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Northern Garrison

Thanged's ready watch on Earth...   With the Vyerrdeklagn crippled and Mal Daggur's fleet in full retreat, Watch-Protector Chi Chi Lina, Azuro, realized Thangiens would need a more permanent presence on the Oldworld to field quicker response. Scattered pockets of riders living in secret would not suffice. They would need munitions stores for their Pegasi steeds, food for themselves, and lodgings to plan and prepare. Azuro had to swallow his pride and enlist Bak Thraplek's crafty crew to construct facilities at a suitable location. Back on Thanged, Master Breeder Dar Dar Vanes, Norin, got to work assembling supply runs. The call went out for riders willing to be stationed on Earth. The completed facility and the riders who've taken up residence have since become known as the Northern Garrison, a veiled homage to the grim wardens who once called the Northern Ring home in eons past.


Azuro currently serves as Watch-Protector, a position not held since the doomed Sky-King Memner centuries prior and his father Chi Chi Lina, Ander. Beneath his core Rank serve multiple other Ranks. Seasoned warriors of either Super Nova or Colliding Galaxy level lead each Rank. Azuro has the authority to operate as he deems fit in regards to defense of Earth, but he still answers to King Torke and the Four Queens above him.


The garrison operates on more of a spartan-lifestyle even by Thangien standards, not even allowed to mingle in secret in the city because they are required to be on standby at nearly all times. They can alleviate the tedium with training and recreational activities in the facility itself, but this has the unfortunate effect of causing many riders to get homesick since they are unaccustomed to being away from Thanged for such long periods of time. Because Pegasi in flight might draw too much attention from human civilians, travel is limited with the exception of a muster. King Torke has relaxed his rules somewhat allowing warriors to roam the nearby park on foot to better appreciate the ancestral world they are pledged to protect.  
The Northern Garrison by Mardrena
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Public Agenda

With the realization that Mal Daggur's rampage will not stop nor will he settle for just Thanged as a prize, the riders' imperative is twofold: to protect the Oldworld from harm, and to destroy Mal Daggur's forces once and for all. Humans are Thangien's ancestral kin, without which they would not exist. A slight against Earth is a slight against Thanged, Thangiens, and the Queens.  
“In light of the fleet’s disappearance, The Watch Rider has expressed a desire to establish a permanent garrison on the Oldworld, though he bid me ask permission from you directly.”   “Oh Azuro, you don’t need ‘permission’, or whatever. Earth’s as much your home as it is ours,” Ryo stated and waved a hand, shrugging. “The question is; where…”   “Dude, you should totally try Mount Dojo National Park!” Kento spoke up eagerly. “It’s pretty remote, and while it’s good to take pictures at, no one actually ever goes up that high! There’s lots of places in the mountains you can probably set up shop!”   “That sounds excellent. We would be honored if you would accompany us to the site,” Kento nodded in acceptance. “We will also require the expertise of the Nobeyls’ senior stone-shaper…” Cye’s eyes widened upon hearing that and he snapped his gaze from Emma to Azuro.   “Oh, what’s this?! Azuro, asking help from a Thunthen?” Cye snorted. Azuro blushed slightly and he ran a finger through his hair over his ear, admitting that his feelings about the Ronin’s Thunthen allies had mellowed somewhat. Ryo chuckled and shook his head.
— Neo Ronin Ch. 2


In addition to riders' individual Pegasi steeds, the garrison is generously supplied with weaponry for war saddles, dererium feed for Pegasi, food and furnishings for the riders. The facilities themselves are quite spacious and cozy, carved into the mountain and styled in a blend of traditional Thangien and Thunthen architecture. Eyurodin has provided riders with upgraded high-tech versions of warden armor designed to better protect riders in orbital combat while easing the burden on Pegasi.


It took only three riders to stymie Dygra's armies at the Battle of the Citadel. Azuro led nearly fifty against Talpa's fying fortress in retribution for Danae's injury. In order to effectively combat Mal Daggur's fleet including the two supercarriers, a standing force several times that would be required. Initially starting out with fifty riders, the garrison's staff and facilities have expanded first to one hundred riders, then two hundred, and now nearly five hundred riders.  

Events of Neo Ronin

-Azuro's forces lose sight of Mal Daggur's fleet near Jupiter and return to Earth. Tentative plans are made to establish a permanent outpost with Mount Dojo proposed as a suitable location.  

Events of Fight Alone

-The original facility is expanded to accomodate more riders. Bru Ranir attempts to fire the Vyerrdeklagn only to be stopped by Ryo's Inferno Flare. The Northern Garrison quickly mobilizes to intercept but the Maw of Flame manages to escape once more. Originally King Torke intended Metraind to lead, but Gao Gao Bure, Geiro is killed by the Black Unicorn, bringing the current Metraind roster down to three.  
Events of Cataclysm War
King Torke recalls the Metraind to Thanged, leaving Ru Ru Tiki, Aurora as interim commander. Members of the garrison assist with evactuation efforts in the city using their Pegasi to direct traffic out of congested areas. When Beastlord and his Menagerie invade, the garrison fully deploys but lose nearly fifty percent of their riders in the rout, Ki Ki Crol, Rona among them. Afterward instead of engaging the enemy head on, the garrison are relegated to guerilla-style tactics such as sabotaging subway tunnels Beastlord planned to use as troop routes. Later when a full-scale battle breaks out unexpectedly, Aurora ascends to Metraind and rallies the garrison to victory. When the Ronin Warriors stage the Assault on the Pit, the garrison is present to provide support. After Beastlord's defeat and the restoration of the city, the garrison is allowed a day of reprieve in the Blood Dawn celebrations.  
“So this is really it, huh? After all the fights we’ve been through, our biggest threat is something we have no idea where it came from,” Sehkmet grumbled from where he, Cale, and Dais loitered.   “The Northern Garrison’s already been recalled to Thanged. Not even the Metraind can do anything about this. As usual everything always falls to us,” Dais added.
— Spacequake Ch. 1

Events of Spacequake

With only hours to spare and no way for Thangien riders to stop Phitdaitiarona's power, King Torke orders the entire garrison recalled to Thanged. After the spacequake is disrupted and Earth pronounced safe, King Torke redeploys forces to the Mount Dojo facility where they remain on standby incase of Thunthen incursion. By this point the roster has replenished most of their number lost against Beastlord.  
“Captain! Good to have you back safely!” Tar Uhnin greeted as everyone who’d left aboard the Argonauth entered the main cavern. Bak strode forward and hugged his elderly mentor firmly.   “It’s good to be back! Any movement from Mal Daggur?”   “As of yet, no. King Torke has redeployed the Northern Garrison to the facilities at Mount Dojo.”   “What about the Ronin? Any sign of them?” Kayura asked nervously. Tar made a face.   “, I’ll show you….” he averted his gaze and turned towards the comm. room.
— Spacequake Ch. 2

Vethu Guelvat (Journey to Battle)

“Bah, must you Thunthen use stone in all your architecture? We could easily import lumber from the homeworld,” Metraind Geiro sneered contemptuously as the Apprentices hauled polished tiles and small slabs into newly excavated chambers.   “Stone is enduring. Stone is everlasting. Thananagreia has stood for thousands of years in pristine condition thanks to the high-quality marble used in its creation. Marble-I might add- was procured from what little stable rock exists on our homeworld…” Bau Daophyn drawled mockingly. Geiro snorted and folded his bulky arms over his broad chest. Fellow Metraind Phaeryn suppressed a chuckle.
— Fight Alone Ch. 7
“The Northern Garrison is on its way, but Azuro and the Metraind will be sitting this one out,” Ryo stated as he and the Ronin Warriors ran through the streets.   “Are you *censored* kidding me!?” Tanya swore.   “The Metraind are supposed to be Thanged’s trump card against the Thunthen, and incase you’ve lost track, there’s only three of them left. Rona, Tornath, Australa, and T’plaureth will be here, so we’ll see some familiar faces at least. Aurora will be leading the garrison forces.”
— Cataclysm War Ch. 3
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“We’re going to launch a surprise attack against the Pit and punch back for a change. Aurora, call in help from the Northern Garrison, but tell them to stay airborne so there’s less chance of them getting swarmed down like last time. Bak, try to avoid close-range combat. I don’t want anyone losing arms or tails again,” Ryo relayed to the open channel.   “We will be there.” “Luktikuk” came the replies from Bak Thraplek and Ru Ru Tiki, Aurora.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 11
“Emma! You and the Neo Ronin pull back! There’s Thunthen fighters inbound to your position! Let the Northern Garrison take over from here! Pegasi have air superiority in this situation,” Kayura ordered. Emma Coburn glanced down at her wrist-com.   “What? No way! We can totally take them on, no problem!” Kayura’s jaw dropped in shock. Never would she have imagined Emma of all people would talk back at her so flippantly.   “Emma! Disengage!!” Kayura shouted. Emma paused, the smile fading from her face as she finally registered the urgency in Kayura’s voice. She bit her lip and nodded reluctantly.
— Spacequake Ch. 2

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