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Emdourachil (IM-door-RAH-keel)

The Inner Self given form...   Throughout their history, the Thunthen have buried their noses in science so much they don't even entertain the thought of magic and sorcery, yet even to them there exist things they cannot fully explain with science alone. They do not have religion, yet many of their population secretly worship Thanged's's Four Queens. They do not believe in souls yet they believe in a Hell for the dishonoured dead. They do not believe in magic yet they insist it is possible for an individual's inner self to take physical form by means of a transformation so rare few in living memory have seen such an example.


Even the Thunthen cannot precisely define an emdourachil or how it manifests. Historians claim Rax Dragoul was an example: that he viewed himself as a dragon above other dragons so much he became even stronger. More recently there is debate that Ander is an example of an Avatar manifesting in a Human: How else can it be explained that a man from the Oldworld could achieve feats such as tapping into the Fabric of Being with no prior training in swordsmanship, or rally the Thangien people so quickly against Sur Daggur's incursions. Was it the man who built the myth of the Far Star Traveler or the myth that created the man?   An emdourachil is considered wholly separate from Rares among the Noble race. Rares are distinct from the second they hatch, their talents etched in their DNA for all to see, while the emergence of an emdourachil can occur in a completely unassuming individual. It is debated whether it is caused by external stimuli or exists wholly as a product of the individual's subconsious. If it were simply a matter of imbibing a chemical cocktail or subjecting the body to traumatic stimuli there'd be a great deal more Avatars. Rather it seems to manifest as a confluence of both mental, physical, and external factors.


An emdourachil is viewed as the personification of an individual's innermost desires and ideals. Far from behaving erratically, an individual might become more like themselves: a tyrant more brutal, a hero more gallant, a warrior more proficient. Varying arguments state a transformation can either be permanent or temporary with the Avatar manifesting in dire extremes such as threat to an individual or a close relation.   Conditions such as demonic possession and genetic alteration are NOT viewed as Avatars since the existence of an external entity can adversely affect an individual's persona. Genetic mutations-either self-inflicted or targeted-often have a detrimental effect on an individual's personality. Dygra's Demon Warlords could be cited as examples of emdourachil since imbibing the potion housed in the Transatia brings out and amplifies an individuals deepest desires and personifies their hidden view of themselves, however this faction of the Dynasty had been largely eradicated before the emergence of the Thunthen, rendering that avenue of study moot.


An emdourachil is not viewed as a treatable condition because removing or suppressing it could actually cause more harm than good. It is not merely possession via spirit or a poison in the veins but a reflection of their very spirit. An individual might find their Avatar difficult to manage and wish for its removal, but could be put in the curious position that if a successful cure could be found, by that point they would become so accustomed to their Avatar they would be reluctant to surrender the power they've gained.


The Dragon King Rax Dragoul can be viewed as a "patient zero" for the existence of Avatars, but history does not treat him kindly as he is simultaneously denied and reviled by the wider populace. Ander-despite being a Human- in stark contrast is widely spoken of with almost grudging respect. Sur Daggur and his son are not viewed as Avatars since their stature became apparent from the moment of their hatching. So few Avatars are mentioned it calls into question the theory itself. It can be thought of as Morgellon's Disease: A condition with no proveable cause or symptoms yet it is insisted it exists.   Both Tar Uhnin and Plaedarr Bloodhun-among the oldest Nobeyls currently alive-claim they have never before seen an example of an emdourachil, either in a Human, Thangien, or Thunthen.

Cultural Reception

If Rax Dragoul and Ander are viewed as solid examples, it would seem the emergence of an emdourachil is very much a double-edged sword: the individual attains great power but is almost a tragic figure, a mighty hero can be doomed to an ignoble end.
"Lastly there is the Inner Self; a sort of ‘ideal’ self. It is what makes you so virtuous, what makes Mal Daggur so ruthless. It is believed that in very rare cases-so rare, in fact, that I have yet to have seen a case thus far in my lifetime- that the Inner Self can manifest through means of a physical transformation…we call such a thing an ‘emdourachil’. I think the closest word in your language would be ‘avatar’…"-Tar Uhnin
— Foes From Another World Ch. 29
“I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes…An emdourachil: the Inner Self given form!”-Mal Daggur
— Foes From Another World Ch. 29
Extremely Rare
“In all the time I’ve drawn breath, I’ve never seen an emdourachil before. Now I can say I have,”-Plaedarr Bloodhun
— Foes From Another World Ch. 30
“I kind of feel embarrassed for asking this…but…well…what’s it feel like, for you…you know, when you do your thing?” Kento frowned and folded his arms over his chest.   “Okay, first off; it isn’t a ‘thing’, it’s a condition,” Kento said matter-of-factly and closed his eyes. “Second…does this have anything to do with you going bonkers and hurting people?” He opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow. The piteous expression on Sage’s face provided answer enough.
— Fight Alone Ch. 9

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