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The Sleeping Squire

Everyone's Home Here

"Welcome, traveler, to The Sleeping Squire! Take a seat where you please; Happy Hour starts in just a moment, the Quest Board is on your left, and those who volunteer on stage earn a drink on the house!"
— Tavern Knight

The Sleeping Squire is a popular tavern & inn along the Southern edge of Stonewood. While it regularly sees business, most of the patrons you'll see here are dedicated regulars, it's the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. The hospitality is easily its best quality, so it's quite a comforting place for townsfolk and adventurers alike to commune, and newcomers especially are guaranteed to leave with a few stories and some new friends.

The Sleeping Squire

The Staff of The Sleeping Squire

Tavern Knight


Tavern is the proud owner of this establishment. They say he used to go on adventures of his own, but nowadays you'll find him behind the bar serving drinks and forging friendships, the latter being his favorite. He's especially fond of newcomers just starting out on their adventures, he sees it as an opportunity to offer stories and valuable advice for the journey ahead.

Rina is an absolute sweetheart working as the head waitress. She's polite, friendly, and generally tries to spark conversation with everyone, but she has no problem with knocking a few heads together if things get a bit too rowdy. A word of advice for newcomers: there are plenty of ways to befriend her, a drinking contest is not one of them. Don't do it. You will lose.


Backpack is the upbeat and chaotic delivery girl. You won't often find her in the tavern itself, instead, you're more likely to see her while she's running around making deliveries, picking up supplies, and completing the occasional quest every now and then. Despite her absolute unit of a backpack, she's much faster than you think she is.

Barrel is the gentle giant keeping everything here running smoothly. He'll often be managing inventory or helping in the kitchen, but when the situation calls for it he makes for a reliable bouncer. Don't let this intimidate you, however, get on his good side and he's an absolute pleasure to be around.


Brymir is the humble roomkeeper and a man of few words. He prides himself on the quality of his rooms, which means you'll usually see him awkwardly shuffling between them with cleaning supplies in his arms; Valkyr aren't exactly the smallest folk, after all. So if you aren't deterred by his size, shyness, or a bit of perfectionism, then he'll gladly open up to you, eventually.

"Quests? You best believe I have Quests! On that board there I have plenty, there's so much damn paper nailed to that board it might actually be a fire hazard. Go do some of those Quests before the Inspector comes. Oh, they were already here? Well, then he must've taken up some Quests! What are you waiting for? Go do the Quests! In fact, I'll throw in a Quest just for you 'cause we're friends, you and I. Your new Quest is to do some of those Quests on the Quest Board filled with Quests! Now go on, get to Questing!"
— Tavern


The Quest Board Filled with Quests

To the left of the entrance there's a massive board filled with Quests. The Quest Board. Around here, they call it The Quest Board Filled with Quests. It's the largest and most frequently updated Quest Board filled with Quests in this part of town, and for a low price of 5 Marks, people can pin their Quest to the Board filled with Quests. There's a wide variety of Quests to pick from should you be looking for work. Some would even say the Board is filled with them.

When you take up a quest, it's best to let Tavern know and to return as soon as you can. Since so many adventurers, especially regulars, frequent this place looking for work, Tavern made Rule #9. A necessary addition, truth be told. If Tavern ever finds out someone hasn't returned, he and anyone who wishes to join will personally venture out in search for them. This rule will always take precedence over running the tavern. Thankfully, he's only had to do this once.

The Quests that Fill the Board

Kill Quests

Go somewhere and kill something.

Delivery Quests

Take this thing here and take it somewhere else.

Fetch Quests

Go somewhere and get something.

Gathering Quests

Go to multiple somewheres and get multiple somethings.

Escort Quests

Take me and then take me somewhere else.

Defense Quests

Protect something from other somethings that wanna hurt it.

Tavern's 9 Rules


1. No Weapons on the Table.

2. No Drinking and Spellcasting.

3. No Tavern Brawls without my Approval, Supervision, and Participation.

4. Anyone Unkind to the Staff Gets
Snapped by Barrel.
Mind Your Manners.

5. Anyone Who Beats Me in a Drinking Contest Gets Free Drink for the Night.

6. All Who Perform on Stage Get
a Drink on the House.

7. At least buy me a drink before you ask. You know who you are.

8. There's a Creeky Floor Board to the Right of the Door, Step on It and You Get a Warning. Step on It Again and
you get the Board Tax

9. If You Take up a Quest, Come Back Afterwards So I Know You're Safe.



(One Bed)

(Two Beds)



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -















Runehorn Roast - 20m

A hearty slab of Runehorn fresh from the hunt, served with a Garlic Parmesean Sauce
and a smile.


Pan-Fried Potatoes - 10m

Thickly sliced Potatoes fried in butter, served with a Spicy Red Sauce. As well as a glass of milk if the staff is concerned for your safety.


Stonewood Stew - 15m

A slow-cooked Stew served in a Bread Bowl, complete with Beef, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, and Red Wine. King approved!


Fresh Bread - 8m

An entire loaf of fresh bread, if that's what you desire. Straight from the ovens of the Breadsmith Guild!


Mushroom Salad - 5m

A bowl full of mushrooms.


Fruit Bowl - 5m

You lot better be eating Healthy, if not,
I'll make you.




Ginger Root Mead - 5m/Pint

A golden brown mead with a sweet honey flavour, brewed from Dawngrove, can help soothe a troubled stomach.


Frostforge Ale - 7m/Pint

A Valkyrian brew with a strong kick and a tendency to inspire confidence,
warms you right up.


Brown Smoke - 5m/Glass

A strong, dry, Smoked Whiskey to invigorate your nerves. At its best when savored by itself.


Midsummer Lotus - 10m/Glass

A smooth and rich Elven wine brewed from berries, honey, and a variety of herbs. If you ask me, the Elves have it down to a science.


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