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Phitdaitiarona, Empress of Night (fit-day-EYE-tia-ROW-nah)

(a.k.a. Wicked Black Wound, Goddess of Wickedness, Queen of the Rogue's Moon)

Thanged's Green-Eyed Monster...   Seemingly as old as time itself, this embodiment of malice revels in the promotion of ambition, lust, greed, cruelty, and discord: everything the goddesses of Bainshaebo oppose. Arriving much later after the Four Queens, the self-styled Goddess of Wickedness harbors deep animosity towards Roth and the other Queens, at once claiming they deny her just recognition as a goddess while spurning any offers to join their pantheon. The corruption of souls, the indulgence of sin, the constant undermining of everything the Queens stand for, the Empress of Night delights in sowing the seeds of disruption in the idyllic civilization Roth has so carefully cultivated. She craves adoration, yet undermines her own desires with her self-destructive nature. Having jealously observed from the sidelines thus far, she chose to make her grand debut unleashing the spacequake that nearly destroyed the Oldworld. She is perhaps the single most powerful enemy the Ronin Warriors had never heard about before.

Divine Domains

To spite the Queens' efforts in constructing Bainshaebo, Phitdaitiarona plucked loose a small planetoid from the Vault of Stars and tacked it onto Thanged's dark side. No matter which way the light of the Twin Suns falls, she makes sure it evades all of it. Its position can only be divined from the void it creates in the night sky. Not even risidual light from the Lunar Sisters touches it. It is referred to as Gaughran, the Rogue's Moon, and in mockery of Thananagreia, the Empress of Night has erected an exquisite palace on the cold surface. There she sits and broods, pondering each day what new scheme to set into motion.   Her spheres contradict the values espoused by the Four Queens: Ambition (Roth), lust (Ritho), greed (Eyurodin), cruelty (Witheren), and discord(all four). She is the murderous plot, the thrill of assault, the hunger for plunder, and the desire for ever more. She views herself as the direct antithesis of Roth as a god of absolute good.


There are no known weapons attributed to the Empress of Night. Aside from the crown of star ornaments she wears, she does not carry anything on her person of significant meaning.

Holy Books & Codes

Empress of Night (Thumbnail) by Mardrena
raw pencil sketch
Passages in the Geodolpha state that Phitdaitiarona arrived from the Vault of Stars, fleeing the same threat that exiled the Four Queens. She accused Wrawthe of abrogating her duties despite the fact that she herself fled. Seeing that the Four Queens had set themselves up as a pantheon promoting absolute good, she pronounced herself as absolute evil and set herself up as their eternal bitter rival. It has been this way ever since, and instead of outright destroying her, Roth allows her to serve an advesarial position to provide the crucial temptation necessary to overcome.   Phitdaitiarona herself has no known texts ascribed to her. Whether because they are promptly destroyed upon discovery of a cult cell or if they are simply just not widely distributed is anyone's guess.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

In mockery of the Law of Seven, her symbol is the moons shrouded in shadow ringed by seven large stars and interspersed with smaller stars. She does not have a dedicated window in Thananagreia, but banners and tapestries seized during raids show her seated on a black throne surrounded by supplicants tormented and blinded by her beauty.

Tenets of Faith

The worst types of sin in all the new ways. Just about every bad thing that happens in Thangien society is attributed to her whether a rare stillbirth, a smashed finger, a broken wagon-wheel, or a rancorous family altercation. Whether she has a hand in everything is unknown, but it pleases her to be credited with everything that could go wrong going horrifically wrong.   The Goddess of Wickedness teaches that sin is perfectly fine and worth pursuit. As much as the other Four Queens have striven to stamp out worship of her, going as far as to punish public worship by death or worse means, adherents of hers have simply learned to practice in secret, taking their abhorrent activities further and further underground.


Because of laws forbidding public worship of her, the dead, dark hours of night are ascribed to her when wicked acts are more likely to occur. Witheren and Ritho know this, embarking on their "purges" at this time.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Her precise goals remain a mystery since as much as she works to undermine the Four Queens, she does not exercise her power in ways that would bring about total destruction. She whispers into the ears of the insecure and watches their actions unfold, deriving great pleasure from seeing them act in her name. She can at once provide support for one party while having aided another opposing party. She has not made any effort to attack Thanged itself but directed her full might against the Oldworld in an attempt to destroy it. She is incredibly erratic and will lash out at anyone who forsakes her. She claims she desires love and adoration but by her nature only elicits fear and terror. She has no problem toying with the lives of lesser beings yet seems to have a soft spot for Men.  

As Explained by Dais to Cye

“Hey, Dais, can I ask you something?” Dais paused in untying his sleeping roll from Duhrkencer and looked over his shoulder at Cye. Cye glanced out the corner of his eye, not wanting to draw attention. “Who’s Phitdaitiarona?” he asked softly. Cye could tell he’d touched a delicate subject from the way Dais’ single eye popped wide in alarm. “It seems to be the Thangiens’ go-to word for everything bad that happens. I’m just curious, that’s all.” Dais stared at him a few moments then scratched his chin and folded his arm over his stomach.   “…Okay…you know how there’s the Four Queens, right? Roth, Witheren, Eyurodin, and Ritho?” Dais counted off on his fingers. Cye nodded. “Well…there’s actually a fifth goddess. Her name is Phitdaitiarona, Goddess of Wickedness. Rona’s name, Ronatane means ‘wicked-thief’. In the Thangien language, Phitdaitiarona translates into ‘wicked black wound’.   “Think of her as the traditional green-eyed monster. According to myth, she hates the Four Queens because she feels they deny her a rightful place in their pantheon. She represents everything Roth opposes and is widely considered to be the personification of ambition, lust, greed, cruelty, and discord. She’s often depicted as a regal woman robed in black with a crown of stars, and she’s often referred to as the Empress of Night.   “Open worship of her is strictly forbidden…punishable by death, even, but that doesn’t stop some people from worshipping in secret. Thangiens are mostly righteous, but every so often you get a bad apple like Rolinilo and Rothenn, and such people are called ‘touched by Phitdaitiarona’."
— Fight Alone Ch. 15

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Unlike the Four Queens who have fairly simplistic outfits, the Empress of Night has a very shapely figure and flaunts it at all times. She appears ageless and possesses a dark beauty, but after the disruption of the spacequake, the feedback drained her severely, forcing her to maintain her appearance with illusions.

Body Features

Possesses a formidable bust size and lean musculature. She appears as a humanoid woman of higher-than-normal stature, sporting a slim hourglass figure.

Facial Features

Her face appears smooth like a porcelain doll, but after the stress caused by the spacequake, several wrinkles mar her cheeks and surround her eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

Much like the other Queens, her reverse-color eyes give her an unnerving quality: pitch-black irises with bold green pupils. Her lips are red as blood, hair dark as night, and skin pale like moonlight.

Physical quirks

The same with Witheren, a smile from her tends to mean something bad either is happening or will happen.

Special abilities

“What’s the Rogue’s Moon?”   Cye blinked and glanced to the side when he heard the sudden shattering of ceramic. One of the Nobeyls had dropped his mug and stared at Cye wide-eyed in shock. The Nobeyl by the keg kept his mug under the spout but didn’t release the spigot, so his mug started overflowing. Cye glanced from side to side. “Uhh...Did I say something wrong?”   “Gaughran!” the Noble by the keg snapped.   “I beg your pardon?” Cye knew precious little of either Thunthen or Thangien languages.   “Gaughran!” the Noble reiterated and finally released the spigot, stepping away from the keg.   “Gaughran, the Rogue Moon,” Azuro stated and sat up in his seat.   “I didn’t know Thanged had a third moon. I’ve only seen the two sisters, Jhuno and Jhunin.”   “You wouldn’t see it. It is the personal domain of Phitdaitiarona. She keeps it far from the light of the Twin Suns. It can only be seen in the dead of night where no stars shine. It is said she tore it loose from the Vault of Stars and brought it here to spite Roth. From there she reaches out to inspire wicked souls. Only conspirators and criminals speak openly of it. Where did you hear this mentioned?” Azuro demanded and fingered the pommel of his sword. Cye waved his hands hastily.   “Ahh! It just came up in an idle chat, that’s all!” Azuro narrowed his eyes skeptically but relaxed. Open worship of Phitdaitiarona was punishable by death, and the last thing Cye needed was Azuro leading a lynch mob of drunken Thunthen through the streets of Bainshaebo. Cye looked over his shoulder at the alley and frowned. Phitdaitiarona...that’s not the only time I’ve heard that name..."
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15
  • Immense Psychokinesis
    Unable to manipulate matter on the scale and consistency as Roth, she is still able to harness the Fabric of Being to a degree such as imbuing Avitor with his own power and fashioning a pocket dimension for him as well as creating the Black Unicorn and the spacequake. Roth believes her power is slowly deteriorating because of overexertion. She could not even destroy Mal Daggur's flagship in retaliation after the recoil from the spacequake.
  • Unlimited-Range Telepathy
    No wall is thick enough to drown out her whispers. Once the Transgalactic Gate was reactivated, she started taking more of an active interest in Earth, taunting Bautan and projecting her consciousness to first Brianna in Tirmutua then Cye when facing the Black Unicorn. Each of the Ronin felt her presence while staving off the spacequake.
  • Faster-Than-Light Travel
    Is able to freely traverse the Vault of Stars to any location she's seen or been to before. Finding Bainshaebo increasingly boring, she's begun investing more time into targeting Earth, torn between destroying it or causing already simmering tensions to explode. She appeared on the bridge of the Nsenagvvik instantaneously and can close distances in the blink of an eye.
  • Perception Manipulation
    She can stand arm-in-arm with Mal Daggur, a Nobeyl Rare of over ten feet, or eye-level with the tallest human. After the spacequake, she has to dedicate a portion of her power to maintaining her sultry facade.
  • Voice Modulation
    Her voice alternates from a soft triple-echo to a thunderous boom.
  • Energy Manipulation
    Phitdaitiarona has a greater grasp of the workings of the Fabric of Being than perhaps even Roth since she cobbled together the spacequake on a whim. Towards the end, she took direct control of it to such a degree that the leading edge appeared as her "face" while her body showed up on false-color images taken by remote satellite surveillance. Even though she can put such energy to creative use, she is unable to use it to replenish herself.
  • Divine Charisma
    She can sniff out sin, homing in on those harboring unsavoury desires and capitalizing on their weakness to drive them to act out their wicked fantasies. She placated Mal Daggur with a vision of Earth scoured clean of humanity, ripe for the taking, on the condition that she would be their god and worship her.
  Spacequake Ch. 11
"S...Sp...Speak your piece and take your leave, Wicked Black Wound. I have no time to bandy words with the likes of you," Roth boomed. Phitdaitiarona flicked one last taunting glance at Ritho before drawing herself up and pacing to one side.   "You are no doubt aware of our new arrivals...and the Male among them..."   "I am."   "Then you know as well as I what his presence means for us all. As much as we have butted heads over the eons, I will not see this world and its people jeopardized by the likes of him."   "If he gets out of line, rest assured, I will deal with him." Roth stated calmly.   "'Gets out of line'? You should destroy him now! Before he has a chance to harm anyone!" Phitdaitiarona's emerald pupils flashed with anger. "Do not mistake my concern for altruism. I still need the people just as much as you do. Males care nothing for lesser beings. Their contempt is far greater than even mine!"   " did try to exterminate humanity you know...." Kento interjected. The Empress of Night flicked a glance at him, looking irritated at first, then turning the corner of her lip up in a smirk. Kento flinched uneasily.   "Your concern is duly noted. Retire to your dark moon, Wicked Black Wound. You are unwell," Roth admonished. Phitdaitiarona flicked a glance at her and sneered.   "You are so sure of yourself, so confident in your power. You've spent so long in exile you've forgotten what the Males did to us on Geodo! You've grown complacent over the eons. I warn you now, 'Queen of Triumph': do not underestimate that whelp, for you may have very well met your match!" Phitdaitiarona pointed at Roth and tilted her chin up contemptuously. With that, her form turned to shadow and shredded like a flock of startled bats that surged out through the open doors.   "...she seems pleasant..." Ryo muttered.   "Phitdaitiarona is-as you'd say- 'a puzzle wrapped in an enigma swaddled in a mystery nestled in a conundrum awash in contradictions-. She craves adoration, yet by her very nature inspires only fear. She is actually much older than any of us, but has diffused so much of her power into her dark plots over the ages, she has only weakened herself. She has the capacity to be a great and noble goddess if she would but abandon her unsavoury desires..." Eyurodin drawled ruefully. Ritho did not seem to share her views and Witheren let out a dissatisfied grunt. Roth said nothing and merely stared ahead solemnly.

Apparel & Accessories

Clothed in a simple black gown of rich dark fabric, she wears a crown of diamond and pearl ornaments atop her head. Soft silken slippers with soles and heels made of horn or bone cover her feet. Aside from her crown she does not wear any other jewelry.

Specialized Equipment

Her crown seems to be mostly for show and does not have any power of its own, but emeralds secretly plucked from Gual de Phu Aclu are sometimes offered to her during rites.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Virtually nothing is known of her earlier life. She came, she exists. That is about all the ancient men knew. She supposedly secretly influenced the Greedy Farmer without Witheren's knowledge and much later whispered in the ears of Yapign when he tried to argue with Roth. She provided tokens imbued with her power to Yapign and his supporters, allowing them to plot and carry out their rebellion right under Roth's nose. Her favor proved fickle, however, since she tired of the vulgar tyrants and stood back and watched as the Bloody Bricks unfolded.   Aside from the City Strife, probably one of the most catastrophic disasters attributed her came in the form of the Genesis Plague. She taunted Queen Payina of the House of St'lur with visions of her as a shriveled old hag. Instead of wearing her grays gracefully, Payina craved eternal youth and beauty. Sening of the Traedeskaton also fell prey to her dark inspiration, her whispers stoking his pride and ego that he knew much better than his peers and that he quite literally embodied science. As a result, the House of St'lur fell out of favor and the practice of any form of bio-engineering or genetics became forever banned under penalty of death.   When Eyurodin alerted the other Queens of her contact with the Oldworld, Phitdaitiarona urged Memner to strike down this unknown enemy. Although Memner behaved nobly enough, and is remembered as a tragic gallant hero, pride ultimately proved his undoing. Seeing Roth alarmed at the scale and ferocity of the Dread Enemy was simply icing on the cake.
“Um, hi, Kayura?” Kayura blinked and looked to the side when she heard the timid voice and saw Brit. “Can...can I talk to you about something?” Kayura gave an assuring nod. “I know I’ve never really been of any use to the guys. I’m not a crack shot like Roxi or a druid descendant like Shannon-” Kayura opened her mouth to argue that Mia had contributed a great deal to the Ronin’s cause despite being a mortal civilian herself. “I’ve always felt like something of a fifth wheel, but...well, this happened a long time ago, back on Thanged before the Black Unicorn started rampaging about. Cye and I were spending time in the city gardens...and I...I saw something, something I can’t quite explain, even with everything I’ve seen so far between Thunthen and Thangiens and the Nether Realm!” Kayura listened quietly, offering a sympathetic ear to the obviously distraught girl.
— Spacequake Ch. 2
“I’ve never told anyone about this before, not even Cye, and he was there with me that night! But...I saw…eyes! Eyes in the night sky staring down at us. They looked so full of hate, as if we’d committed a crime somehow just by being happy! They looked so bizarre too: black with green pupils. The Black Unicorn first appeared not long after. I know there has to be a connection! During the Blood Dawn celebration, I overheard Azuro talking about a ‘Goddess of Wickedness’, and I got to thinking: Is all this connected somehow? Is there some ‘being’, some ‘power’ out there that attacked the guys not because of anything they ever did, but just because they exist?”   Kayura said nothing and bit her lip, her eyes roving about. She’d heard references to “Phitdaitiarona, Empress of Night” in the past, but she’d always attributed it to superstition and myth, the green-eyed monster spoken of only as a cautionary tale.
— Spacequake Ch. 2

The Far-Star-Traveler and the Battle of Banguk

  Aleksander Vanstandtvoort proved a puzzle Phitdaitiarona could not crack. Even though she enjoyed seeing Roth's favored House of St'lur fall into ruin, this Oldworlder had a passionate heart utterly immune to her machinations. He pulled Yainae from the brink of despair and established an enduring legacy. She turned her efforts to corrupting Victor Avens, twisting the aged pilot into a pseudo-superbeing. With Sur Daggur's fleet relentlessly harried, Phitdaitiarona supposedly encouraged him to lash out in spite; if he could not have the prize of either Thanged or Fienlor, then the hapless Bangukians could serve as a consolation prize.   Even as she appeared to support the Daggur Clan, her newly created "demigod" Avitor worked to thwart Mal Daggur's attempt to resurrect the burst-drive project, sending his remote drones to confiscate any potentially viable prototype and stalling efforts to upgrade the fleet. In a strange way, Phitdaitiarona protected Thanged and the Oldworld.  
Return and Exile: Reunion with the Oldworld
  Mal Daggur's attack on Mazzan and the exile of Paigasurin and Ander's daughter Danae amused her, but their abrupt return a mere cycle later piqued her curiosity and she watched at a distance as a group of Oldworlders arrived shortly after. Scoffing at the title "Morind de Witheren" (Knights of the Maiden of Blood) bestowed upon them, these strange warriors and their "mystical Armor" presented a new opportunity for entertainment. She watched and waited, eager for new toys to play with. She looked down her nose at the Demon King Ouagli and his servants' clumsy efforts. These "Ronin Warriors" seemed just ripe for meddling, but their hearts proved impregnable to direct influence.
Events of Fight Alone
  Bautan's attempt to manipulate Kento into attacking Ryo ultimately failed, and Phitdaitiarona reveals herself for the first time, taunting the self-styled chief sorcerer of the Dynasty. Seeing the Ronin persevere through every trial thrown at them spurs her into taking action herself. The sight of Cye enjoying a starry night with Brianna in Tirmutua incensed the Empress of Night so much she revealed herself to the poor girl. She created the Black Unicorn and loosed it in Kundain, eager to see how these "heroes" would respond. Much to her chagrin, Roth intervened, assisting the same lad she'd seen in Tirmutua with destroying her prize pet. Vexed yet again, she decided to offer support to Mal Daggur.  
Events of Cataclysm War
  The Empress of Night outs every Dissident contact embedded in the fleet, blinding Bak Thraplek to the day-to-day operations of Mal Daggur's forces. After the nuclear device is detonated, the Empress of Night urges calm to Mal Daggur and they observe how the fight against Beastlord unfolds. After the Menagerie is defeated and the city restored, and all seems good and well with the heroes, the Empress of Night flexes her full power by gathering up latent energies in the Fabric of Being, setting the spacequake into motion.  
Events of Spacequake
  Having never seen the Armor of Gea in action before, the Empress of Night is enraged when the Ronin are able to effectively shunt the leading edge of the spacequake away from the planet without the surface suffering any harm. Mal Daggur and his crew watched horrified as Phitdaitiarona takes direct control of the tide of hate, hoping to overwhelm the stalwart heroes. The Armor of Gea breaks and is seemingly completely destroyed along with the Ronin Warriors, but the death throes of the Armor and the Six Swords causes an eruption that completely disrupts the spacequake. Because she had poured so much of her personal power into it, the feedback sapped her almost completely. As a result, Mal Daggur renounces her and in retaliation she cuts off her support, retreating to her domain on Gaughran. She remains there still, brooding over her defeat and pondering the future.  
Spoiler Warning: Upcoming Content!
  Spacequake Ch. 11
"What? Why such baleful looks? I come in peace! Oh, I see: you wanted to consult with your favorite heroes...your 'champions'..." Thanged's Goddess of Wickedness taunted.   "I see it need the people worshipping you all, to give you power! That's why you maintain this whole facade of good versus evil! Without the people's emotions to feed upon, you can't exist!" Sage accused. Phitdaitiarona sniffed dismissively.   "Bah! Do not think us so weak that we require 'sustenance' from mortals!" she tilted her head up and narrowed her eyes.   "Superbeings of our caliber require pursuits which with to devote our energies and occupy our time. Idle hands, and all that," Eyurodin explained and shrugged absently, thumping Starforger against her upper arm.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Fomented the City Strife.
  • Inspired Payina and Sening to create the Genesis Plague.
  • Goaded Memner into assembling his war host and fighting the Totalitary.
  • Created Avitor, the Phantom of the Outer Rim, by abducting and corrupting Ander's former squadmate Victor Avens.
  • Allegedly goaded Sur Daggur into firing the Vyerrdeklagn on Planet Banguk, destroying the Bangukians.
  • Encouraged the Sixth House of Eklan to issue a formal challenge to the First House of St'lur, resulting in Dais' Trael de Nuca.
  • Allegedly showed Rothenn a glimpse of Entide, causing him to spiral into despair and murder fellow Metraind.
  • Created the Black Unicorn to attack Kundain.
  • Created the spacequake and attempted to destroy Earth.
  • Just about every crime recorded throughout Bainshaebo's history.
“What...what did you see up there?” Kayura asked cautiously. Ryo paused and frowned.   “…Eyes…eyes full of hate…” An unpleasant memory of the malicious gaze in the leading edge of the spacequake came to mind. “It wasn’t angry over anything we did. It’s like it hated us for even trying to protect the Earth. Just being in the way ‘offended’ it! I thought Dais’ mom was yanking our chain with what she said about that evil goddess. What if there is something out there, something we’ve never seen before. What if there’s something we’ve pissed off without even realizing it?”   Well it certainly does corroborate what Brianna said... Kayura thought about the girl’s account and the various stories about Thanged’s Goddess of Wickedness.
— Spacequake Ch. 3

Failures & Embarrassments

Phitdaitiarona doesn't exactly measure herself by success or failure. Even if someone acting under her name is caught and punished, whatever actions perpretated have lasting repercussions that still amuse her. As many cult cells as Witheren, Ritho, and the Metraind stamp out, more simply sprout up in other locations throughout the city. Only once did she find her power completely stymied: against ten individuals she viewed contemptuously as lesser beings.

Mental Trauma

The Totalitary are an afterthought to her. Much like Roth, she fears the terror they fled far more. Loneliness is an anathema to her: without people to whisper her name, she has no purpose.

Intellectual Characteristics

Incalculably shrewd, she knows the vagaries of emotion from burning rage to simmering desire. She knows what makes someone tick, what strings to pull, what game pieces to knock over.

Morality & Philosophy

The embodiment of everything the Four Queens stand for, she is the black. If ever it seems she is protecting someone, it is not out of the goodness of her heart, but simply because she has more amusement to wring out of the hapless individual.


Just about anything pure and good is an affront to her. Stalwart individuals such as King Torke, Ander Vai Stel Vethu, and the Ronin Warriors are immune to her whisperings, and that vexes her to no end.

Personality Characteristics


Absolute chaos and destruction do not serve her ends whatsoever. As fun as it was to watch the City Strife unfold, Yapign's followers took his original vision to such an extreme even the Empress of Night grew bored and towards the end revoked her favor once Yapign's sons pledged to massacre every Faithful in Bainshaebo. Without good souls to toy with, Phitdaitiarona would quite simply have no fun. She enjoys being a thorn in Roth's side and needling the other Queens but will not directly challenge them. With reestablished contact between the Oldworld, she now has far more interesting things to occupy her time.
Spacequake Ch. 11
Phitdaitiarona observed from the dark halls of her dread palace as the craft shot into space effortlessly. Clearly, Roth's "might" had failed, but she herself lacked the energy to act. She watched the craft streak off into the Vault of Stars. "O...Oh...Oh...Things are about to get a great deal more interesting around here..." she purred and smiled her dreadful smile.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

A master manipulator with malicious machinations. Quite literally her own worst enemy.

Likes & Dislikes

Relishes toying with lesser beings. Hates anything pure and cutesy.

Virtues & Personality perks

She's the Goddess of Wickedness. How does that spell "virtue"?

Vices & Personality flaws

Frequently accuses her followers of abandoning her and lashes out irrationally. Instead of staying with Mal Daggur and supporting his fleet, she revoked her power, causing extensive damage to the newly repaired Vyerrdeklagn.

Personality Quirks

Somewhat less uncanny-valleyesque than Roth. Frequently smirks, wiggles her eyebrows, or smiles in a seductive manner.


The same as Roth, her overall appearance hasn't changed in eons.



For all of her manipulations, she rules an empty kingdom. One day she hopes to establish Gaughran as a kingdom of vice, but for now sits on her throne alone.

Contacts & Relations

Roth, Queen of Triumph
Adversarial. Phitdaitiarona scoffs at her vision of a kingdom of righteous warrior-folk. Ironically enough, it may fall to "lesser beings" to thwart the evil which they both fled. Roth has attempted dialogue with her throughout the years but is scorned each and every time.  
Witheren, Maiden of Blood
Hostile. But for Roth's intervention, Witheren would put the Goddess of Wickedness out of everyone's' misery. Even though she is barred from direct retaliation, she capitalizes on every opportunity to needle the rogue god, deriving immense pleasure from seeing her schemes thwarted.  
Eyurodin, Lady of Flames
Indifferent. Eyurodin views Phitdaitiarona as a problem to be solved, a hurdle to be overcome. When the City Strife erupted, she collaborated with Deres to throw a wrench in their schemes by "giving" weapons to the tyrants, only to turn their greed against them by triggering her Covenant. Phitdaitiarona is a loose cog that can either be tightened, repaired, or replaced in Eyurodin's book.  
Ritho, the Morning Mother
Very Hostile. Out of all four Queens, Ritho is the most liable to go completely hambeens on the rogue god. Because a mother must be all four Queens to her family, Phitdaitiarona diametrically opposes everything Ritho stands for. Only fear of repeating the smiting against the Natives keeps Ritho's fury in check.  
Mal Daggur
Ambiguous. Phitdaitiarona offered support to his campaign, but ironically enough, she created Avitor, the Phantom of the Outer Rim who constantly sabotaged Sur Daggur's efforts to reverse-engineer burst drives. Mal Daggur of course did not know this, but the Empress of Night promised to scour Earth of all life and create a canvas for him to paint a new empire, provided she serve as the new patroness of Thunthen under his command. When the spacequake failed to destroy both Earth and the Ronin Warriors, Mal Daggur rebuked her, and she withdrew her support and favor.  
House of Eklan
Devout. She is viewed as their patroness, and has inspired them in the past to ascend through the Council of Houses via questionable means, but their current status is unknown after being ejected from the council.  
Ronin Warriors
Hostile. They have dealt with her machinations before, but had never realized the true extent of her influence and power. She is simply the archetypal green-eyed monster used as a cautionary tale against sin and excess.  
“Okay then...who is our enemy?” Cye asked warily.   “The Queen of the Rogue’s Moon. She harbors such powerful hatred for you! I’ve never seen such hate before, not even from myself in the past! She doesn’t hate you because you’ve wronged her somehow, she hates you because you exist! You’ve ruined her fun for the last time, and now she seeks to destroy you once and for all! She will send a wave of hate through the stars. I’m not sure if your Armors can withstand her fury! Please, be careful Cye!”
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15

Family Ties

Unknown. The Empress of Night cares nothing for rugrats and though she enjoys inducing lustful responses in her pawns, has yet to partake in such base physical exertions herself.

Religious Views

Unknown. Phitdaitiarona believes she acts for her own desires and power, but it may be that she is simply the counterbalance necessary to the existence of current norms.

Social Aptitude

As much as she enjoys pulling the strings from behind the scenes, she does not engage with the people on a personal level to the extent the other Queens do.


Very sultry and coy, speaking in a casual manner similar to Witheren with a smattering of "godspeak" for dramatization. Even though she presents herself as a god she is not prone to melodramatic dronings such as Roth or Eyurodin.

Hobbies & Pets

Maybe a cat might improve her mood, but all cats went to Fienlor. The Black Unicorn was more of a simulacra than a creature of flesh and blood. Hobbies include just about anything involving pulling strings of the weak.


Phitdaitiarona's appearance as a character was chiefly inspired by Queen Mab as portrayed by Miranda Richardson the 1998 Merlin miniseries, but I imagine her voice being similar to Lady Frenzy from the Bots Master cartoon as voiced by Janyse Jaud. Evil Lady Kayura as voiced by Jane Perry is a close second. Phitdaitiarona would have a slight gravelly purr to her voice similar to Witheren.

Wealth & Financial state

She treasures corrupt souls and sinful acts. Precious gems such as diamonds, pearls, and emeralds are offered by devout adherents.
She could only stare wide-eyed and mouth agape at what looked like a pair of eyes glaring at her from the starry sky. At first she thought it might’ve been a cloud formation, or a form of aurora, but then the eyes narrowed in a scowl. The color looked all wrong with black irises and glittering green pupils. Brit had always prided herself on being able to read expressions, and in those eyes she read such hatred and jealousy: How dare she be out at night feeling happy?
— Fight Alone Ch. 15
“Good…good. That is very good. You will have my full support, of course. A…A…After all, have I not been a more faithful mistress?” she chuckled with a voice that sounded at once like the whisper of waves and the rumble of an earthquake. Ornaments of diamond and pearl adorned her crown like stars, and the deep dark velvet of her gown rippled about her body. Shimmering black hair flowed down her back and over her pale skin. Blood-red lips spread in an enticing smile, and eyes with black irises and glittering green pupils narrowed with wickedness.
— Fight Alone Ch. 15
Divine Classification
Cosmic Superbeing
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Empress of Night   In Thangien, her name is interpreted as Wicked (rona), Black (phit), Wound (daitia)
Current Residence
Gaughran, the Rogue's Moon
Emerald green
Long black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very pale flesh
Quotes & Catchphrases
I am ambition. I am lust. I am greed. I am cruelty. I am discord, and to me…you are NOTHING!”
“I gave you my love and only asked for love in return!"
Known Languages
The young Nobeyl whirled around when he heard the voice that started out with a soft triple echo that melted into a booming roar. His eyes widened in horror upon seeing the regal pale-skinned dark-haired woman clad in elegant robes wearing a crown of star ornaments. She seized him with her glare: black irises and glowing green pupils.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 1
“Oh, but that is the beauty of my plan. Where your precious Maw of Flame failed, my power shall succeed! The fires that consumed Banguk and its people instead denied you your prize. With this, the planet shall be left a barren husk: Imagine!” Phitdaitiarona darted behind Mal Daggur and wrapped her arms around his shoulders between his neck and his shell, caressing his right cheek with her right hand and rapping her left fingers on his left shoulder. “A blank slate to shape as you see fit! To harvest resources or create a paradise for your people…” Mal Daggur glanced at her and stroked his beard thoughtfully.
— Spacequake Ch. 1

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