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"Okay, so let's say that for SOME reason you're still hesitant to step foot in these things. Y'know, on account of the constant threat of injury, maiming, traps, monsters, bosses, torture, death and the slight chance of being forever lost within. However, and hear me out on this, have you considered that: THERE WILL BE A TON OF LOOT!?!"
— Loot Knight

t is no secret that an integral part of adventuring is the raiding of dungeons. Quite the contrary, in fact, it's simply common knowledge. So much so that one would reasonably assume all the dungeons are looted already, right? How many could there possibly be? It's not like they just randomly appear and disappear throughout the world! The utter chaos that would cause! Think of the economy!
That was you just now, right? You're under the assumption that dungeons are finite and they've most likely been looted dry? Well, you must be new to the whole adventuring thing then.

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer trekking through the wild or a simple farmer taking a stroll through your fields, there's always a chance you'll stumble upon a dungeon. They're most often in the form of Runic Gateways that magically appear and disappear virtually anywhere at anytime. But enter at your own risk. Those who venture into the dungeon unprepared may very well find themselves forever lost within.

How it all works

No idea. Dungeon Gates will sometimes appear throughout the world, most often in the outskirts of civilization. Usually they'll disappear over time if no one enters, but on rare occasions they end up being permanent residents. In fact, small settlements will often form around these permanent dungeons, especially the more lucrative ones. They can also be created, but this is a feat only achieved by Wizards of ultimate prestige.

Entering Alone

For most Gates, those who enter will be transported to a completely random dungeon in both environment and layout. Depending on its difficulty, (which can be determined from the Runes inscribed on the gate) they can range from just a few rooms to a multi-floor lair. Leaving is as simple as going back through the portal.

Entering with a Party

Entering the Gate with a party is exactly the same as entering alone, especially the part where you end up by yourself. Those who want to venture a dungeon with others need what Knights call an Anchor. These are an investment, however, so parties equipped with Anchors have likely made dungeon crawling a career.

At it's simplest, the Anchors will ensure you all end up in the same dungeon. Those who want to splurge, however, might have Anchors that serve as an escape or Anchors that map out the rooms they've already explored.

The Aesthetic Within

Pocket World

The world that these gates bring you to is not your own. If you can even call it a world at that. To put it simply, things in the dungeon feel simulated, like an uncanny facsimile of the world outside. Structures and furniture that seem just a little too perfect, windows that show only the endless void of space beyond the dungeon's walls, the forests beyond the main path seeming to stretch for an eternity, and paintings that you swear resemble something tangible but are merely random splotches of color plastered over canvas.


The environments inside dungeons can range from the usual underground catacombs to dense forests or swamps, royal halls to deep caves, cities with buildings tightly packed together or a wizard's tower that simply refuses to end. Unlike other aspects of dungeons, the environment is sometimes influenced by the Gate's surroundings.


Usually the life within mimics the life outside, and as such, is dependant on the environment. While it's rare you'll encounter life unique to dungeons, anything can happen, the core of all dungeons is unpredictability within reason. Depending on the dungeon's difficulty, you might also encounter powerful Bosses. They know you're here.

Adventure's Gate

by Myself

"So, you're under the assumption that dungeons are finite and they've most likely been looted dry? Well, you must be new to the whole adventuring thing then."
Important Lore
In this house we run on video game logic and video game logic only.


Most of these terms were
popularized by Knights.


The door to the dungeon itself; most often in the form of a runic portal. Dungeons are random upon entering and adventurers are isolated from one another unless they have an anchor.


An enchanted object, preferably something simple like a pendant or ring, that each member of the adventuring party has a copy of.


Usually found in some of the tougher dungeons, bosses are powerful enemies that usually serve as the final battle of any particular dungeon or floor.


Invented by Valkyr, Speedrunning is a popular sport in which multiple parties aim to clear the same dungeon as fast as possible.


All the valuable items, treasure, equipment, and general shiny things that can be found within the dungeon. This is the stuff you're here for. The Sauce.

Tiers of Difficulty

Random Encounter

These are the most common. A handful of rooms, weak enemies, a lack of any bosses, and a minimal reward.


These are your standard dungeons. A maze of rooms reaching double digits, formiddable foes and a boss overseeing them, and a substantial reward for those brave enough to venture within.


Much like Quest Dungeons but will often contain multiple floors or stages, each one more challenging than the last. Your party better be prepared and capable before going into these.


For starters, you might want to bring another party. There are no rooms, only castles; There are no puzzles, only deathtraps; There are no minions, only bosses; And there are no survivors, only heroes. This is where legends are born.

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The Kingdom of Many Kingdoms

Master Jontaro

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.

I long to drone on for hours about my world to a willing victim. That being said you should totally ask about my world. >:)



All the art is made by me unless labled otherwise!

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Author's Notes

I did it, I made roguelike dungeon crawlers, video game logic, and the word "Speedrunning" canon. My power knows no bounds.

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10 Jun, 2022 19:27

So... I have only ever played one roguelike dungeon crawler (Moonlighter), but you seem to have indeed "hit the nail on the head" xD   That was a great article. Are the gate's design influenced in any way by Albion's dungeons?

12 Jun, 2022 10:08

Thank you! It's really funny you say that cause Moonlighter was actually the direct inspiration for these dungeons, and despite taking a LOT of inspiration from Albion I never made the connection between those dungeons and my own!

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.

I long to drone on for hours about my world to a willing victim. That being said you should totally ask about my world. >:)