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Age of Defiance

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Ryo in Inferno AnimArmor sub-armor with Raurgoth Inferno Incarnation behind him.

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    We’ve fought too hard for our happiness. We’ve suffered too much for our freedom. We won’t surrender our will or our lives without a fight! When evil bites us, we’ll bite back, with a vengeance! This isn’t an age of terror, an age of darkness, an age of despair… This is an age of heroes! This is an age of light! This is an age of defiance!!   Hard to believe it’s been that long since the cult hit 1990’s era anime Ronin Warriors first aired on US television. The first episode I saw was “Splitting the Stone”, and from that moment on I’ve been in love with this beautifully crafted series. At the time “internet” was somewhat of a burgeoning environment, and my knowledge of the series limited only to what I saw on San Antonio channel KABB 29 and their cartoon block hosted by Commander K.O. Day by day of faithfully watching episodes fleshed out my understanding of the series, and newfound access to the internet expanded my knowledge beyond the American dub to the highly detailed roots of the series original form, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. I’d introduced myself to a new medium: fan fiction. The specialization in “what if”, exploring endless ideas, possibilities, and concepts that continue long after the original series itself airs. There are countless what ifs, ranging from the well-written and outstanding to the whimsical and downright silly.   Age of Defiance is one of those what ifs. Set in the immediate time after the events of the OVA Message, a vast new chapter unfolds in the ficdom of Ronin Warriors. Original series characters return, and many new characters are introduced. The Ronin Warriors are a group of very unique people. Age of Defiance gives them a brilliant universe to inhabit, as well as protect from any threats, past or present.   Disclaimer: This is NOT a Ronin Warriors fan page! Information housed here pertains to people, places, and concepts specific to the Age of Defiance ficverse. This serves as a repository of information and exposition that would otherwise fly under the radar or fall through the cracks in the overall narrative.   Note: Information featured here pertains strictly to characters as they appear in Age of Defiance. For more detailed information concerning characters featured in the original anime series, visit Theria’s Yoroiden Temple archives (Event Horizon) at or check out Samurai Heart Ronin Warriors Wiki.   Season 1 of Age of Defiance is now live on World Anvil!