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King Torke/Torkenantakin (TOR-keh/TOR-keh-NAN-tah-keen)

Watch-Rider Torkenantakin Ram Ram Tairu (a.k.a. King Torke)

Testament to the End...   The current Watch-Rider of Bainshaebo, Ram Ram Tairu, Torke has the distinction of leading the Thangien through interesting times. With the newly-reestablished contact with the Oldworld and the threat of all-out war against the Thunthen, Torke believes the doom foretold at his birth may come to pass soon: that he will bear witness to the End Tide, when all good heroes will die. To that end he prepares his family for the coming battle and places his hope in his friends of old, the House of St'lur, to lead the people in the time after.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In his mid-forties, King Torke enjoys good health and a rather large family. He bears the weight of Watch-Rider well thanks to the blessing of Roth. Stress is the heaviest burden for him with the loss of his friend and mentor Ander and the recent war with Thunthen.

Facial Features

Facial hair is rare among Thangiens, thus King Torke remains clean-shaven save for wispy sideburns. He keeps his hair short unlike other Thangien males. He possesses a strong, proud jawline.

Identifying Characteristics

King Torke stands out from other Thangiens due to his original hair color. It is said Ritho visited his mother before she gave birth and instructed her to avoid washing his hair with G'thru extract, stating that he would need to choose for himself how he would appear and distinguish himself from other warriors.

Special abilities

Super Nova-level Rait'chian (AM, FFAW) Colliding Galaxy-level Rait'chian (FA, CW)

Apparel & Accessories

Combat uniform consisting of dress robe and trousers. Woven silver circlet. Broadsword.

Specialized Equipment

Gains possession of a new blade crafted by Chi Chi Lina, Australa. Originally infused with dark energy, Australa's skill purified it. Some believe it amplifies his Rait'chian skill.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At the hour of his birth, his mother was visited by Ritho, Goddess of Home and Hearth and the Morning Mother. She spoke a doom upon the newborn, that he would bear witness to the End Tide. As a result, the babe was given the name Torkenantakin. He grew up believing this meant "Witness to Greatness". Only after his ascension to Watch-Rider did he learn the truth: it meant "Testament to the End". He believes that he and his family will perish in the End Tide, or be forced to abdicate in the aftermath.   As a member of the First House of Taurit many years prior, Torke had been groomed from early on to take charge of the family. When tensions escalated between Planet Thanged and Planet Thunthen, Torke argued in favor of a formal declaration of war. The Watch-Rider at the time, however, kept abstaining, ignoring the majority of the The Council of Houses. He kept babbling about offering supplication to the Thunthen. Enraged at this dithering weak man and inspired by the actions of Chi Chi Lina, Ander, Torke took the initiative and slew the Watch-Rider, not even viewing it as a proper duel due to the man's cowardice.   The other Houses acknowledged his victory and crowned him Watch-Rider, elevating the House of Taurit to Grand House. Quickly taking the reins, he appointed Ander Watch-Protector of Thanged's forces and backed his friend Dar Dar Vanes, Norin in taking command of Mazzan and mobilizing the pegacorns there. Taking seriously the doom issued to his mother by Ritho at the hour of his birth, Torke believes it is his duty to lead the Thangiens when the End Tide comes.

Personality Characteristics


Torke longs for a return to the days of old when Thangiens and Thunthen enjoyed a modicum of peace, the days of storied heroes such as Deres and Danaetanera III. With the knowledge of the Entide prophecy, Torke must prepare his people not only for peace with the Thunthen but conflict with an ancient enemy who views younger races as "failures".

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While politically shrewd and quick to show initiative, Torke does not view himself as particularly brave, preferring to direct things from behind the scenes than charge ahead on the front lines.

Likes & Dislikes

Enjoys reading, llaudaun performances, touring the city from his steed Sunbolt Skyhammer, and spending time with his children.   Dislikes Council meetings, watching Traels, and uncouth brawling.

Virtues & Personality perks

Torke has a more educated view of the world and practices restraint when meting out judgments. He proposed sending Thunthen POW's to Peirolyth to serve their penance under the Lady of Flames. He is quite friendly and outgoing and views the House of St'lur as close friends as opposed to political rivals.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is not necessarily risk-averse but dislikes needless loss of life as demonstrated when he relegated the surviving Metraind to reserve status. It took the Council of Houses overruling him to formally declare war against the Thunthen. He loves his children but tends to dote on them, and thus his son Torehj is somewhat arrogant and proud, much to Torke's dismay.



Torke took the mantle of Watch-Rider at nearly ten cycles, or twenty years of age. Since then his rule has borne witness to many pivotal events. He will likely reign until the coming or the conclusion of the End Tide.  

Notable Events

The Burning of Banguk
Not only did Torke lose his dear friend Ander, he saw first-hand the depravity and cruelty of the Daggur Clan with the firing of the Vyerrdeklagn and the incineration of an entire planet. This had a numbing effect on him.  
Pegasus' Exile
When Mal Daggur sent his agents to sabotage the newly-created Pegasi Paigasurin, King Torke followed Roth's advice and ordered Pegasus sent into deep space. He reluctantly allowed Danae to accompany him.  
Danae's Return
No more than a cycle later, Danae returns with a fully-restored Pegasus. She relates her tale of meeting powerful warriors and the world she visited. Torke is convinced this is Ander's home world.  
Alliance with the Morind de Witheren
Torke holds audience with the leader of the Morind de Witheren, Raeo Flamerider. The Morindae pledge their full support to protecting Thanged as well as their own world.  
Torehj's Humiliation
Torke's brash son believed himself entitled to ownership of one of Skybolt Sunhammer's foals, White Wind. To this end, Torehj attempted to kidnap Wind against his will. Only a Trael de Vaor would resolve this grievance.  
Pairing of Dais and Danae
Torke attends the wedding of Ander and Yainae's daughter Danae with the Morindae Darian Dreamrider.  
The Weeping Death
Torke initially orders a city-wide quarantine before dropping it when it is revealed the pathogen is airborne. While he and his family remain in isolation in their personal residence, the Riders Citadel is opened as a field hospital.  
Pardoning the Thunthen
After the re-emergence of Bak Thraplek and his dissidents, Torke advocates for the parole of Thunthen POW's under the condition they labor at the forges of Peirolyth.  
The Black Unicorn
Phitdaitiarona's will made manifest, the creature causes the destruction of vast swathes of Kundain and multitudes of innocent beasts as well as the death of one of the four remaining Metraind, Geiro.  
The Blood Dawn
King Torke presides over the first Blood Dawn in his lifetime. The festival of the dead marks not only a rare event but the first time Thunthen are permitted to walk publicly in Bainshaebo.

Contacts & Relations

The House of St'lur

One of the oldest and most renowned families in Bainshaebo. Torke became close friends with Ander in his lifetime. He believes they will lead Bainshaebo after the End Tide.  

Thunthen Dissidents

While not necessarily on first-name basis with Bak Thraplek, Torke recognizes the future need for alliance with these former enemies against the looming Totalitary threat.  

Morind de Witheren

These powerful warriors of incredible strength and legendary status serve as the lynchpin of opposition to the Totalitary. King Torke has met with their leader, Raeo Flamerider, several times.

Family Ties

The Grand House of Taurit is quite extensive with Torke said to have "seven sons and daughters". His son Torehjashn, is somewhat of a bully and quite snobbish.

Religious Views

Torke is a devout follower of the Four Queens, frequently making pilgrimages to Thananagreia to treat with Roth in times of need.

Hobbies & Pets

Sunbolt Skyhammer, one of the legendary royal twins, is far from being a mere pet. After the taming of his brother Skybolt by Ander, Torke determined to win the trust of Sunbolt. It took much trial, effort, and humiliation but eventually he won the respect of Sunbolt. While Torke does not view himself as brave, clearly Sunbolt feels otherwise or else he would not remain such a steadfast friend.   Torke visits his friend Norin at the Mazzan complex both to chat with him and to observe training sessions with new Pegasi riders. Torehj originally was promised a foal sired by Skybolt Sunhammer, only for the foal to choose a Oldworlder visitor as a rider.   King Torke has a bit of a green thumb, personally attending to the many gardens of the The Riders Citadel. The palace had been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair by the previous Watch-Rider, and Torke determined to restore it to its former opulence.

Wealth & Financial state

The Grand House of Taurit enjoys great material prosperity but their true wealth lies in their political influence. Projects do not move forward without the Watch-Rider's consent, and thus other Houses curry favor with them.
The kneeling people rose when a shrill whinny echoed from the sky. They pointed to a gleaming object approaching the roadway. Sage narrowed his eyes to focus.   “It’s a Pegasi,” he noted as the creature came closer.   “Sunbolt Skyhammer, the mount of the Watch-Rider. Torkenantakin is approaching.”   “Is a Watch-Rider like your king?” Yulie asked.   “You could say that. He is not so much a monarch but rather a guardian. He comforts and guides us in times of peril to keep us strong and steadfast, and directs us in times of peace to keep us from becoming lax,” Danae answered.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
While the Ronin had been expecting a wizened man, Torkenantakin looked to be no more than into his mid forties. A thin circlet of woven gold and silver curled around his brow and through his thick brown hair. A broadsword hung from an elaborate scabbard at his waist. Judging from the way most of the other Thangiens wore their weapons, a sword was an object of everyday life, not just a ceremonial item for show, and the sword of the Thangien’s king would be no different. Torkenantakin let his fingers hang in the rein cord of his mount and placed his other hand on his hip. He regarded the Ronin Warriors with bright light brown eyes.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
While his formal title is "Watch-Rider", he goes by King just as often.
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
Bright Light Brown
Thick Brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
"When I received my name, I was told it meant ‘Testament to Great Deeds’. Now I know what it really means: Testament to the End. The Entide will occur in my lifetime, and Thanged will be the Battlefield."- Aftermath Ch. 11
  “The both of you will explain yourselves, NOW! I will not suffer such an outburst in my halls without good reason!"- Yulie's Tales Ch. 2
  “The Blood Dawn rises! Let there be festivity and gaiety on this day! HONOR THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR BLOOD, AND THOSE WHO HAVE HAD THEIR BLOOD TAKEN! Pay them homage, for this is their day! On this day, they live once more!" Cataclysm War Ch. 15
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
“Only Everlasting Mothers and children under the age of five are prohibited from participating in Traels. A Thangien cycle is equivalent to two Oldworld years. How many cycles does YuliTakin number?” King Torke said stiffly and glanced at Ryo. Ryo set his jaw and scowled. “It is either this, or YuliTakin surrenders custody of White Wind, and I already know he will not do that,” King Torke turned to leave. “He has a few hours time to prepare.”
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 2
Instead of orange or gold, it seemed as if blood stained the sky and fire danced on the horizon. It looked unnatural, unholy almost, and screams rose from people in the crowd at the hellish sight. King Torke no longer shed blood, but fire, and he bowed his head reverently and clenched his fists.
— Cataclysm War Ch. 15

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