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Ranger's Handbook for Beasts & Wildlife

Completely Original Work That Isn't Based on Any D&D DLC

Written by Calico

Imagine this, you're an adventurer who's just taken up a quest to clear out a Kobold colony that settled along the road to rob wandering traders of their shiny things. As you approach a clearing in the forest you hear the bushes around you rustling, you draw your weapon.

Three Kobolds armed with crude daggers jump out of the bushes and surround you, One of them calling loudly for the rest of the pack. The party member you've been travelling with is down the road behind you, unaware of your situation.

All you can do now is slowly back up while keeping an eye on them, hoping that you can make a run for it. The Kobolds steadily inch closer and closer, hissing and clicking at each other as they prepare to attack, the colony knows you're here.

What do you do? Well, if you're me, then obviously you would single handedly beat every single Kobold one by one to assert your dominance. I know I know, not everyone can be as amazing as me, which is why I've written this handy guide while on my adventures! To the person reading this book, good luck! I assure you that you're gonna need it.

— Calico




I'll add animals, monsters, and juicy lore
bits as I write them so this whole page will probably be pretty empty for a while.
by Zel-Zo

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Probably if I ever die, but that's unlikely

by Zel-Zo

Master Jontaro

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.


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