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Beastlord (MAH-haa-RAH-goo-la)

Maharagaula (a.k.a. Beast King/King of Beasts)

The blood of demons flows through his veins...   Utterly pitiless towards Humans yet compassionate and caring to fellow beasts, the leader of the Menagerie is driven by hatred for all humanity and will stop at nothing until every last man, woman, and child is slain. Unlike other members of the Flaeyr clan, Beastlord possesses unusual stature and physical features which gave rise to the believe he is directly descended from Gurvangoth himself, the mighty demon whose smoldering corpse was used to fashion the Realm. While he prefers directing his troops from behind he is not above waving into the thick of battle to handle things directly or deploying the insidious power embedded within his voice to quash resistance and sway foes to his side.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Groomed from birth as a prize gladiator, Beastlord possesses an incredible physique, standing taller than even Koi Udsarrin, the largest Thunthen Nobeyl on record. His broad muscular frame and fiery red mane distinguish him in the midst of battle. Any other opponent would strike at the head of the snake, but in Beastlord's, case attacking him could prove fatal to the foolish.

Body Features

Short pitch-black fur covers Beastlord's body. Instead of the usual five fingers and four toes of the average Flaeyr he has three thick taloned toes and three thick black fingers on each foot and hand: two main digits and a thumb. He also possesses a thick tapering tail tipped with a sickle-like bony protrusion he keeps polished to such a degree it almost appears metallic.

Facial Features

Beastlord has a broad short muzzle and thick reddish eyebrows. Tufts of black fur hang from the tip of his chin and along his jaw.

Identifying Characteristics

His black fur and red mane gave rise to the belief he is descended from demons, but his exact parentage is unknown. More than likely he is the result of a rare atavism.

Special abilities

More dangerous than an entire army, more damaging than a siege line, Beastlord's voice is capable of altering minds and matter. He can utter a simple incantation under his breath and cause an entire building to collapse or armor to weaken. He can draw out the fears of an enemy or twist the body of a captive. Only an equal or opposing force can thwart him such as a rallying chant recited in unison or the ultrasonic frequency generated by the Kurtora's crystal cluster.   Beastlord seldom uses his power on other beasts, preferring to keep them united through sheer cult of personality. He is capable of manipulating beasts who still ally with humans. More than one village fell when beasts and humans living side by side peacefully for years found themselves at each other's throats in a matter of hours. Only the beasts residing at the Kurtora are immune from his manipulation, and because of that he brands them traitors to be killed on sight.   In rare circumstances, Beastlord is able to use the scythe on the tip of his tail like a stinger. A single prick can cause either full-body paralysis or loss of motor control.  
"I once had a friend, a vixen. We once hunted together, routing bandits and protecting innocent villagers. We shared many years together, enjoying each other’s company and the thrill of the chase. When Beastlord rose to power, he learned of my friend and spoke to her, convincing her to abandon her ‘slavery to humans’ and join him. She forsook her training and principles and began hunting the very same villagers she once protected, killing them or enslaving them in Beastlord’s name. Beastlord ruined her mind and spoiled her kind soul.”-Monster Slayer to Yulie Yamano
— Cataclysm War Ch. 5

Apparel & Accessories

Beastlord retains the gladiatorial accouterments from his days under the noble's thumb. His former master gifted it to him as a reward for his undefeated winning streak. Beastlord wears it as a reminder of human greed. His club has seen many years and many battles but sadly Beastlord did not value it very much as he crushed it to splinters when enraged.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rise of the Beast King

  Instead of Ekku or Ursoi opponents, one day Beastlord's pompous master pit him against a lowly ram-like Buva. He took no joy in taking the lives of beasts and relished the thought of slaying this pint-sized opponent even less. However, the ram proved able to dish out blows just as readily as weather them, and the match ended in a draw. Dissatisfied with the outcome, Beastlord's master ordered the two back to their cells. Beastlord asked a name of the Buva, who replied "Kranus". Beastlord decided then and there to set his plan into motion. He had played the role of obedient pet long enough.   While confined to his cell and feigning exhaustion, Beastlord used the stinger on the tip of his tail to knock out the sentries by snaking it through the bars. The noble kept his pet in a open cage so he could not hide any plot, but he did not know of this particular ability, and by the time the sentries realized what was going on, Beastlord grabbed the last by the throat and crushed his skull. He retrieved the keys to the cells and set to work freeing Kranus and other captive beasts. Beastlord advocated for stealth for the time being and led his new compatriots through the opulent manner, dispatching guards and confiscating weapons.   The noble awoke to find his room full of angry beasts and his prize pet standing atop his bed. Beastlord drove his fist through the fat man's little face and ate his fill of flesh. Encouraged by his newfound company and the relative ease of their revolt, Beastlord pledged to Kranus and other liberated beasts that he would create for them a world without Humans.  
Fall of the Nobility and Hunt for the Kurtora
  Nobles could not bring themselves to believe that a ragtag group of beasts could crush entire armies, and yet for the next several years Beastlord took his ever-growing horde-which he named "The Menagerie" in mockery of his former master- to all corners of the world. By the time nobles agreed to mobilize and conscript armies to quash this uprising, the Menagerie had achieved such a critical mass that no force could stop. Beastlord used the subtle power of his voice to weaken the thickest armor so his archers could lay waste to a charging line of mounted knights. A whisper could cause fortress walls to crumble. Those few enclaves where Humans lived in peace with the Gentle Beasts, Beastlord sowed discord and gained ever more followers.   The most powerful noble family remaining chose to evacuate using the Rainbow Rail network, and any Humans lucky enough to escape death took to the seas. Enough ships remained behind for Beastlord to use, and he set the craftiest of beasts to building more. By this point, his forces had full control of all corners of the mainland. Now joined by Rvembeth, Cerastus, and Kangor, he had crushed any remaining armies and easily could have left Humans to their own devices in exile at sea, but Beastlord would not be satisfied as long as a single Human remained alive. Riling the Menagerie with warnings of nobles returning from exile to put them to the yoke once more, Beastlord encouraged his forces to take to sea. Not even an emaciated hermit with a dinghy beached on a remote island would be spared.  

Last Bastion of Humanity

  After many years of searching, the first expeditionary ships landed on the Hawaiian archipelago and located the fabled Kurtora, the crystalline citadel where the royal family had set up refuge. Sehoui and Avar messengers spread the word to the rest of the armada and the net drew tight. However, the years in exile had only hardened Human resilience and resolve, and the cobblers and bakers put up quite a staunch resistance. The Kurtora had been built to be fully self-sufficient, and Beastlord's power did not work even when he commanded the stone of the quarry itself to break. The Menagerie set in for a prolonged siege, hoping to crush the insufferable Humans in a war of attrition.   Without warning, the mighty volcano dubbed the Tower of Fire erupted violently, sending plumes of lava shooting into the air. The slopes cracked and swelled and the mountain seemed to grow. The phenomenon baffled Beastlord and he sent scouts to survey the volcano. They returned with reports of strange crimson portals leading to another world. Viewing the Kurtora as a sunken cost, Beastlord diverted the bulk of the Menagerie on the island through the portals, leaving his loyal Flaeyr behind to keep watch.  
Guardians of the Mortal Realm
  Beastlord led his forces confidently through the rifts, surprising the vast armies of Emperor Talpa and utterly crushing them. The world stank of Human, and Beastlord's blood boiled with the urge to slay each and every one. His forces eventually came across Human warriors clad in strange armors and he moved his forces in secret, only revealing his full might once he had the Humans surrounded. They called themselves Ronin Warriors and their leader-Ryo of the Wildfire-pledged to protect the Realm. Delighted with the prospect of a new bloody campaign, Beastlord unleashed his horde seeking to crush these arrogant Humans.   The battle escalated with both sides introducing additional units and inflicting heavy casualties. When the Humans summoned a dragon, Beastlord used his power to pin it under two buildings by using his voice to collapse the foundations. When a squad of dragon-men joined the fight, Beastlord engaged many of them personally. When Human fighters astride mechanical horses joined the fight, the Menagerie slew many of them. Finally the "Ronin Warriors" made use of a spectacular power to set fire to entire streets, incinerating beasts while leaving Humans and their allies unscathed. Beastlord retreated to the crater at the heart of the city to begin establishing a base camp, while the Humans temporarily withdrew from the city, viewing the engagement as a rout.  
The Voice of Beastlord
  Word reached Beastlord that one of the Ronin happened to be a man-beast, able to change from a weak Human into a more powerful form seemingly at will. He made plans to beguile this warrior to his side in addition to sending scouting parties through the abandoned subway networks to assess neighboring inhabited cities. The Ronin Warriors caught wind of this effort and moved to sabotage the tunnels. While Beastlord regretted the loss of a strategic avenue, this presented just the opportunity Beastlord sought to recruit the man-beast.   The Ronin Warriors managed to infiltrate the city behind sentry lines but were quickly ratted out by Ruda spies and the Menagerie pounced, surrounding the Humans and isolating the man-beast from his fellows. Beastlord used his voice to seed doubt in the warrior's heart and drive a wedge between him and his "friends". All seemed according to plan until intervention from the lone female member of the Ronin. A combination of passionate scolding directed at the man-beast and blistering profanity directed at Beastlord disrupted his manipulative power, and the man-beast defied Beastlord's will.   Beastlord ordered his forces to capture the man-beast at all cost, but the warrior reverted to his feeble form and used the power of his Armor in tandem with the woman's own Armor to scour an entire legion of beasts from the street. The sight of his warriors being slain with such ease drove Beastlord into a rage, shocking even his trusted generals. He crushed his club with his bare hands and leapt down from his perch, charging at the two with murderous intent. A sudden salvo of missiles fired from mechanical horses forced him to retreat. Faced by not only the riders but dragon-men as well, Beastlord withdrew, vowing vengeance against the warrior for "betraying" him.  

Rout in the Pit: Retreat to Gurvangoth

  For all of his tactical mastery, Beastlord had until recently only faced weak soft nobles and their strutting soldiers. The Kurtora had proven a thorn in his side no doubt, but surely even it would fall given enough time. The powers wielded by these Ronin Warriors and the allies at their side proved too great to overcome, and the Ronin Leader brought to bear a wide assortment of allies and ordinance, using an immense airship to rain fire and light upon the staging camp.   Beastlord realized quickly the Ronin were actively avoiding inflicting injuries, targeting supply and weapons caches or the ground itself. Not a single beast perished from the rain of light, but the display alone drove the hardened beast army into a panic. Despite Beastlord's protestations and attempts to regain control, the bulk of the Menagerie had already fled through the rifts. Seething at this rout, Beastlord had no choice but to retreat along with the stragglers and reorganize at the Tower of Fire.   Reuniting with the rest of his Flaeyr clan, Beastlord ordered the Menagerie to resume offensives against the Kurtora. He did not believe the Ronin Warriors foolish enough to come in pursuit of him and yet they did with his scouts relaying reports of seeing them-and the man-beast- within the crystal citadel. He made preparations for a counterattack and entrenched his full military might in and around the slopes of the Tower of Fire.  
It Begins and Ends in Fire
  Using a antiquated airboat, the Ronin Warriors used the Rainbow Rail network to land directly on the slope of the volcano. Beastlord remained underground seething over his recent setbacks while Rvembeth led the defense. All of the piss and vinegar of the Menagerie evaporated when Ryo of the Wildfire used his Armor to turn the volcano itself against them, frying beasts and supplies with ease. The other Ronin Warriors unleashed their full powers, laying waste to the most hardened bloodthirsty beasts.   Beastlord sent forth a subtle taunt, daring the man-beast to come in search of him. The warrior ventured underground alone, seeking to put an end to Beastlord's life. Beastlord managed to catch the warrior off-guard and goaded him into transforming. The man-beast refused to bend knee to Beastlord's will and the two seemed evenly matched. Beastlord's composure started to slip as the man-beast stood his ground. Unable to overpower the man-beast physically, Beastlord resorted to using his tail stinger to weaken him and deliver a serious injury. He attempted to throw his opponent into the heart of the volcano.   The female warrior used her weapons to sever Beastlord's arm at the wrist, forcing him to retreat once more. Unwilling to let the Humans escape unscathed, Beastlord pursued in secret then ambushed the female, throwing her into the magma pools. Shocking all, the warrior leapt after her, transforming mid-air and catching her safely. Enraged by this insulting gallantry, Beastlord lunged at another Ronin accompanying the two only for the warrior to snare him with the very same irradiated ropes used by the Symoi.  
“God gave Man dominion over the world,” Sage stated simply and tugged sharply to the side, sending Beastlord toppling over the cliff and towards the magma pool below. Sage released the golden cord and watched as Beastlord plummeted down the cliff, flailing and screaming in desperation. The leonine demon howled in protest as he tried grabbing ahold of the rock, but the arm that could reach had no claws, and the cord wrapped around his other wrist left his remaining hand too weak. He tried snagging the rock with his tail sickle only for bits of stone to break loose. He screamed and screamed before landing in the magma, disappearing briefly, a wake rolling out from the impact.   Sage watched impassively as Beastlord bobbed back above the surface, wailing and thrashing in agony. He futilely tried to swim towards the cliff, but the magma pulled at his body. Rivulets of magma clung to his face, scorching fur and flesh. He looked up at Sage, and then and there, Sage saw the truth in Beastlord’s eyes: he didn’t fear death because he feared dying. He feared death because it meant he would no longer be able to kill. Beastlord held his hand out towards Sage as he started sinking into the magma. He opened and closed his mouth as if trying to say something and tilted his head up, trying to keep his chin above the surface of the burning lake. Only a gurgling croak emerged from his throat as Beastlord’s face sank under the surface, followed by his arm then his outstretched claws.   “It begins and ends in fire…” Sage muttered to himself before looking across the lake at the ledge where Kento and Tanya had landed.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 14
Peace at the Summit
  With the death of Beastlord and the Menagerie facing a rout, Rvembeth agreed to a ceasefire with the Queen of the Kurtora. Both sides long weary from decades of bloodshed, Rvembeth promised to withdraw to the mainland while the Queen pledged to let the Gentle Beasts live in peace. Not all agree with the truce, however, and Kangor seethes over the loss of his idol.  
“This battle is over.” Nearby beasts the other Ronin had been battling hesitated. Ryo raised something high for all to see. “BEHOLD: ALL THAT REMAINS OF YOUR LEADER!!” he boomed and flung the severed hand to the ground infront of Kangor and Rvembeth. The three black talons remained frozen in a curl.   “NO!!!” Kangor shrieked in despair and collapsed to his knees clutching both sides of his head. A collective gasp of horror rose from nearby members of the Menagerie. Rvembeth reeled from the sight.   “Then we are undone! All is lost!” he wailed. As the beasts mourned, Tanya leaned close to Ryo.   “Did you really have to go back and pick that thing up?” she whispered. Ryo rolled his eyes. The display had the desired effect as beasts all around dropped their weapons, surrendering immediately.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 14


From the day he could walk, Beastlord's former master had him instructed in combat first with wooden swords then with blunted metal weapons. He kept his 'programming' simple, expecting the thrill of battle alone to keep him in line. The portly noble assumed Beastlord's silence meant submission, but in reality Beastlord listened in on quite alot and became increasingly aware of his situation. After he slew his master he raided his library, poring over books and maps to plan his burgeoning rebellion. In order to succeed he needed to understand military engagement and tactics. Fully self-taught, he is a terrifying combatant and tactician.


Beastlord's master was rumored to be something of an eccentric fellow, keeping beasts captive in his vast estate. He delighted in holding brutal matches in his personal arena, dubbing his captives his "menagerie". Beastlord became the crown jewel of his "collection" and due to his impressive physique, shrewd nobles would raise the stakes pitting him against Ekku and Ursoi opponents. The nobles gleefully lined their pockets with wagers, all the while assuming the thrill of battle would keep Beastlord content.
Beastlord full body by Mardrena
Rough pencil sketch

Accomplishments & Achievements

Beastlord took his ramshackle army and led them from kingdom to kingdom, slowly forging it into an unstoppable military juggernaut that scoured each and every continent of Human resistance.
Looming Beastlord by Mardrena
Rough pencil sketch

Failures & Embarrassments

He met his match when he invaded the Mortal Realm and attempted to establish a permanent foothold in the ruins of the city. While the Human's initially believed they could find a diplomatic solution after a brief brutal campaign, ultimately they brought all of their wrath to bear on the Menagerie, breaking the power of Beastlord's voice and sending his troops into a full retreat.

Mental Trauma

Resentment and hatred have simmered in Beastlord's heart for so long peace is an impossibility for him. As long as a single Human remains alive he is driven to seek them out and destroy them. Perhaps if he had been raised with a measure of kindness he could have become a noble leader, but his demonic blood drives him ever onward in his genocidal conquest.

Intellectual Characteristics

Calm, calculating, and cunning, Beastlord is no mindless savage solely bent on destruction. He maintains a balance between martial force and logistics, encouraging the planting of crops wherever the Menagerie pitch camps. Despite the lack of a formal education, Beastlord eavesdropped on his master and his cronies enough to develop a way with words and lace his voice with honey. Simply using his power to bend an enemy's will would not suffice: the truest victory is for his foes to surrender willingly.

Morality & Philosophy

Every beast has a purpose and all are welcome under Beastlord's banner. He advocates for hard work, discipline, and peaceful coexistence between beast clans. To him, beasts are the true heirs of the world.

Personality Characteristics


Not only does his resentment at his upbringing and treatment by humans drive his hatred, but the burning demon blood in his veins. In any other situation he would be considered an outcast and a freak due to his appearance compared to the more cat-like Flaeyr, but among the tormented beasts he is considered a savior. Their praise feeds his ego and he feeds their vengeance.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Beastlord is very charismatic but also very narcissistic. While he might appear to work for the betterment of the Gentle Beasts, his bloodlust drives him to seek out more conflicts. Instead of starving out the Kurtora he pivoted his focus into invading the Mortal Realm. He is quite intelligent and compassionate to his troops, but the slightest hint of dissent will enrage him. If he had carried his campaign to its natural conclusion, it is doubtful he would have simply ridden into the sunset. Without an enemy to fight and supporters to adore him, he loses his purpose, and thus must keep the Menagerie in a constant state of conflict.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Eating humans, battle.   Dislikes: Low morale, Human opposition.

Virtues & Personality perks

For all of his demonic characteristics Beastlord has quite a statuesque figure capable of inspiring awe in foes and followers alike. His voice enables him to manipulate the wills of others, either hold followers in the palm of his hand or force opponents to lay down their arms. He presents a fatherly facade amongst the Menagerie, supervising children or working the fields alongside laborers.  
Thick black talons gently cupped a small green tomato. Beastlord smiled from where he crouched in a furrow beside a laden plant. He glanced to the side at the rest of the crop maturing nicely. In a matter of weeks the newly plowed fields would produce fresh food for the Menagerie. He could see in the distance Cevod and Canir tending to adjacent fields. Such diligence pleased Beastlord.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 9

Vices & Personality flaws

When backed into a corner or enraged enough, Beastlord's face contorts and takes on a more demonic appearance thanks to his blood. He is quick to drop his calm collected tone. It could be said he possesses a form of Firefighter's or Hero Complex.  
“Face it, Rvembeth: Beastlord sold you a bill of goods.” Ryo glanced over his shoulder and listened patiently as Kento stepped forward. “He never had any intention of letting you all settle down and live peaceful lives. Even if you had destroyed the Kurtora, he would’ve just kept making up newer and newer ‘threats’ you’d have to face. You could’ve lived nice and cozy in this world, but the second the portals opened, Beastlord dragged you all into our world. He might’ve even turned on you if you ever refused to go along with his plans,”
— Cataclysm War Ch. 14

Personality Quirks

Beastlord can maintain composure in battle and direct his troops in the thick of battle, even when faced by a dragon or dragonMEN for that matter. However when he loses his composure he LOSES it. He has wielded the same polished wooden club since the start of his campaign yet he crushed it to splinters just from a single act of Human defiance.  
Beastlord clutched his club with both hands, the wood creaking under his tightening grip. The polished black wood began groaning from the intense pressure. His lips peeled back tight over his gums. Rvembeth took a step away from his leader warily. The two Ronin Warriors looked up sharply upon hearing the reverberating crack as the club shattered. Beastlord threw back his head and let out an earsplitting roar that caused even his own generals to cower in fear.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 11



The exact timeline is unknown due to the unusual circumstances behind the creation of the Realm. Time is theorized to have operated much differently until the nuclear blast that called the Cataclysm tied the two Realms together. Beastlord's campaign is theorized to have occurred within a span of 20-30 years.

Contacts & Relations

The Big Four

Beastlord's second-in-command and Ursoi general. Usually leads siege offensives.  
Wily Marzok leader. Youngest of the Four but the loudest. True believer in Beastlord's rhetoric.  
Cevod general in charge of archery lines. Both share mutual respect.  
Buva leader and Beastlord's oldest friend and general. One of the first to sign on during early campaigns.  
More of a slave. A hapless farmer bent on revenge twisted into a monstrosity by Beastlord's power.

Wealth & Financial state

Beastlord himself has no need for material wealth, but an army needs food to feed troops, lumber to build siege engines, and metal to forge weapons. To that end he pays the opportunistic Symoi using troves confiscated from fallen nobility to secure supply lines. For Beastlord himself, the true reward is crushing Humans underfoot.
It looked well over twelve feet tall with short fur black as void covering its body and a mane of hair red like fire that spread from its head over its broad shoulders and down its back. A long whip-like tail tipped by a sickle-like blade lashed around its legs. Its feet ended in three toes, each tipped with a thick short curved talon. The metallic blue armor it wore over its great barrel-shaped chest creaked as it breathed and the tendons in its thick powerful arms rasped as it flexed its three-fingered hands around a long polished wooden club that stood as high as a human.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 3
Koi didn’t know what to think when a very big kitty attacked. It didn’t look like a nice kitty like Whiteblaze or Whisker. It looked like a very evil kitty, and he could smell it. The kitty smacked Koi in the muzzle with its club. Koi bellowed in protest and slashed with his claws. The evil kitty tossed aside its club and seized Koi’s hands with its own three-taloned hands. “BAD KITTY!!” Koi growled, glaring at Beastlord from under his bushy eyebrows.   “Oh, you have no idea...” Beastlord purred sinisterly and raised an elbow, slamming Koi on top of his head.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 3
Current Status
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lion of the Pits -Used during his tenure as a gladiator.   The Beast King -Used by cowering nobles and frightened refugees evacuating villages.
Red hot and full of murder
Fiery reddish mane
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Covered in short pitch-black fur
Quotes & Catchphrases
“The prey speaks to me? How amusing...”   "I must have this fantastic beast! He will be make a worthy addition to my army."   “Now...will you listen to that, they’re calling you names! Tell me, Ronin Warrior: how can you say they’re your friends when they say such awful things about you,”   “My truest name is Maharagaula. Few have heard it. None have lived to repeat it!"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Well-versed in Human tongues. Able to understand Sehoui with ease.
“Beware the voice of Beastlord. Should he find you, he will speak to you, and his words will sound like truth and you will be unable to defy him.” Slayer raised a finger and shook his head. “With but a word, he can sway even the most dedicated of men.”
— Cataclysm War Ch. 5
“You’re no saint, ya know. Yeah, that’s right. You’re descended from a Fury demon.” Beastlord scowled as Kento pointed at him accusingly. “And I know all about Fury demons. All they care about is causing misery and enslaving others. You tell yourself you care about your army, but deep down inside all you care about is control. You don’t care about their hopes and dreams, because the only thing that makes you happy is treating others like they can’t live and breathe unless you say so. You cause pain and misery and claim it’s in the name of justice because you can’t go the day without your precious ‘cause’!   “Now it might not exactly be your fault, after all, you are part Fury, and they’re a pack of slimy, scum-sucking dirt-bags, but you don’t care about a peaceful future for beasts, you just care about that never-ending battle. You can’t survive without that windmill to tilt at! You claim you want to ‘save lives’ and ‘show the truth’, but all you really want is to have people on your side. And if someone resists? If someone takes a stand and refuses to bow to you? You destroy them! Is that it? Is that the truth behind you, Beastlord; so benevolent and full of compassion?!”
— Catclysm War Ch. 14

Cover image: Beastlord Pounces by Mardrena
Character Portrait image: Enter the Beast King by Mardrena


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