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Crazy Anime Cat Lady and Gamer Nun, Proud Texan Enjoying Renaissance Faires.

Planet Runjen

Something of a relatively new arrival to the [i]Thurukian System[/i] the shadowy lifeless landscape is home to one life form: the reclusive [i]Reptilloids[/i].

1307 words

Eastern Jungle "Amazons"

Even their existence is a subject of skepticism, considered stories to scare rebellious young girls straight.

5205 words

The Cresta and the Imp

As close to a creation myth as can be found among the aboriginal Humans displaced from Earth via Transgalactic Rifts, The Cresta and the Imp has been interpreted many ways but is remarkably consistent in its retellings

3491 words

Grand Cresta

Impossible to tame, foolhardy to ride, hazardous to incense, Grand Crestas permeate all aspects of Thangien culture from combat techniques, to architecture, to mythology.

2925 words


Trakar and the Reptilloid race must swallow their simmering hatred of the @[Thunthen](species:a114edbd-cd41-4654-a3b0-f20b92ed14a1) to make a final decisive stand against the Dread Enemy he once served.

4253 words

Battle of the Bloody Bricks

The Queens strode forth alongside the citizenry, ready to stain Bainshaebo's desolate marketplace with the blood of sinners.

2195 words


Thangiens have used performing art and dance to keep their memories fresh and their history alive.

2479 words


The Thunthen suspect if fully unlocked, it could yield a metal more powerful than Thangiens' prized dererium.

2661 words

Metra Wave

More than simply a combat technique or stance, executing a Metra Wave signals the entry of a warrior into the coveted rank of Metraverse.

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From the time I first began reading, mine has always been a mind brimming with ideas and images. As far back as books like "Arrow to the Sun" and "Greedy Zebra" I've been an avid reader. Living in the country and being limited to 6 local channels provided me with a narrow scope of animation, though, but I did not go entirely without.   The Golden Age of the 90's yielded much of the most memorable and iconic animated series ever created. Some of my early favorites included King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Sailor Moon, Transformers, Pirates of Dark Water, Gargoyles, DCAU, Bots Master, Sky Surfer Strike Force, Conan the Adventurer, SWAT Kats, Voltron: DOTU, and my all time favorite: Ronin Warriors.   As a writer I attribute my style and inspiration heavily to two main authors: Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels for their vivid descriptions that insert you into the world, and J.R.R. Tolkien for the vast history and lore of his epic works. Other influences include Louis L'Amour for his immersive westerns and Larry Niven's epic Man/Kzin Wars universe.   As a person I am friendly to those who have earned it, and very emphatic, although I am primarily introverted. My vanguard character, Tanya Sanada, is loosely based on those traits. My main works include what I call the Age of Defiance universe. I write in the vein of 90's animated series of old that were primarily marketed to kids but could be appreciated and enjoyed by adults and convey weighty subjects with an equal measure of levity and epic scope to boot.   I've been writing for over twenty years since the tail end of the 90's. The bulk of my current writing can be found at   I plan on eventually hosting chapters here but that is on the back burner for the time being.   I avoid social media like the plague. I have Steam and Discord profiles but will only give those out to people I can trust.   I do not do collaborations anymore so do not ask.

Interests & Hobbies

Homebrewing Drawing Cats TexRenFest

Favorite Movies

LOTR Trilogy Starship Troopers Stargate Krull AWIL Ten Commandments The King & I Memphis Belle

Favorite TV Series

Ronin Warriors Stargate SG-1 Babylon 5 Hercules/Xena Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman CSI: Vegas/Miami/NY Walker Texas Ranger (Original) Thundercats The Incredible Hulk (Lou=best Hulk imo) Primal

Favorite Books

LOTR/Hobbit/The Silmarillion Dragonriders of Pern Chronicles of Narnia Xanth Man/Kzin Wars The Sacketts EarthSea Robotech Novels Watership Down The Enchanted Forest Series Magic Kingdom for Sale-SOLD! LHOTP OPM Berserk

Favorite Writers

J.R.R Tolkien Anne McCaffrey Laura Ingalls Wilder Louis L'Amour Larry Niven Piers Anthony Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis Jack McKinney C.S. Lewis Kentaro Miura

Favorite Games

TES (I loves me some Skyrim) LOTRO Grim Dawn Factorio Mount & Blade Bard's Tale Trilogy The Summoning by SSI X-COM

Latest Loved work

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