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Oniran A World of Stories

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Stories are a powerful thing. They surround us, influence every aspect of our lives, warn us of danger or reassure us with heroes that overcome it. Stories can be healing, but can hurt us all the same. They can bring people together, drive them apart, or ensure they will never be separated again. See, stories can be a lot of things, but there is one constant that unites all of them: us.   Oniran has a funny way of reminding us just how much it agrees. It'd be a shame to ignore just how much it tries to cultivate them. As if crafting a bunch of puzzle pieces and splaying them out on the floor waiting for someone to take the bait, to take those pieces and create something unique, to share those pieces with the people most important to them, all without realizing it was hardly ever a "puzzle" to begin with. And when all is said and done, the world is left with a vibrant tapestry of limitless compositions and experiences.   It's funny when you put it like that, really, when I intentionally describe you as someone who "took the bait". But that's exactly what happened, is it not? No matter your motivation, whatever brought you here in this very moment, be it a budding adventuring career, a loved one in danger, a desire to make a difference, saving the world, ending the world, or maybe just deciding one day to step out your door and see where the road takes you (that last one is concerningly more common than you think), you decided to take the bait.   A word of advice. On your journey you're gonna meet a LOT of people, hopefully good natured people unless you're the type to crave violence. When you do, there's a little tradition of story-trading that the adventuring types like to keep alive, y'know, like trading cards but for lore and what-not. Even just asking an adventurer the last quest they completed would probably make their day, I'd imagine. My word of advice is to be prepared for when it happens to you.

So, what story will you tell them?

Welcome to Oniran
Generic article | Jun 23, 2024

Here's the gist of what this place is all about.