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Roth, Queen of Triumph

Wrawthe (a.k.a. Patroness of the Turning of the Tide, the Gray Lady, Queen of the Gods)

The break of dawn...   Known in the early days as Wrawthe by the primitive men of the plains, this otherworldly being of great stature has been with the people from the founding of Bainshaebo to the present day. Taking pity upon the people, she used her incredible powers to protect them from harm and tutor them in defense. They witnessed her might and worshipped her as a god, and she did not see fit to correct or rebuke them. As much as the people have relied upon her for aid, she needs the people just as much. The people have mighty gods to revere, and the Queens have these roles to give their lives purpose. As firm and unyielding as she appears, she loves the people and will brook no harm to her charges. In order to ensure their future and strengthen their independence and strength of will, she has worked in secret to secure contact with new allies to aid and inspire the people. Mythology states that the Queens fled from a great danger. Roth has not forgotten that danger, and she knows it has not forgotten her.

Divine Domains

Thananagreia, the Citadel-Chapel, could be considered Roth's physical domain since she spends so much time there keeping vigil over the city and an eye to the sky for any potential threats. Her sphere of influence is the come-from-behind victory, perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds, staunch opposition to threats to ones person or family, defense of loved ones, defense of home, and defense of the people. Whether getting a high score on a test or making a narrow escape from a predator while freelanding, everyone gives thanks to Roth. She embodies "victory in all things"; good over evil, life over death, joy over sorrow.


In much historical artwork she is depicted as wielding a sword, but unlike the more iconic Bloodletter and Starforger, it is not known to have a name nor does she seem to carry it on her person at any time while conversing with another. She is recorded as having wielded it during First Contact and the City Strife's climax, but has not been seen wielding it as of late. It could either be that she simply conjures it when needed or that it is a metaphor for her own vast power.

Holy Books & Codes

Not often spoke of or widely distributed, there are copies of a tome called the Geodolpha in the Archives of Raaezen containing the compiled memoirs of the gods, their true nature, the terror from which they fled, and their chosen roles and spheres of influence. Each of the Queens has a specific law associated with them. Roth's Edict bars the wide-spread industrialized exploitation of the planet, promotes non-invasive collection of critical resources, and prohibits wanton desecration of the wilds. She promoted the philosophy of Enturate: Tolerate No Slight.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Roth's insignia is the sun overlaid with a crescent moon on the bottom and a sword at the center, defining her domain over the world and preservation of balance. She is the gray.

Tenets of Faith

As condition of her patronage, Roth requires her charges be righteous and self-sufficient. Indolence, hedonism, sloth, and envy are not tolerated. She practices a sort of divine "tough love" where the people must drive their own fates while giving homage to her as the Queen of the Gods, and at the same time if a dire need arises, she will intervene.  
The Path, the Peril, and the Proving
None of the Queens will intervene if simply asked, even with the most fervent prayers. An individual must strive, fight, and persevere, and if all options have exhausted themselves, only then may the Queens respond.


The Thangien calendar vastly differs from the Oldworld due to the Twin Suns, but Roth's Hour is defined as the dawn when the suns fully rise above the horizon.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Roth has learned much over the millennia about being a god. She allows the people to live their lives provided they abide by her Edict. The Watch-Rider and Council of Houses run the day to day operation of the city. Roth keeps her eyes to the Vault of Stars, knowing far greater threats than the Thunthen lurk out there.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Roth appears to the average human as being unnaturally tall, ranging from six feet to seven depending on who she's addressing. Her figure looks plain enough, but she can one moment stand at eye level with Rowen-the tallest of the Ronin at 5' 10"-and the next stand at eye level with Bak Thraplek, a Nobeyl standing at 7'+.

Body Features

Her build and facial features appear quite narrow with her attire giving her shoulders a broad appearance.

Facial Features

She maintains a neutral expression most of the time, seldom ever smiling or frowning. Even when angry she maintains her composure. Her unusual reverse-color eyes inspired the narrow triangular style featured so prominently in Thangien artwork.

Identifying Characteristics

Long silver hair reaches below her waist and high pearl-white crests adorn her shoulders.

Physical quirks

Roth had resting bitch-face before resting bitch-face existed as a term.

Special abilities

  • Unfathomable Psychokinesis
    Even the Thunthen acknowledge her might as a god. She is quite literally able to move mountains, having discreetly transported white stone from the Eastern Jungle all the way to Bainshaebo when constructing Thananagreia. She can inflict physical harm with a gesture or channel the Fabric of Being to crush an opponent with the weight of the universe, as witnessed with her smiting of Bautan.
  • Unlimited-range Telepathy
    Roth cheats somewhat using the reactivated Transgalactic Gate to keep an eye on goings on in Earth including activity from the Dynasty and crises the Ronin deal with. She can project her consciousness into dreams as with Azuro when facing Rothenn and after defeating him, as well as seeking out Cye's consciousness after his brush with death against the Black Unicorn.
  • Faster-Than-Light Travel
    Even though the Queens required Pauraluxth to transport them to Thanged from their original home, they are capable of transporting themselves between two points in space provided they have a visual reference or have visited a location before. When departing Thananagreia, the Queens went out of their way to buzz Myr Chedryn's flagship before doubling back through the Gate.
Roth's Window (color) by Mardrena
Made with Adobe Illustrator (VERY OLD)
  • Perception Manipulation
    She can change her appearance at will such as disguising herself as Aurora or appear to change height. She can appear as young or old as she chooses. Her true form remains unknown.
  • Voice Modulation
    The goddesses voices range from a soft triple-echo to a loud pressing boom, though mostly out of dramatic effect.
  • Energy Manipulation
    Roth is able to harness the Fabric of Being, channeling energy both offensively, defensively, and reapplying it to whatever purpose she chooses. When Dygra revoked the spell reanimating Anubis, causing him to decay, Roth reinvigorated his body. This appears to be permanent though Roth has implied she can rescind her power if she chooses.
  • Divine Charisma
    Roth has no power to actually manipulate the flow of fate, but as witnessed with Danaetanera III and Chi Chi Lina, Ander, just the act of her telling someone they will accomplish great feats spurs them to fulfill this destiny. Even when she pronounces her Dooms, the recipients resign themselves to their fates but make sure to go down swinging.
  • Incredible Foresight
    Roth has promoted the End Tide prophecy for her own reasons, but she did not devise it herself. After reestablishing contact with the Oldworld, she became aware of the Prophecy Wall created by a far stronger Power. Armed with this knowledge, she is able to anticipate upcoming events and plan accordingly.

Spoiler Warning: Upcoming Content!

  Spacequake Ch. 11
Kento fidgeted and waited for Roth to finish speaking with Danae. Danae nodded and walked away to join Dais off to the side and Roth turned and began walking towards the entrance. Kento walked after her swiftly. "Hey! Wait up a minute!" he called after her. Roth made no motion to stop or slow her pace. "Hey! Lady! Yo, your 'majesty'!" Kento mocked. Roth stopped and clicked her heels together, pivoting in a fluid motion to face him, folding her arms over her chest.   "W...Wh...What?" she demanded sternly as he stopped just infront of her.   "Look, cheese it with the godspeak, okay?" Roth raised an eyebrow, baffled that he felt comfortable enough to speak so frankly. She remained quiet, allowing him to speak his piece. "Listen, you did something back there."   "A...An...And what would that be?" she asked calmly. Kento growled through his teeth and clenched his fists in exasperation, lashing his arms to the sides.   "What-you-f--ghk-you know what I mean! You're the all-seeing 'god', aren't you!?"   "HUMOR ME," Roth boomed, keeping her tone level.   "Listen, you took me apart and put me back together in the blink of an eye," Kento stated and stabbed a finger at her.   "A...An...And?" Roth replied calmly, her voice chiming.   "YOU CAN PUT ME BACK THE WAY I WAS!!" Kento screamed far louder than he intended, not caring about the startled looks he drew from those still inside the chapel. Roth regarded him calmly, her expression unchanging. Kento's brow furrowed and he frowned in dismay, bewildered at her apathy. Roth inhaled deeply, much the same way as she'd addressed Ryo earlier.   "N...No...Now why would I be inclined to do something like that?" she replied stiffly. Kento flinched, her words hitting him like a punch to the gut. He clenched his fists close to his chest, his eyes full of despair.   "Look: I've been the dutiful soldier! You're the first real chance I've had of getting rid of this thing! Please, I'm begging you! I've put up with it long enough!"   "I realize your frustration, Kento of Hardrock, but what you ask is something I cannot do," Roth replied, her expression still neutral.   "Can't or WON'T!?" Kento demanded, gritting his teeth.   "WON'T," Roth boomed firmly, scowling in warning. "Understand this: we cannot intervene at every turn or else it would jeopardize the tenuous balance we have maintained. Would that I could have stopped the Burning of Banguk, would that I could have saved every soul, would that I could have intervened and spared Ander his gruesome fate, and yet I could not, for there are Powers far greater than I. I am not so callous that I do not remember every life lost in my name. As much as you believe you have suffered, it is beneath my concern and beyond my domain. By mortal machinations was this affliction bestowed, by mortal means must it be revoked. That is your Path, your Peril, your Proving," Roth explained sternly.   Kento stared at her in cold shock. All of a sudden it made sense to him, as if he had caught a brief glimpse of her mind. She needed her sympathetic champion, her "tragic hero". He didn't realize it at first, but his lip curled in a snarl and his brow contorted in fury. Roth moved to turn and walk away, and he bared his teeth, his pupils flickering white. A soft growl rose in his throat. Roth paused abruptly and turned to face him, her movements unnaturally fluid. She locked gazes with Kento, tilting her chin towards her chest.   "I...I...I know your heart, Kento of Hardrock. You would fight me, and I would strike you where you stand!" Roth purred in warning. Kento stood there fists clenched, barely keeping his anger from boiling over. "T...Th...Think carefully of what you wish for: what you deem to be a bane to yourself may prove a boon to those you hold dear," and with that, Roth turned and continued on her way towards the door. Kento stood there, quaking head to toe with rage.   "...sure thing...your majesty..."

Apparel & Accessories

Roth wears a blue combat uniform with yellow gauntlets reaching up to the elbow and knee-high yellow boots. A skirt of padded decorative armor wraps around her waist and her distinctive shoulder crests jut past her brows. Her armor looks similar to Danae's only instead of an emblem on her chest, she wears a long grey sash from her left shoulder to her right hip.

Specialized Equipment

She is historically known to have carried a broadsword with a double-winged crossguard and forked pommel, but when she dealt with Bautan she did not have it on her person. Either she did not feel him worth the effort or thought using her power directly would make more of a statement than simply cutting him in two.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Goddess of Victory

(See Thangien history and The Four Queens)  
Events of Aftermath
Roth makes her first appearance-albeit in the background-observing Eyurodin's efforts to repair the Soul Swords of Fervor. Cye scoffs at Danae's reverence for her, irritating Roth somewhat. She uses her power to save Anubis' life, binding fresh life force to his body.  
Events of Foes From Another World
Roth takes advantage of Cye's injury during a battle to show him a vision of a possible future where Earth has fallen to the Totalitary and all of his friends are dead. She disguises herself as Suzunagi to play off of Cye's Heart of Trust. She encourages Azuro in his fight against the crazed Rothenn on the astral plane and comforts him when he is wracked with guilt afterward. Along with the other Queens, she observes Azuro's retaliatory strike against Talpa's fortress. She taunts Bautan when he attempts to destroy the Transgalactic Gate with a Nether Bomb, alerting him to her true nature as a superbeing. After the biological attack on Bainshaebo, she convinces Witheren to abstain from smiting Mal Daggur directly since she senses Bak Thraplek and his crew travelling to Earth. Jonathan Proud Wolf inadvertently stumbles across the Queens in Arizona when they accompany Roth to investigate the Prophecy Wall with Roth delivering a stern warning to him.  
Events of Fight Alone
Roth and the other Queens abstain from intervening as much in order to further gauge the character of the Ronin Warriors. When Cye takes it upon himself to stop the Black Unicorn, Roth disguised as Aurora intervenes to keep him from manifesting the Panthalassa Wave. She forces him to shed Armor when a fragment of the Black Unicorn's horn strikes his arm, preventing him from disintegrating as Geiro had. Cye catches a glimpse of her true form but has yet to put two and two together. Suzunagi attempts to warn Cye about "the Gray Lady" but is forced to retreat when Roth seeks out Cye's consciousness.  
Events of Cataclysm War
She does not overtly intervene during the fight against the Menagerie even when the Northern Garrison is routed and Ki Ki Crol, Rona slain. Caroline Wendell implies she knows Roth personally and drops several hints to Dais which don't quite sink in. Roth appears to Jonathan Proud Wolf in person at the Blood Dawn and indicates she will act in due time. She shoos Mardrena Lockehart's spirit back to the Afterworld when the ancient Lady Ronin attempts to warn her successor about the truth behind the Four Queens.  
Events of Spacequake
Not at all surprised at Phitdaitiarona's outburst, she and the other Queens observe as the Ronin stage a desperate defense using the Armor of Gea. Despite many close calls involving not just the Ronin but their allies evacuating to the Nether Realm, the heroes manage to pull out a victory. When they are fully reunited and memories restored, she and the other Queens travel to Earth to present themselves in all their glory. Cye finally puts the pieces together and calls out Roth on her duplicity and in response Roth demonstrates a teaspoon of her power, inducing a heart-attack in Kento. Bautan attempts to challenge her in a duel only for her to thoroughly and utterly crush him. She and the other Queens depart in relative peace with a firm warning that their fight has only just begun.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Arranged for the founding of Bainshaebo.
  • Led the other Queens confronting the Natives.
  • Rallied the Faithful during the City Strife.
  • Installed Danaetanera III as the first ruling Watch-Rider.
  • Constructed Thananagreia and the Rider's Citadel single-handedly.
  • Steered Danae and Paigasurin towards Earth, ensuring they came in contact with the Ronin Warriors.
  • Saved Anubis' life at the Battle of the Citadel.
  • Observed Yulie's Trael de Vaor with Prince Torehj.
  • Aided Azuro with putting down Rothenn.
  • Saved Rowen from being possessed.
  • Helped Cye destroy the Black Unicorn and saved his life
  • Destroyed Bautan.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Did not reign in Ritho before the Smiting.
  • Refused to budge when Yapign made his demands, resulting in the City Strife spiraling out of control.
  • Could not secure a lasting alliance with the Thunthen.
  • Could not intervene against the Totalitary.
  • Did not stop the Burning of Banguk or Ander's death.

Mental Trauma

The Totalitary is not the only threat weighing on her mind. The terror she and her fellow goddesses fled remains at large.

Intellectual Characteristics

As powerful as she is, she is not all-knowing or all-seeing. Suzunagi is able to drop in on Cye from time to time to convey messages without alerting Roth. History has proven the existence of "God-Spiters", individuals seemingly able to thwart fate itself and subvert her will such as Yapign, Sening, and Myr Chedryn. Technology and innovation is the domain of Eyurodin, but she has a deep grasp of complex martial disciplines, passing her knowledge to the Thangien people in the form of Rait'chian.

Morality & Philosophy

Roth tends to leave enforcement of laws to Witheren and Ritho but has a fairly gray outlook on things. Despite Phitdaitiarona's self-proclaimed intentions as the Goddess of Wickedness, Roth pities her. As much as Myr Chedryn taunts her, she does not smite him knowing he walks his own self-destructive path. However her actions are perceived, she works in the best interest of the Thangien people. When realizing the true extent and intentions of the Totalitary, she strives to orchestrate a powerful coalition that can put a decisive end to the fallen Guardians without blessings or boons from gods.


Anyone attempting to directly challenge her is asking for it as witnessed with Cye and Bautan. She is normally cool under pressure and maintains a stoic demeanor but is not beyond displaying her power to remind non-believers that she is still a god.

Personality Characteristics


Unable to ever return to the home they fled, the Queens have resigned themselves to living on Thanged, serving as gods to the people. The protection of the planet and its people remains their top priority. In order to prepare for the future, Roth has set events into morning to ensure the people have strong allies for Entide and the time after.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Roth has a dry wit but takes her role as Queen of the Gods seriously, almost too seriously.

Likes & Dislikes

She loves the Thangien people and their allies and despises evil in any form.

Virtues & Personality perks

She can be both compassionate and cruel but tough love is the name of her game. Victory in all things is her domain, so anything from a skinned knee to a practice duel is viewed as a challenge worthy of praising her name once overcome.

Vices & Personality flaws

Roth holds her position as chiefest of gods through sheer strength of character, believing herself the ultimate ultimate, the absolute absolute. She has honed her power over many eons and believes herself ready to handle any challenge, but as witnessed with the Totalitary, there may be Powers out there far greater than she.

Personality Quirks

Roth speaks in a serious manner nearly 24/7 but occasionally can be thrown off guard by a casual interjection.  

Spoiler Warning: Upcoming Content!

  Spacequake Ch. 11
"If these beings are in the same class as you, w-what can we possibly do against them?" Rowen argued and clapped a hand against his chest. Roth tilted her head up slightly and calmly folded her arms over her chest, resting her palms against her upper arms. She curled her right hand and flicked her wrist, slapping the air. All of a sudden it seemed as if Kento exploded into a cloud of particles. The others stared at where he'd been aghast. He'd been there one moment. Now he wasn't. It seemed as if a cloud of particles scattered throughout the air. Before anyone could voice protest or objection, Roth clenched her fist and the particles surged back together, reforming back into Kento.   "....what just happened?" Kento asked, bewildered and looked down at himself, turning about in place and gazing up and down his shoulders and back.   "Unlike the Males on Geodo, I have achieved a state of Perfect Focus. I know the precise location and position of every molecule, every atom of an object or entity at any point in time. Were I to stray but a little, my powers would deteriorate, as you've observed with Phitdaitiarona." All the while Kento examined himself dumbly, scratching his head and frowning. "The Males obsess themselves with subjugation and destruction, degrading their power. The four of us have had over ten thousand years which with to hone our powers. That is why we-"   "You forgot to put the food back," Kento interjected all of a sudden and raised a finger. Roth flicked a glance at him and furrowed her brow, looking puzzled.   "....what?" she looked genuinely at a loss for words.   "I had food in my tummy. It was digesting. You forgot to put it back," Kento chirped. Roth stared at him for several moments, frowning. She flicked a glance at Witheren, who stared back briefly before shrugging her shoulders, her face contorting in an awkward grimace. Roth glanced back at Kento and waved her hand through the air slightly. Kento glanced down at his stomach and gave it a pat before flashing her a thumbs up.   "Thanks!" Roth regarded him with a perplexed look, blinking slowly. Ryo had a feeling Roth had never been quite so stumped before.


Cleanliness is quite literally godliness for her. She has worn her outfit for over eight-thousand years and it looks absolutely impeccable.



Roth has served in her position for over eight-thousand years with no sign of age or strain. She is fully willing and clearly able to continue serving for many more millennia.

Contacts & Relations

Roth's Window Concept by Mardrena
Pencil drawing
Witheren, Maiden of Blood
Close. Roth does not lord her position over the other Queens and gives them free reign to act accordingly as they see fit. She prefers to observe at a distance while Witheren is perfectly comfortable wading into the thick of battle. Witheren is slightly taller and perhaps even older but respects Roth's measured thinking.  
Eyurodin, Lady of Flames
Close. Oddly enough, the other Queens have executed more smitings than Roth, and Eyurodin has quite the high count under her belt. Even though she spends most of her time in Peirolyth, she will entertain Roth on occasion and exchange witty conversation.  
King Torke
Close. Keeps in regular contact with her and visits Thananagreia often. He is aware and accepting of the Doom laid upon him and knows the truth of the Queens but out of respect for Roth, keeps this knowledge hidden from their allies for the time being.  
Bak Thraplek
Sympathetic. Roth had not gotten to meet him during his adventures alongside Ander or before his departure, but she knows of his heritage as a Dasphati and blood lineage. She meets him face to face and in a rare display of emotion comforts him.  
The House of St'lur
Close. Roth has used her considerable influence to keep watch over the descendants of her champion of old, ensuring Ander made it safely to Bainshaebo in order to meet Yainae and facilitate the revival of the ancient lineage. She both considers herself and is viewed as the patroness of the estate, having aided all of their members at one point or another.
The Ronin Warriors
Wary. Ryo's attempt to rescue Rowen alerted her to the existence of their powers. After arranging for Danae's landing, she observed them at a distance for a considerable period of time. She regretted using her power to manipulate Cye, but upon examining the Prophecy Wall, knows they all have a role to play in a far greater stage than they realize. The Ronin have known of Thangien beliefs since meeting Danae, but had not fully comprehended Roth's power until meeting her in person. Roth had no qualms exercising her power to make a point.  
Adversarial. The Empress of Night holds herself the Queens arch-nemesis, but her nature as a goddess makes Roth reluctant to outright attack her. They have a tenuous rivalry contesting the hearts of the people. Roth secretly hopes one day Phitdaitiarona can be redeemed and join their pantheon.  
Spoiler Warning: Upcoming Content!
  Spacequake Ch. 10
"Whoa, wait, hold on a sec: when you say 'The One', what, are you talking about-God?" Ryo asked and raised an eyebrow, perplexed. The alien shrugged its ridged shoulders.   "He goes by many names. Even we are aware of Him. As advanced as we are, there are events even we cannot fully explain. It is natural to ascribe things beyond comprehension to the actions of a 'higher power'. Take the Traghdoash, for example: We actually got to swing by and take a look around the system before the Thunthen got there and pieced together what happened. Nexxus' device should have worked as intended. His project should have succeeded. All of his calculations check out, and short of directly replicating his experiment ourselves, his theories proved sound.   "Near as we can tell, what happened that day can only be considered 'an act of God'. It's rather much as he scorned "lesser beings", he and his people were themselves but a Younger Race," the alien made a face and grimaced, scratching the back of its head. Ryo noticed it seemed to have adopted some of Cye's mannerisms as it used his voice. "Perhaps it was punishment for his arrogance. He even turned his nose up at superbeings. At least the Geods know better than to meddle...well at least not too much..." Ryo blinked upon hearing "gi-odd".   "The who?" Ryo asked and raised an eyebrow, wondering if this was some other potential threat they might have to face in the future. The alien shrugged again nonchalantly.   "The Geods," he replied. Ryo furrowed his brow, puzzled. The alien raised an eyebrow under the ridge of chitin covering Cye's forehead. "On Thanged? Wrawthe, Wuerhen, Oorotin, and Rihyo?" Ryo's eyes widened in dawning realization. "You've met them before, I can tell from Cye's memories...granted they're not exactly pleasant ones...Especially that rogue. Phitdaitiarona? Now that I think about it, I bet that spacequake of hers is what knocked me off course to begin with. She's got a bit of a galaxy-sized chip on her shoulder, that one does..." The alien scratched the back of its head again and averted its gaze. It glanced back at Ryo and saw the look of absolute shock on his face.   "...You....didn't...know...? ...You didn't know!" It exclaimed, raising both eyebrows in genuine surprise. "Oooff, this makes things rather awkward..." the alien winced sympathetically as Ryo stood there staring at it, stunned silent. ", I'm certain if they had anything untoward planned, you would've found out by now!" The alien offered feebly and raised its chitin-covered hands and waved at Ryo slightly. It contorted Cye's face in an awkward grimace and ran its tongue over its lips. " best to explain this..." It wiggled the tips of its claws near Cye's chin and frowned. "The manipulation of fire, or water-pyro and hydrokinesis-, would be easy to label magic. So what do you call a being capable of manipulating matter on its basest level? A being that is able to pick apart atoms and reassemble them on a whim? Why, you would call them a god...would you not?” the alien explained softly, furrowing Cye's brows.

Family Ties

Ritho, the Morning Mother
Daughter. Not a widely-known fact outside of Bainshaebo itself, appearing originally as a little girl before changing her form into that of a young woman upon arriving on Thanged. Far from punishing Ritho for her smiting, she has allowed the repercussions to serve as a lasting reminder of her actions and caution to practice restraint.

Religious Views

Roth is aware of the One Above All. She knows the truth behind the Totalitary. Just as the Guardians were intended to step back to let the others rise, she believes she and the other Queens are subtly being prepared to take the place of the fallen Guardians whether they like it or not.

Social Aptitude

Even though she dialed back her public appearances over the ages, she is not altogether reclusive and will appear or intervene as needed or as it suits her. Her very presence exudes strength with the people describing the pronunciation of her name as "the sound of power". She is sure in her position as a god but keeps her power in check to such a degree to date the full extent of her might remains unknown.


Roth has a very uncanny-valley air to her, her movements appear unnaturally slow and smooth. Depending on the way light hits her face, her eyes sometimes resemble the narrow triangles Thangiens use in artwork. She maintains a very stiff posture, keeping her back straight and shoulders squared. She will use her "godspeak" when it suits her in order to intimidate non-believers or inspire faithful.

Hobbies & Pets

Xiar the God-Hound served as a guard to Thananagreia for a time until retiring from public view. What his true whereabouts are, only Roth knows. Even though it seems as if she rarely leaves Thananagreia, she has her attention abroad at all times.


The Original Animated Series Message gets alot of flak even among hard-core fans due to the low production budget. There are parts in the dub where even Matt Hill(Ryo) sounds like he's phoning it in. Ellen Kennedy, who did the voice for Suzunagi, took her role very seriously, lending a poignant gravitas to the tragic character. I could totally envision her voicing Roth with a little voice modulation for added effect. She'd definitely have the chops to portray a god.

Wealth & Financial state

Roth has no need for material wealth but values the continued adoration of the people. As long as the people need and want her, she is willing to maintain her role.
Far away in Bainshaebo, atop the uttermost eave of Thananagreia, a tall figure stood with her back facing the setting sun and her arms folded over her chest. The fading light of the second sun gave her silver hair a curious range of hues. So…he is the first to Ignite…In…In…Interesting… Steel-gray eyes narrowed and lips spread in a pleased smile.
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 2
Ryo turned around slowly, trying to adjust to the immense space. His gaze settled upon the first of the four windows and he took a few steps towards it.   This marked the first time he’d ever seen visual representations of the Thangiens’ goddesses. Strange crescent-shaped lettering which he read loosely as “Wrawthe” ran across the top of the window. At the center stood the imposing figure of a woman clad in a combat uniform eerily similar to Danae’s with high pearl-white shoulder crests and a thick gray sash crossing the chest from the left shoulder to the right hip. Silver hair draped down her back and her bangs hung close to her brow. In her right hand she held a raised sword with a double-winged cross-guard and a forked pommel. Over her head hung an emblem of a sun overlapped by a crescent moon, and a sword in the middle. At her feet rose the dawn over a battlefield with sinister-looking forces cowering on the right near a desiccated tree and brilliantly-armored warriors defending a bountiful tree on the left. This had to be Roth, the “Queen of Triumph”.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 20
Divine Classification
Cosmic superbeing
Current Status
Keeping vigil over Thanged
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Classified as the strongest of the Four Queens, she is promoted widely as the Queen of the Gods.
Current Residence
Steel gray
Long and silver
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale light flesh
Variable (She always appears taller than you)
Quotes & Catchphrases
“I am Good over Evil. I am Life over Death. I am the Turning of the Tide…and to me…you are NOTHING!”
"There are powers not meant to be seen in this waking world." (Disguised as Aurora)
“W...Wh...Who are you to so boldly challenge me? Hmm? You are no one! And are nothing.” (when smiting Bautan)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations
"You know…that local boy’s been watching us for the past few minutes,” the gray-haired woman leaned down and whispered to the silver-haired woman, who hummed and nodded.   “Yes. He thinks himself well hidden in the shadows. He wonders who we are, how we got here, what we speak of.” Jonathan blinked in surprise. “Even now he asks himself whether or not we are speaking about him.” Jonathan started scooting towards the entrance. The silver-haired woman turned and stared directly into his eyes with eyes with black irises and steel-gray pupils.   Jonathan Proud Wolf tore out of the shaft running faster than he’d ever run before in his life. His boots sent dirt and gravel flying. You will tell no one that you have seen us. If you do, I will know, and you will be punished! The voice boomed in his mind, and he kept running.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 30
Ryo stared at the new arrivals, eyes wide in shock. He ran his tongue over his lips, his mouth hung open, as if words themselves felt too terrified to leave his throat. Now he knew why Thangiens prayed so fervently, and why they always used triangles for eyes in their artwork. His jaw quivered as he struggled to speak, and only the tiniest croak came from the back of his throat at first.   “R...R...R-R-Roth…” he finally managed to stammer.   “G...G...Greetings, Ronin Warriors,” an even voice intoned, words tinged with a curious triple-echo. “We...We...We have watched you all for quite some time. It is good we are finally able to meet. IN THE FLESH.” The voice rumbled like the crack of thunder, shaking Ryo to the marrow. Eyelids rolled open beneath silver bangs and black irises and steel-gray pupils fixed Ryo in their gaze.
— Spacequake Ch. 4

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