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I have decided that this lore is canon, let us rejoice.

"A word of warning, Tank, I've traveled the world long enough to know that every game of Single becomes a War of Attrition, and very few can leave with their dignity intact. My blade is forever stained with the blood of those who have tried to usurp my well deserved victory. Their legacies live on through me."
— Vokuma

"Single" is a card game spread throughout the many cultures of Oniran, thanks to the Knights. A simple game, like one you'd see played in a tavern, but it holds the ability to not only spark disputes between friends but even serve as the cause of an all-out war at some point in the world's history. Do not ask, for I do not know.

The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. One must weaponize the nuances of strategy and psychology in order to best their fellow players in combat. However, even if you were to attain complete mastery of the mechanics, you are forever at the mercy of luck and your friend's ability to properly shuffle cards. A skill forever lost to time.


Do not be fooled, the official rules as they were written have been lost to time, and even if they weren't, none would follow them anyway.

  • The players, who have agreed to ignore all desires for bloodshed upon playing, draw a number of cards from a deck.
  • A card is drawn from the deck and placed beside it, thus, The Stack is born and the game begins.
  • Players take turns placing cards from their hand onto The Stack, but only if that card matches in color or number.
  • In order to reign victorious, you must rid all the cards in your hand.

Master Jontaro

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.


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Author's Notes

For those who don't know, I made this as a joke when I first started using World Anvil back in 2019, something to get the ball rolling I guess. Well, the other day I read it again and I loved the absurdity of this lore SO much I decided to make it canon. I regret nothing.

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