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Bainshaebo (bane-SHAY-bow)

Shining testament to their culture   Ancient men had just spent centuries waiting out the Dread Winter huddled in the great glaciers. Weary and aimless, the people didn't know where to start picking up the pieces of their previous attempt at civilization. Wrawthe, chiefest of the four mighty beings the people made contact with near the structure of Pauraluxth, proposed the creation of a city where they could dwell in peace and want for nothing. After some initial hurdles, all able-bodied hands participated in laying the foundations of this promised paradise. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Bainshaebo-named in honor of one of the slain architects. From the laying of the first bricks to the completion of its walls, it took over three-thousand years for this marvel to fully take shape. An immense brilliant white square visible from space, to this day it serves as both capitol and only city of the Thangien people.


The city is 99.9% City-Born Thangien with more well-renowned families situated close to the Four Corners while smaller families line the walls. Most outside traffic comes from Lonesteaders with the occasional Freelander. Recently there has been a burgeoning population of Thunthen parolees housed near Peirolyth, but they are required to work most of the day as a condition of their status. T'plaureth and his son Ph'li to date are the only Natives that maintain permanent residence, something not likely to change anytime soon.


The seat of the Watch-Rider and the Council of Houses coordinate on keeping the city maintained such as renovating older structures, road maintenance, and new construction. No taxes are collected or levied but families are required to maintain the cleanliness of their grounds. A dilapidated home is grounds for expulsion from the Council of Houses or a Trael de Nuca where a suitor will propose marriage so a larger family can absorb the smaller. The only reason Yainae managed to cling to her estate for so long was due to a combination of pity, her family's lineage, and favoritism from the gods.   Families and businesses are required to establish their own defense and criminal behavior is simply not tolerated with serious transgressions subject to Trael de Vaor or flat-out vthiasaking. Victims of petty theft can demand weregild from the offending party in form of goods or labor. The Watch-Rider has more important things on their mind and will not intervene in a dispute unless it concerns members of the Council of Houses. Duels are a frequent occurrence and measure to curb overpopulation and urban sprawl, but Bainshaebo was originally designed to accommodate a healthy population with room to spare. There are a significant amount of spare plots scattered throughout the city, just the size and density of estates gives the illusion of it being packed wall-to-wall.   Families are encouraged to contribute in some way to commerce either by committing to one or more of the Four Corners or providing uncommon goods and services in the Pavilion. For example in the House of St'lur, Azuro gets a hefty amount of work leading phergon raids as well as serving as current Watch-Protector, Australa gets commissions for her work in Peirolyth, Danae serves as envoy to the Oldworld, and Aurora assists Yainae with maintaining the estate. No permit is required to establish a booth or wagon, but scams are not tolerated and subject to vthiasaking. There are no landlords, conglomerates, guilds, or organized crime. Even though the Queens have stepped back some, they will not hesitate to deliver calculated smitings to send a message.


There is no standing army but individuals are encouraged to train in the art of Rait'chian in the event of a muster. Civilian militias can be formed at a moments notice on a block-per-block basis such as during the City Strife. Full war-hosts are incredibly rare occurring only a few times in history such as Sky-King Memner's doomed venture, Ander's attempted intercept at the Battle of Banguk, and recently against Mal Daggur's fleet targeting the Oldworld. The Four Queens are more than capable of protecting the city from severe threats, but given their incredible powers, they practice considerable restraint in order to avoid a repeat of Ritho's Smiting.

Industry & Trade

All commerce goes through the Pavilion and the Four Corners. Food is sourced from the Lonesteads and gathering parties dedicated to specific resources, such as miners, keep major facilities supplied. Mutual trade agreements have been established with the Kikua of Aguar and the Fendahu of Fienlor, but because currency is seldom used, trade is usually reciprocal and measured by practicality. For example Fendahu have no need for fine clothes but love fresh meat while Kikua find tools impractical but value ornamental trinkets. Freelanders sometimes bring curiosities to offer to the highest bidder. Raiding parties to Planet Khilio obtain fresh supplies of phergon and construction crews frequent the Eastern Jungle for necessary materials.   Bainshaebo had the potential for a powerful trade alliance with the Bangukians who maintained larger, more sophisticated cities across their world and had vast natural and scientific wealth, but sadly the Burning dashed those hopes forever and for all time. Currently the city is in a sort of war-time economy with efforts steered towards providing armaments and maintaining fighting strength in preparation for either a showdown with the Thunthen under command of Mal Daggur, or the prophesied End Tide and the dread Enemy, whichever comes first...


Bainshae and Kundai planned the great walls and estimated acreage-or ril-, but streets would be established later as people settled the interior proper. Water used to be stored in towers and private cisterns on estate grounds, but Deres came up with the aqueduct system that would keep the city fully supplied much later. Waste is handled individually with chambers dug under estate grounds using a complex system of plants, gravel, and incinerators. There are some water-retention ponds maintained both for emergencies and landscaping but there are no large bodies of water maintained in the city such as artificial lakes. Traffic is primarily on foot or via carriage but with pegacorn then Pegasi, travel is more frequent via air. There have been no reported mid-air collisions to date.
The Cresta and the Wheel
"This is probably one of the most embellished tales in existence. People have in mind the immense walls of the modern city, so when told how the Cresta kicked the wheel 'clean through the wall', they assume he punched a hole right through these colossal brick structures. More than likely the wheel simply plowed through a placeholder fence made of stakes and string. The problem is since it predated physical record-keeping, the story took on a life of its own! Crestas are impressive no doubt but not even the most determined stallion in existence could make a dent in these walls."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian


The city is defined by quarters dedicated to specific fields with the Pavilion situated in the center to serve as the heart of commerce. The Riders Citadel is positioned slightly to the north of the Pavilion and behind that the Citadel-Chapel of Thananagreia where Roth keeps watch. There are four main gates in the center of each wall with the Lonesteads spanning from the west gate to the south and eastern walls while the garden of Tirmutua runs from the west gate along the northwestern corner and north wall.


The streets and walls themselves are relatively simple being composed of fired clay brick covered with white mortar. Pegacorns and Pegasi are the chief production of Mazzan, medical care from the Traedeskaton, education from Raaezen, and weapons and metalworks from Peirolyth.

Guilds and Factions

There are no guilds of note and factions gravitate towards the Four Corners. Member families of the Council of Houses may lead in a particular field such as the House of St'lur's contributions to Mazzan and Peirolyth or the House of Taurit with their ties to commerce and construction. Even though the Watch-Rider governs the day-to-day operation of the city, everything falls under the supervision of the Four Queens.


Bainshae and Kundai's Vision

(See Thangien history and First Contact)  

The City Strife and the Bloody Bricks

Violent civil war that nearly saw the destruction of Raaezen and the Traedeskaton and the overthrow of the Four Queens. But for the Faithful led by Deres and the devotion of the gods, the city would have fallen to hedonism.  

Das Anazhar's Challenge

Confrontation between Planets Thanged and Thunthen only resolved by Danaetanera III's sacrifice.  

The Genesis Plague

City-wide pandemic caused by Sening and Queen Payina. Lasts for fifteen cycles or thirty years.  

Fall of the Sky-King

Attempted armed intervention to protect the Oldworld from the Totalitary. Memner is presumed KIA and the war host is routed. Eyurodin destroys the orbital ring for the Transgalactic Gate.  

Siege of Bainshaebo

Attempted attack by Sur Daggur ultimately thwarted by Chi Chi Lina, Ander of the House of St'lur.  

Battle of Banguk

Attempted intercept of Sur Daggur's fleet near Fienlor. Results in the loss of Bangukian race and death of Ander.  

Pegacorn Plague

Biological attack from Mal Daggur targeting the pegacorn. Pegasi are engineered to house their souls but Mal Daggur attacks again and causes Paigasurin and Danae to be exiled into space. Mazzan suffers severe damage.  
  • Events of Aftermath
    Chi Chi Lina, Danae of the House of St'lur establishes diplomatic contact with the Oldworld. The Ronin Warriors and their friends are invited to tour the city and King Torke later brokers a mutual defense pact with Ryo of the Wildfire. Danae, Rona, and Tornath participate in the Battle of the Citadel and defeat Dygra's forces.
  • Events of Foes From Another World
    Danae invites Dais to Bainshaebo to meet with her mother Yainae, who offers Danae's hand in marriage. Dais engages in a Trael de Nuca against Na Na Kulk, Rolinilo, defeating him and resulting in the Sixth House of Eklan being ejected from the Council of Houses. Dais later eventually pairs with Danae only for Mal Daggur to execute a covert biological attack against the city populace by reviving the Weeping Death. The Ronin are able to save the city using their powers, but Mal Daggur moves his fleet to the Sol System in secret, imperiling the Oldworld. King Torke orders Ranks of riders to mobilize via the Transgalactic Gate.
  • Events of Fight Alone
    Dais is forced to seek medical aid at the Traedeskaton when he starts losing sight in his good eye. Phitdaitiarona unleashes the Black Unicorn to target the Lonesteads until Cye is able to stop it with the aid of Roth in disguise.
  • Events of Cataclysm War
    After the destruction of Toyama, King Torke orders shipments of food ferried to Earth to support the Ronin. After the restoration of the city, a Blood Dawn is scheduled to occur and festivities held throughout the city.
  • Events of Spacequake
    King Torke recalls the Northern Garrison and the Thangien people hold their breath upon hearing Phitdaitiarona is attacking Earth. After the spacequake is disrupted, the Northern Garrison is redeployed and efforts undertaken to reassemble the amnesiac Ronin. The Four Queens depart the city to visit Earth shortly after the Ronin are reunited.

Points of interest

The Four Corners

Academy of Peirolyth
-Personal domain of Eyurodin, Goddess of the Forge. Chiefly responsible for metalworking of all types from spoons to swords. Created the first generation of Pegasi and now produces war saddles for Mazzan. Located in the south-east quadrant of the city. Oldest structure in the city, precedes the founding.
-Massive stables, pens, and paddocks responsible for animal husbandry including breeding and distribution of kirya, chamia, fyrhundi, and recently Pegasi. Hosts a sealed environment with the last surviving healthy pegacorns beneath the ground level. Located in the south-west quadrant of the city
Archives of Raaezen
-Go-to repository of knowledge for the city. Responsible for record-keeping, copying, research, and education. Distinguished by its many stained-glass story-windows marking pivotal events in Thangien history. Interior ringed with immense bookcases requiring lifts to access. Located in the north-west quadrant of the city.
The Traedeskaton
-Gigantic hospital responsible for servicing the entire city. Composed of multiple levels dedicated to production and distribution of medicine, housing of patients and staff, research into ailments, and providing complex medical care. Sports a large indoor garden of medicinal plants. Located in the north-east quadrant of the city.

Central Government

The Pavilion
-Chiefly responsible for flow of commerce and distribution of goods. Source of entertainment, food, and assorted wares from the Four Corners. Located in the southern half of the city center.
The Riders Citadel
-Seat of the Watch-Rider and personal residence for the ruling Grand House. Hosts meetings of the Council of Houses.Nestled between Pavilion and Thananagreia.
-The colossal Citadel-Chapel created by Roth, Queen of Triumph to serve as her covenant with the people. Spectacular stained-glass windows adorn the western wall and huge murals decorate the north and east interior walls.

Striking Locales



Lush garden occupying the exterior city wall stretching between the western and northern gates. Created by Witheren in ages past.  
Gual de Phu Aclu
Picturesque lake located within Tirmutua. Lake bottom covered in gems polished smooth on the trip from the Northern Ring through the Winding White.

Pit of Spikes

Arena hosting formal duels. Located between the Rider's Citadel and the Tradeskaton. Created by Ander, later modified by Witheren.  
Cresta Statues
Pairs of gigantic sculptures created by Roth to mark the entrances to the city located just inside the main gates.


Ever since Danae established diplomatic ties with the Ronin Warriors from the Oldworld, more and more humans have visited Bainshaebo, primarily civilian and allied contacts of theirs. Thunthen parolees in Peirolyth and members of Bak Thraplek's crew are given leave to roam the city as needed since the Blood Dawn. With current ongoing hostilities between Planet Thunthen and Mal Daggur's fleet still at large, Bainshaebo is not open to large-scale travel with Earth.


Most structures are a blend of mesoamerican and Greco-Roman styles. The oldest residences were built from fired clay brick made from silt dredged from the Winding White. Newer residences and renovation projects have started incorporating white stone imported from the Eastern Jungle. Peirolyth is the oldest known structure in the city but was not built at any point immediately before the founding of the city. The walls are fairly simple with seldom-used guardhouses in the top corners. The gates are incredibly large but kept open unless in the event of an attack such as the Siege of Bainshaebo. Wood is very rare and can only be obtained from the Eastern Jungle during the storm season. Due to its scarcity and Roth's Edict, it cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts for large-scale construction thus metal is preferred for supports and framework and stone, brick, and tile for the walls.


Bainshaebo is situated in Kundain with the Winding White towards the west and the jungle very, very, very far to the east. A trip to the Northern Ring or Southern Salt takes several days via wagon or several hours via Pegasi. Group teleport can provide instantaneous transport but Pegasi are very picky and seldom do it for solo travelers due to the energy requirement. The land is far better appreciated from the air, so most travelers will settle for a leisure flight on Pegasiback.


The walls keep the worst gusts from disrupting the Pavilion: shopkeepers wouldn't appreciate their wagons getting buffeted about. The air tends to stay temperate and dry most of the time in the day and cool and moist at night. Most homes keep their windows open and covered with cloth curtains or wooden shutters to block the elements. In the event of rain the Pavilion has a system of canvas sheets that can be erected at a moments notice to shunt rain into the drainage channels.

Natural Resources

Dererium is the lifeblood of Thangiens from Pegasi to swords to housewares to construction. White stone has become more widely available thanks to relaxed rules from Roth. Food is abundant from the Lonesteads and Tirmutua. Gems are available but highly regulated from Gual de Phu Aclu. Black water and sulfur can be imported from the Southern Salt but is typically reserved for Peirolyth and Mazzan.
London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, the most iconic cities on Earth wouldn't have matched the size and majesty of the immense feat of architecture which lay before them. Clean white villas and carefully tended gardens sprawled in all directions, far as the eye could see. At the heart of the otherworldly megalopolis lay a brilliant square of patterned brick, its edges lined with sheltered stalls. A huge white stone wall encompassed the entire city with a single gate in each side, one larger than the rest.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
"Bainshaebo," Danae said, breaking the silence brought on by awe. "Chief city of Thangaea, monument to the first ancestors, shining testament to our enduring culture." Ryo blinked and frowned when he saw Danae's expression. Her eyes watered at the corners, and her lips spread in a bright smile. Her chest swelled with pride as she took several deep breaths. Now he understood what she felt, what it must have been like after she and Pegasus took flight from Earth and returned to Thanged after two whole years, at last setting foot on the verdant world, gazing upon the shining city she called home.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
Founding Date
Circa 6000 B.C. (8000 years Earth-Time)
Alternative Name(s)
Chief city of Thangaea, Monument to the Ancestors
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Danae had the consideration to lean to the side slightly so her long lavender hair wasn’t batting him in the face. It also gave him a better view of the city as they approached.   Dais jumped in his seat upon hearing the high pitched whistles and looked up at the shining shapes wheeling towards Pegasus. Danae didn’t seem bothered, and Pegasus warbled a greeting to the three new Pegasi and their riders. A blue and white one approached from the left, and Dais saw a man with long blue hair. A multi-colored Pegasi glided to the right, and in the saddle sat a woman with hair of as many colors as her mount. The third Pegasi boasted an orange hide and seemed much younger than the rest. The copper-haired girl in the saddle waved energetically.   “You’re back early!” the man called. “I was fortunate enough to catch him alone; otherwise the others would want answers!” Danae called back. Dais wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but kept his gaze on the city as they passed over exquisite estates and past the four colossal landmarks Ryo had mentioned, as well as the fifth which dwarfed all others. The Pegasi flew low enough over brick streets for Dais to see people pointing and whispering among themselves. He’d arrived with far less fanfare than the Ronin embassy had, but apparently warranted just as much gossip.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 4
"It’s one thing to see a city shrouded in darkness, but being on another planet entirely might be a bit much for them. I can only imagine the amount of cajoling it took for Yulie to get his parents to come,” Sage glanced over his shoulder at the very rear of the column where Yulie pointed out distant landmarks to his mother and father as if they toured an amusement park. Mr. Yamano looked dumbfounded by the sheer scale of the city.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15

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