient and equipped with enough firepower to rival or surpass the WILDCAT unit, Trakar has yet to fully grasp the subtleties of humor and social interaction, with small-talk going in one ear and out the other. He seems incapable of appreciating flavors of food as Humans, Thangiens, and Thunthen do.  

Spoiler Warning: Unpublished Content!

  Spacequake Ch. 6
"Kento," Kento paused when Trakar spoke and waited patiently as the Reptilloid turned his entire body to face him, apparently unable to simply turn slightly. Even using Kento's proper name seemed a monumental achievement. Trakar stared at him a brief moment, looking at once regretful and annoyed. "I appreciate you trying to help me acclimate to your world, but we Reptilloids have no need of nutritional sustenance as you do. Even simple luxuries such as sleep and defecation are forever lost to us."   "So you can't have a good nights rest or pee or poop, it sucks, I know. Believe me, I know! But think of this as part of reconnecting with your past life. We all gotta start somewhere," Kento insisted and held out the sushi-laden toothpick to Trakar. The Reptilloid eyed it warily and flicked a glance up at Kento before reaching out and pinching it gingerly between his thumb and index finger, moving his entire arm instead of just his wrist. Kento watched eagerly as Trakar inserted the sushi roll into his mouth and pulled it off of the toothpick. He began to chew slowly.   "It tastes like..." Trakar began. Kento clenched his free hand and grinned with excitement. "It tastes like..." Trakar's jaw worked from side to side. He finally swallowed and tilted his head up at Kento. "Molecules," he admitted in his deadpan tone and turned to walk away. Kento let his arm hang at his side and pouted in disappointment. Not one to be deterred, he followed Trakar quickly, still holding the sushi platter.   "Hey, molecules is a start! Maybe you can build up a database or something and use that to analyze different flavors and stuff!"   "Hnn...." Trakar made an exasperated groan as Kento remained dutifully at his side. Sage watched the entire exchange, amused.   "Hey, maybe you can ask if Eyurodin can hook you up with like food processors or stuff!"   "Geod and Totalitary tech is ill-compatible..." Sage blinked upon hearing Trakar's response. He wondered why he kept pronouncing "god" as "gi-odd"...

Likes & Dislikes

Trakar loathes being viewed as a beast of burden and scoffs at any comparisons between Reptilloids and Pegasi. He has, however, acquired an interest in Human literature...  

Spoiler Warning: Unpublished Content

  Spacequake Ch. 6
"Anubis." The former Warlord paused and turned around when he heard his name called and saw Trakar approaching him with his jerky, clanking gait. "I wanted to return this to you," Trakar said and held up something in his hands. Anubis didn't know what to think upon seeing his prized first edition volume of Shakespeare's works, fully intact and somehow in much better condition than ever before. He couldn't tell whether to feel resentful upon having a gift returned or ecstatic upon seeing the tome restored. Anubis stared at Trakar wide-eyed in shock as the Reptilloid handed the tome to him.   "I finished analyzing its data and transmitting it to the rest of my people on the homeworld. If a less-advanced race such as yours is capable of works such as this, then it gives me hope that there is life after vengeance for my people. I thank you for such a powerful gift. Truly, I am incapable of properly expressing my gratitude for such wondrous words." And with that, Trakar turned around and walked back down the residential hall to his personal chamber.   Anubis stood there staring after him and holding the first-edition volume in his hands. His mouth slowly turned up in a warm smile.

Virtues & Personality perks

Trakar can considered a social tabula rasa, and while hesitant to fully embrace humor or interaction, isn't fully incapable of doing so.

Vices & Personality flaws

Trakar tends to speak in a monotone most of the time, making conversations difficult. Even a simple handshake is a puzzle to him.  
Trakar’s eyes remained closed. He heard the rustle of movement and opened an eye a crack and tilted his head sideways, spotting Ryo standing before him with one hand outstretched.   “We call ourselves the Ronin Warriors because we serve no master. Don’t think of us as allies: think of us as friends,” Ryo offered cheerfully. Trakar pulled his head back slightly and glanced from Ryo’s extended hand up to his face several times. He said nothing at first, and Ryo bit his lip, starting to feel a bit uneasy considering Trakar’s mouth looked big enough to take his entire hand off at the wrist faster than one could say “snip, snap, snout”. Trakar relaxed and slowly raised his arm. Ryo noticed he seemed to be incapable of rotating his wrist a great deal, likely due to the implants permeating his arm. Trakar carefully placed his palm into Ryo’s and Ryo shook his hand gently.   “...A curious gesture…” Trakar muttered as they shook hands.   “They are a curious race,” Bak interjected with a smile, keeping his hands clasped behind his shell. “One I hope you will come to admire, and appreciate in time.” Trakar growled softly in his throat and glanced at him but remained quiet.
— Spacequake Ch. 5


Contacts & Relations

Morind de Witheren, Four Queens, Dissidents, House of St'lur

Family Ties

Mate, Technician-class.  
Son, Grappler-class.

Religious Views

Reptilloids as a whole do not believe in a particular religion, though Trakar seems familiar with Roth and the other Thangien goddesses.

Social Aptitude

Filing Cabinet/Potato/Plank of Wood


Trakar generally keeps to himself unless directly responding or interacting with another individual.

Hobbies & Pets



It appeared to wear a vest of metal that ran from the front of its chest to the base of its tail. Metal covered the top of its wedge-shaped head from the back of the neck to the front of the nose and smaller plates ran along the side down to the jaw. Four distinctive dark purple sail-like spines jutted out through the armor on the back between the shoulders and the hips. A cluster of dark purple crests protruded from the upper back of its head. Thin metal tubes snaked out all over its arms, legs, and tail from the edges of its armor. Metal plates covered its knees and shins with more thin tubes extending down to the toes of its rather large feet which sported three prominent talons and thick spurs on the heels. Small bright purple, green, or blue lights adorned parts of its “armor”. A long thick tail trailed out behind it.
— Spacequake Ch. 5
"You got a name or something?”   “Thurionahliorankalnderalulaktar.”   “ got a short version? You know, something easier for us humans to pronounce?”   “Trankandalaktar.”   “No, no, no, I meant a shorter version,” Kento argued and pressed his palms together.   “That is the condensed rendition of my name!” the creature narrowed its eyes, baring its teeth.   “Okay! How about something simple, like uh...oh...I dunno…” Kento glanced about and wiggled his fingers for a few moments. “Trakar? That work for you?” he offered and shrugged. The creature said nothing at first and cocked its head from side to side before rearing back slightly.   “That will suffice,” Trakar replied.
— Spacequake Ch. 5
Current Status
Settling in at the Roost
Date of Birth
Current Residence
The Roost cavern complex
Bright green, backlit
Purplish head and back crests
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark gray skin
Quotes & Catchphrases
"They remember this world! This was the planet that fought back!"   “Even our young are born with these… ‘cyborganic’ implants.”   "The Totalitary did not leave behind any ‘toys’ for us to play with….we were their toys."   “As Ander once tried to explain to us...when ‘dealt a bad hand’, sometimes it is best to simply ‘play the cards you are given’.”
Known Languages
Reptilloid, English, Thangien, Thunthen
Trakar, on the other hand, seemed to be giving the Thunthen attackers what for as he sped in a circle around the desperate Nobles. Kento watched amazed as he drew his legs together and moved them simultaneously, bounding like a kangaroo and moving as fast as a bullet train. A hapless Noble cried out as Trakar changed direction suddenly and sped right towards him. Trakar sprang into the air, pulling his feet up while still maintaining his speed, and he slammed into the Noble feet-first, sending his body flying one direction while leaving his shell in place hovering in the air a moment before falling to the ground and rolling about like a hubcap.
— Spacequake Ch. 5
Trakar tossed his head and screamed again and lunged at Ryo. He raised his wrist, bringing the tubes within an inch of Ryo’s face. Ryo recoiled and flinched.   *BZZT* Everyone heard the sound coming from Trakar and the Reptilloid’s eyes popped wide in surprise. Trakar blinked several times then tilted his hand up slightly to see the wads of gum clogging the end of his wrist weapon.   “Yeah, we had a feeling you’d spaz out so we took some precautions,” Ryo scowled irritably.   “I could have blown my arm off…” Trakar grumbled.   “Well you could’ve blown my face off, so I’d say the feeling’s mutual!” Ryo snapped and raised one hand, pressing a fingertip against Trakar’s hand and pushing it away to the side. Trakar lowered his arm and took a step back, sullenly picking at the gum stuck to his weapon.
— Spacequake Ch. 5

Cover image: Trakar Header by Mardrena
Character Portrait image: Trakar, Third Ally by Mardrena


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