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Welcome to Oniran

What will your story be, I wonder?

Welcome, traveler, to The Sleeping Squire! Say, I don't think I've seen you here before. Ah, so you're new to this whole adventuring thing? Fantastic! The Quest Board is to your left if you'd like to start now, or perhaps you'd like to stay and chat?
— Tavern

niran is a world utterly saturated with magic, color, and adventure. Life here is basically an RPG. Y'know, the kind where you crawl through dungeons while aggressively scooping up all the shiny loot you can find with your greedy little mitts; or maybe the kind where you live a simple life tending to your potato farm. There's also the kind where you collect monsters, probably a ranger thing.

Magic is Everything

Magic is a force that has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist until its end. It comes from the stars. As abundant as the air we breathe and as vital as blood. It's a force that anyone can at least feel and begin to control, but only those who train can harness and weave masterfully.

The World is Untamed

Make no mistake, this place has been around for a while. Despite that, the chances of it ever being fully explored and mapped is pretty slim. There will always be another dungeon, another shrine, another town, another forgotten ruin or altar or sacred ground. The remains of a once thriving city lost to time, waiting for just one more person to hear its story. A world that refuses to let itself be known completely, so there will always be just one more adventure.


Adventure is Commonplace

If you really wanted to, you could just pack your bags and venture out on your own quest, or you could head down to the closest tavern and pick up a job that has you hunting wild beasts that can and probably will hurt you, or you could simply do none of that and live your ideal cottagecore life with your cottagecore wife without any worrying about the afterlife.

Love, Community, and Friendship

Oniran consists of 3 ancestries: Elves, Valkyr, and Knights. Their origins are intertwined with the dragons that once called this world home. Elves were here since the beginning, but the only ones to live amongst them as family. Valkyr came to be when the last Elder Dragon, Goldrakun, was laid to rest where only a dragon's magic could give life to the rock and runestone within the mountain. Just out of reach to know them, but close enough to know they mattered. To Knights, dragons are the stuff of legend. Stories shared by elves and values shared by valkyr. A memory that isn't their own. For a people with no knowledge of where they came from, it's infinitely better than nothing.

Elves are the half-dragon half-fae keeping the memory of dragons alive. Wild, chaotic, and full of love to share with the world, they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Valkyr are stalwart survivors born from rock and runestone. They're proud, loyal, and have relied on their communities to thrive in a land not meant for life. It takes a village to raise a child and a valkyr to know they'll never be left behind.
Work in Progress
Have some art instead

Knights are the youngest and arguably the most diverse of the ancestries. Their passions are what drive them, and their friendships are what give them life.

"I won't lie to you, my friend, the world can be a scary place. But it doesn't have to be. Just follow the path and you'll end up right where you need to. Not a path on any map, mind you. The one in your heart."
— Tavern
Autumn Stroll
by Myself

The Sauce

This world is just a big melting pot of all my favorite fantasy tropes taken to whatever extreme satisfies me the most.

Everything is vibrant and colorful, video game logic is given explanations, and almost every piece of media I consume will unapologetically find its way into the lore somehow. In this house there is no such thing as cliché.

And if there is then we ignore it.


My love of Storytelling
  The Power of Friendship
(I wanted to see if I could pull it off)

  The relationships you make by choice
  There is color even in the darkest places
  Aesthetic and vibes are our top priority
  Making video game logic canon   Dragons

In case you thought I was being metaphorical about the world revolving around stories. I literally made flavor text canon.

And for the video game logic, heres lore for roguelike dungeon crawlers and the concept of a +1 weapon.


Master Jontaro

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.




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11 Jun, 2023 09:55

I've been reading your world for a while, and this intro hits the nail on the head. It really reflects the vibes I've picked on from your articles, while also giving me a sneak peek into some new stuff / the behind-the-scenes.

19 Jun, 2023 22:05

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

While I would love to go on an adventure, writing them is enough for me.