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Historical Leaders of Bainshaebo...   Ordained by Roth to guide the people in her stead, Watch-Riders have served as leaders of the capital city of Bainshaebo for three thousand years. The first of the great queens preferred to go by the sobriquet of Watch-Rider, as a tribute to her love of traveling abroad confronting threats. Beginning with the reign of Danaetanera III all the way to King Torke/Torkenantakin in the current day, Watch-Riders have stood vigilant over the people with some presiding over peace and others caught at the forefront of conflict.


While typically the female of a household serves as Everlasting Mother of a great House, whoever ascends to Watch-Rider depends on who has the will to rule. An ambitious and cunning female may seize the initiative just as well as a well-heeled and politically savvy male. If a female feels more devoted to her family she may cede the position to her husband, or if she would happen to be a widow she may have no choice but to take the position.


Only the head of a Grand House is capable of serving as Watch-Rider.


Typically a Grand House rises through the ranks through singular feats or a Watch-Rider elected through a consensus of the The Council of Houses. In rare instances it is entirely possible for a member of a First House to usurp a Grand House.  

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  Far Star Traveller
“Appeasement will never work! It never has! Don’t you see? Unless we meet them on the battlefield with equal force, they will keep pushing and pushing and demanding more and more. They will never be satisfied! If you believe in your warriors, if you believe in your gods, then meet the dragon-men on the battlefield and fight with full fury!” Ander argued. Other members of the Council of Houses in attendance nodded and muttered amongst themselves in agreement. All eyes rest on the Watch-Rider
  He stared blankly at Ander as if it came as a shock that he’d spoken up so passionately. His beady eyes roved around and his lips quivered slightly. How had such a soft, weak-looking man wormed his way into such a position? Ander glanced to the side when he heard a fuming snort from Torke as the Watch-Rider dithered. The Watch-Rider’s lips twitched and he arched his eyebrows and shook his head.
  “No.” he said simply, drawing protests from the rest of the Council. “There will be no resistance. This is not the time and place for foolish heroics and delusions of glory. There will only be supplication. If you do not agree with supplication, then you are irrelevant. There must be supplication going forward, that is the only way to survive-” The way the man pronounced the word with such a slithering lisp grated on Ander and he ran his palm over the grip of Gold Wing.
  Was this man absolutely mad? The Council had already spoken and they could easily overrule him, yet he acted like a one-man-band. No one else moved to speak or take action, the other members fidgeting in their place and grumbling. There was no time for backstage plots and maneuverings! Lives were at stake here! Ander felt his temper rising and his fingers tightened around Gold Wing…
  “ENOUGH!!!” Much to everyone’s surprise, Torke drew his own sword and strode forward with shocking speed. The Watch-Rider recoiled on his heels but did not think to draw his own sword. His retainers barely had time to react as Torke closed the distance.
  “You do not understand! Supplication is the only way! There must be supplication-!” the Watch-Rider gibbered just before Torke drove his sword through his chest with enough force to press the crossguard against the man’s ribs. Ander raised both eyebrows and the corners of his lips turned up in a smirk. Torke certainly had a flair for drama, he admitted. Torke glared at the dying man a few moments before yanking his sword out and kicking the Watch-Rider’s body away. The retainers had not moved to intercept or detain Torke and glanced numbly from the slain Watch-Rider to Torke.
  “I am Torke, of the First House of Taurit! The Grand House is unfit to lead! They have failed Thanged! They have failed Thangiens! They have failed the Queens! In the name of Roth, in the name of Witheren, I proclaim myself Watch-Rider and the House of Taurit ascendant! His blood dripping from my blade is proof in the eyes of Witheren, Maiden of Blood!” Torke raised his sword above his head and held the blade horizontally. Droplets of blood fell to the carpet at his feet. “Does anyone dispute my claim?!” Torke turned and looked to each of the Council members in attendence.
  Ander glanced from side to side and saw them exchanging glances. He strode over to Torke and turned around, standing shoulder to shoulder with him. “If there is any dispute, you will have me to contend with,” Ander stated and patted the pommel of Gold Wing in warning. Silence lingered.
  “Torkenantakin!” “Watch-Rider Torkenantakin!” “All hail Torkenantakin! Hail!” “Grand House Taurit!” Cries rose up among the gathered Council and they cheered energetically. Torke tilted his chin up and puffed his chest, lowering his sword. The retainers dragged the former Watch-Rider’s corpse out of the room and Torke sheathed his sword.
“What have I done, Ander? I am no leader,” Torke whispered hoarsely.
  “You’ll grow into it. You’ll make a fine leader, Torke. This works out better for all. You have the political clout and stomach for this arena. I don’t. My place is on the front lines. To be honest, if you hadn’t beaten me to it, I would’ve killed him myself,” Ander chuckled.
  “You spoke so vociferously, as if you had witnessed such perfidy yourself.”
  “Ah yes. We had someone similar back at home...his name was Neville,” Ander growled tightly.


Watch-Riders must be capable not only of stirring the people to action but presenting a strong front against foes. In addition to being educated on political matters and military tactics a Watch-Rider must be trained in combat and riding.


The Watch-Rider is responsible for supervising defense of the city and planet, economic growth, overseeing infrastructure development, and mediating disputes between individuals or families.


Watch-Riders have the approval and blessings of the Four Queens and can speak directly to them in the halls of Thananagreia. The ruling Grand House enjoys the luxurious residences of the The Riders Citadel.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Watch Riders typically dress plainly with few adornments. Danaetanera III wore a simple flowing gown while Torkenantakin's combat uniform resembles dusty trousers and a riding coat. An exception to this tradition is Payina, who was infamous for constantly obsessing over her beauty, bedecking herself in all manner of finery and jewelry.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Wuelro is the only known Watch-Rider to have ever abdicated at advanced age. The vast majority of Watch-Riders serve until the time of their passing either through natural causes or death in conflict. Torkenantakin famously slew his cowardly predecessor while Wuelro reluctantly executed his deranged mother.


In order to reduce the dependence of the Thangien people on the awesome powers of the Four Queens, Roth sought to elevate a singular individual to lead the people and act as an intermediary between the people and the goddesses. She first approached a promising warrior maid with the offer of becoming an instrument of her will. The maid only agreed on the condition she first earn the position through combat. With Roth's approval, the maid met her challengers and emerged victorious. Roth pronounced her ruler of the people, but rather than be called Queen or Empress, the maid-who enjoyed traveling abroad-preferred to address herself-and be addressed as-Watch-Rider. The title stuck, but retainers and citizens still preferred to address her as Queen Danaetanera III.   The first great challenge to this new system of rule came decades later with the arrival of Supreme High Overlord Das Anazhar and his ultimatum for surrender. Instead of immediately marshaling vast armies, Danaetanera III gambled her life and the city populace on a grisly display by slitting her wrists and shedding her blood around the city walls. Her sacrifice had the desired effect, both rallying the people in opposition to the invading Thunthen and convincing Das Anazhar to abandon his conquest.   A thousand years later, the Genesis Plague would wreak untold horror upon the population, resulting in the death of Queen Payina and the eventual abdication of King Wuelro, ultimately seeing the esteemed House of St'lur fall from grace. Five hundred years ago Earth-time, the impulsive Memner-self-styled Sky-King- rallied riders to his side with the intent of saving the Oldworld from the Totalitary. Ultimately the ancient Enemy proved too powerful and Memner is recorded as having fallen in battle. He would be the last of the storied Watch-Riders of legend for many centuries with leaders in the interim of little or no renown.   The arrival of Aleskander Vanstandtvoort from the Oldworld would coincide with a number of events such as a resurgent Thunthen military offensive and a weakling Watch-Rider all too eager to serve the city up to the invaders on a silver platter. With encouragement from the Far-Star-Traveller, Torkenantakin of the First House of Taurit slew the Watch Rider and declared his house the new Grand House. Roth gave her blessing and the Council of Houses sealed the formalities.   Events following the Battle of Banguk have put the House of St'lur in the curious position of being next in line to succeed the Grand House. This would open the opportunity for a king or queen of the legendary House for the first time in over two thousand years.

Cultural Significance

Alongside tapestries and banners depicting Ander Vai-Stel-Vethu and Das Anazhar, Danaetanera III is the only Watch-Rider commonly depicted in artwork with other Watch-Riders being honored in family shrines. Preceding the start of the Blood Dawn festival, the reigning Watch-Rider will slit his/her wrists to reenact the Blood Walk. Chi Chi Lina, Danae, a descendant of Danaetanera III, and Bak Thraplek, a descendant of Das Anazhar, would pave the way to reestablish peaceful relations between the two races. It is said when the Daggur Clan is finally defeated and peace finally obtained, the Highlord of the Anazhar Clan will relinquish the Sword of Deres to the House of St'lur, symbolically reforging the broken bonds between worlds.

Notable Holders

Danaetanera III
First of the great queens blessed by Roth. Sacrificed herself in the Blood Walk to secure peace.  
Succeeded her mother Danaetanera III. Maintained the peace brokered between Das Anazhar.  
The infamous "Plague Queen". Obsessed with eternal youth and beauty. Facilitated the Genesis Plague.  
Executed and succeeded his mother, Payina. Last Watch-Rider of the House of St'lur. Abdicated late in life.  
Daring, brash warrior seeking to recapture the glory of old. Killed in action on the Oldworld.  
Friend of Ander Vai-Stel-Vethu. Elected after slaying his predecessor. Current ruling Watch-Rider.
“Ander was already old in years when I met him, but we were friends, and it grieved me when he was killed. I would not have been elected Watch-Rider without his support.”-King Torke to Raeo Flamerider
— Aftermath Ch. 11
“The Watch-Rider himself is here as well? Wow, this must be important…” Dais commented.   “Of course. Torkenantakin has a vested interest in the outcome, as whoever emerges victorious will be next in line to Grand House. They will lead Thanged after the Entide,” the man stated as he watched King Torke take his seat in the stands along with his many children.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 4
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Constitutional Monarch
Decree of Roth
Form of Address
Sir, Lord, Majesty, (name)Takin
Alternative Naming
Equates to
A Watch-Rider would have equal status to a Oldworlder king, president, prime minister, emperor-or in case of the Thunthen- Supreme High Overlord.
Source of Authority
Roth, Goddess of Victory
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations
“I have received word from the Watch Rider and the Council of Houses that all Thunthen who take up the cause of the Ronin Warriors are to be given pardon, and counted as Blade Brothers and Sword Sisters. If it is the will of the Ronin, and it is the will of the Council, then it is the will of the Queens, and I must obey,”-Azurotago
— Foes From Another World Ch. 24
“Hey! Look, there’s Bak! And King Torke and Almethea!” Shannon announced and pointed at the stage as Thanged’s Watch-Rider approached a short cushioned stool. The last Bangukian stood behind the Watch-Rider with her hands clasped over her stomach. She wore a simple black gown with long flowing sleeves. Bak stood beside her but kept his hands clasped behind his shell solemnly.   “What’s he doing up there? They’re not going to sacrifice him, are they?” Cye exclaimed.   “Don’t be silly! It’s a reenactment of the Blood Walk. As a direct descendant of Das Anazhar, he represents reconciliation with the Thunthen,” Anubis elaborated.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15


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