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Metra Wave (Meh-tra)

The weight of the universe brought to bear...   The ultimate technique of the School of Rait'chian, the unstoppable, almighty Metra Wave inspires hope in the hearts of allies and dread in the hearts of enemies. More than simply a combat technique or stance, executing a Metra Wave signals the entry of a warrior into the coveted rank of Metraverse. Any Thangien can wield a sword, but only a rare few have ever achieved this technique in recent history. Thangiens believe harnessing such immense power brings them closer to the divine. Most famously, Aleksander Vanstandtvoort, a human pilot from Earth, unleashed a Metra Wave upon his fiendish opponent in the middle of a Trael de Vaor, crushing the Nazi pilot with all of his passion and fury.


A Metra Wave generally takes the form of a stream of bluish-white light with hues of purple, crimson, or gold depending on the individual. It can move like a rolling wheel or strike the ground like a whip. The practitioner can even direct its motion with a flick of the sword, causing it to coil around a target like a living being, or an extension of their wills. The Metra Wave that destroyed Sur Daggur and his flagship the Roaring Mountain cut through the strongest Thunthen alloy like a hot knife through butter.  
Metraind by Mardrena
Pencil sketch (I have tried to draw this in Infinite Painter three times already and the fill tool keeps making my tablet have a hissy fit so this will do for now....)

Side/Secondary Effects

The stress generated by a Metra Wave demands a Metraind use the strongest weapon possible, usually dererium. While the Morind de Witheren wield similar powers, they offset the stress through use of magically-augmented Armors and weapons. For a Metraind, they are drawing power directly from space-or as they call-the Fabric of Being. Ander's Gold Wing, Azuro's Cloudrazor, and Aurorakhan's bouphoran are examples of battle-worthy weapons capable of channeling a Metra Wave without risk of shattering.


A Metra Wave is often heard before seen, sounding like a ignited gas stream before erupting into a spectacular cascade of light.  

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  The Far Star Traveller
"Stop it...STOP IT!!" Ander screamed through his teeth, fighting down spasms of pain from his ribs. Blood trickled through his fingers clamped over the bullet wound. Roland chuckled, unfazed by this sudden spurt of defiance. "I will not let you taint this world with your wickedness!" Ander staggered forward, swinging his blade erratically. Roland parried each strike lazily, laughing all the while stepping back slowly. Ander removed his hand from his wound and used both hands to slash. Roland's taunting laughter began to fade when he noticed Ander's strikes becoming more forceful instead of weakening, his strength growing instead of ebbing.   "There is no Churchill, there is no Hitler!" Ander screamed as he advanced. "There is no Roosevelt, there is no Hirohito!" Roland frowned when it seemed as if Ander intended to push him out of the arena entirely. Not that it mattered, he couldn't possibly maintain this assault with a bullet between the ribs, and Roland certainly had no intention of abiding by any established rules. "There is no Stalin, there is no Mussolini!" Ander's voice rose in pitch, sounding like an almost inhuman shriek. His eyes took on a disturbing gleam that unnerved even Roland. Yainae clamped her hands over her mouth, startled at the change in Ander.   "THERE IS NO WAAAAAARRR!!!" Ander gave an almighty howl and swung his sword up behind his back then slashed forward. Ander screamed...and it seemed as if the universe screamed with him. "HAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" he unleashed a scream like no other, and the crowd could only watch as light flickered around Ander's blade, wrapping around it and slamming down into Roland like a fist.   "Ahhh...AHH...AAAAAAHHH!" Roland could do nothing but scream as a tide of white hot light crushed him seemingly from all sides. He sounded indignant, as if death came as a surprise to him. His skin bubbled, burned, and popped and the surge showed no sign of abating. His hair curled from the heat and he had no time to feel the flesh peeling away from his bones or his eyeballs bursting in their sockets as the wave crushed him totally and utterly. Onlookers turned away from the explosion of light, only daring a glance when it seemed to finally abate.   Ander remained standing, panting heavily with his eyes closed. He gulped down air, somewhat surprised he could still do so. He opened his eyes and tottered forward slightly, catching his balance and surveying the ground before him. He gasped in horror upon seeing the wide, deep pit punched into the ground inches from his toes. "Herregud!!!" Ander exclaimed, briefly slipping into his native Swedish. "...What...What have I done!?" he stammered, staring wide-eyed at the hole.   "Y...Y...You just executed a Metra Wave...that is something I have not seen an Oldworlder achieve in over three-hundred years..." Ander staggered away from the pit and whirled around upon hearing the coarse voice. His eyes fell upon a lean woman who seemed rather tall, even for a Thangien. Dark red hair flowed down her back like a cascade of blood and unruly bangs poked out in all directions from the top of her head. She wore a burgundy leather vest over a neat white blouse tucked into a black belt with leather pants tucked into high black boots. In one hand she carried the shaft of a long halberd with a wicked, jagged blade.   Her eyes seemed the most unusual feature, and Ander blinked a few times to make sure his eyes didn't play tricks on him again. She regarded him lazily with black irises and flame-orange pupils. Her lips peeled back over her pearly-white teeth in a slight smirk. Ander glanced from side to side, noticing just then how the gathered citizens had all sunk to their knees, heads bowed reverently, even Yainae. Yainae flicked a fearful gaze up at Ander, who remained confused about everything.   "...Should...should I know you?" Ander asked warily.   " should," the woman spoke, her voice flowing from a curious triple-echo to a deep boom like the break of thunder. She cocked her head to one side, keeping her unusual gaze locked with Ander. Just then he remembered the stories told to him by Yainae, Norin, Torke, and Khanphe: the Four Queens whom Thangiens revered. He briefly remembered the outside view of Thananagreia, and how he'd nearly collided with the colossal stained-glass windows during his duel with Skybolt.   "...You...are...Witheren...Goddess of War!" Ander croaked, too stunned to prostrate himself as the others had.   "Righteous War! I do prefer to differentiate myself from my more bloodthirsty contemporaries!" the Maiden of Blood snapped. "Your heroism has piqued the interest of myself and others...You will come with me to Thananagreia," Witheren stated matter-of-factly and turned towards the exit to the dueling arena. Ander looked over his shoulder at the pit once more then back at Yainae, who remained too afraid to meet his gaze. "Aleksander..." Ander jolted upon hearing his full name spoken with that booming tone. "I...I...It is not wise to keep a god waiting," Witheren warned through clenched teeth and walked forward a few more steps. Ander gulped and nodded before striding towards Witheren, walking past her on the way to the exit.   As Ander passed ahead of her, Witheren flicked a glance over her shoulder at the gaping hole. She grinned toothily then flicked her hand through the air, sweeping her fingers and flattening her palm. The edges of the pit shifted, appearing smooth as if perfectly carved. Spikes of metal rose from the very bottom, and structures like a narrow walkway and two huge sliding plates appeared to cover the pit entirely. Satisfied with her new Pit of Spikes, the Maiden of Blood saw it was good and turned to leave at last.


The Fabric of Being by Mardrena
Made in Blender
  The concept of a Metra Wave and the associated skill level Metraverse has existed since the introduction of the discipline of Rait'chian, but the first instance of its use remains shrouded in history. For example Roth had shared the Art of the Sword with the citizens of Bainshaebo during the time of Deres, but history does not record the eccentric explorer as ever having deployed this technique. Following the law of Conservation of Mass/Energy, a Metra Wave does not simply appear out of thin air but is drawn from space, or the Fabric of Being.


Roth has displayed powers similar to the use of a Metra Wave, so Metraind view their powers as direct gifts of the goddesses. The identity or relevance of Metra remains a mystery, and the first instance of its use is ambiguous with some claiming Sky King Memner and his army were all Metraind but perished against the Totalitary and others believing early ascendants achieved brief success before succumbing to the madness of the Genesis Plague.
The bloodstained knife clattered against the pavement and Azuro moved his arms so the blade hung behind him, almost touching his back. “…So…what are you trying to do now? Are you scratching your back? You giving yourself a haircut?…Aaaare you trying to perform spinal surgery? I’m sorry, but you got me really confused here.” Azuro said nothing as he assumed the same stillness from earlier. He suddenly spun around on one heel and moved one foot back, bracing himself as he slashed through the air. Black Hawk wrinkled her nose, confused.   Ryo heard a sound like gas filtering out of a pipe and fire sputtering to life. The sound went from a whisper to a crackle, and sparks of bright bluish light flew out of the space where Azuro had slashed. Puffs of flame erupted from thin air and curled upwards. Black Hawk honestly wondered whether something spectacular had fizzled in an equally spectacular fashion. Fire unlike anything Ryo had ever seen began spewing from the air like water from a cracked dam.   Azuro flicked the blade of his sword and seemed to catch the flames with the tip and nudge them higher. He spaced his feet apart and steadied himself, all the while lashing upwards with his sword. The fire billowed and boiled a few moments before surging up towards Black Hawk. The flames produced a high pitched hum rather than a crackling roar. Something nagging in the back of her mind convinced her it wasn’t just a light show and she flapped her wings to ascend out of the way. Azuro slashed again, and the flame wave shifted in her direction.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 11
“GUELVAAAT!!” Azuro shrieked and made the first slashing stroke of a Metra Tempest. No force wake slammed into Rothenn, however.   “Metraverse won’t aid you here, Azuro. This is my world, and I make the rules. We’ve always been taught to draw upon the universe’s power, to ask of it politely, but why ask, when we can command!” Cracks spread around Azuro and carved a circle in the rock.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 11
Related Organizations
Material Components
A Metra Wave does not necessarily require a bladed weapon or dererium sword to summon, but usage of any other instrument such as a PVC pipe or wooden weapon will result in the implement disintegrating nearly immediately after the Metra Wave concludes.
Gestures & Ritual
The physical techniques of Rait'chian can be taught, but simply sweeping a sword a specific way is not enough. The actual slash appears relatively easy, but the invocation itself requires a connection forged with the Fabric of Being/Vault of Stars/Stellar Stage through experiencing a single moment of crisis, such as a near-death experience or defense of a loved one.  


  Ander: After being shot during a duel with Roland Ekrich   Azuro: While on a phergon-harvesting mission on Planet Khilio   Geiro: While pursuing a group of marauding Natives hunting Freelanders.   Aurora: Defending her sister Australa from the Menagerie
Related Discipline
Related School
Art of the Sword
Related Element
Effect Duration
Brief/short term
Effect Casting Time
Instantaneous/a few seconds
Applied Restriction
Usage of a Metra Wave seems tied with the physical condition of the summoner. For example Ander was able to conjure one at the brink of death in his duel against Roland Ekrich-the first time he ever did so- but he could not summon another against Mal Daggur in the Battle of Banguk. To date, only Ander's son Azuro seems capable of "spamming" Metraverse techniques. Whether this is due to Azuro being of more Thangien blood than his father or having a more direct connection with Roth is a subject of debate.   Cannot be used in an unconscious state such as in the Astral Plane or Deadsleep.
“OH NO YOU DON’T!” Black Hawk dove down, trying to out-maneuver the wave. Azuro swung down and the wave twisted and coiled, trying to wrap around her. She screeched in frustration and caught one last glance of a determined Azuro and an impressed Shainie before the light enveloped her and started to shrink. Azuro swung the pipe behind his back, dismissing the Metra Wave, but saw no trace of the Demon Warrior: living or otherwise.   “Oh wow…you were able to do that with just a length of PVC?” Shainie asked, awed.   “It matters not what weapon you wield, but how you wield it,” Azuro smirked and thunked the pipe against his shoulder. It promptly crumpled into dust in his hands and Azuro sighed. “I told Mia it would get stormy…”
— Foes From Another World Ch. 13
"Where do you think you're going? Huh?! Huh!?"Ander snarled as he shoved his way through the chaos at the gate. "No, no, no! You don't get to leave! YOU DON'T GET TO LEAVE!! HAAAAAAHHH!!" Ander wound up and slashed Gold Wing through the air, loosing a brilliant surge of hot white light streaked with blue that smote the ground like a whip, stretching all the way through the siege line from the gates to the Winding White. Fleeing Nobeyls recoiled in horror upon seeing half parked troopships smashed like toys and their escape route cut off by blue-white fire.   "Well done, Vai Stel Vethu!" Ander heard a warrior crow and felt a hearty clap on his shoulder. All around him warriors rushed forward, eager to cut down the stupefied dragonmen. With the gate secured and the immediate area cleared of enemy combatants, Ander remained where he stood, the entire battle catching up with him at that moment. He let Gold Wing hang at his side, his fury fully exhausted for now.
— The Far Star Traveller

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