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The Riders Citadel

Seat of the Watch-Rider...   Constructed thousands of years ago by the goddess Roth to act as the residence of the newly-crowned Queen Danaetanera III, the vast gardens, colonnades, and terraces of the Riders Citadel serves as the seat of power for the reigning Watch-Rider, leader of Bainshaebo and the Thangien people. Nestled at the foot of the imposing citadel-chapel of Thananagreia, the complex houses not just the Watch-Rider and their family but the forum where the Council of Houses gathers to discuss matters of import.

Purpose / Function

The Riders Citadel serves as the primary residence for the ruling Grand House and the Watch-Rider.


After the fallout of the Genesis Plague, the largest central chamber was converted into an auditorium where the Council of Houses-twenty of the most distinguished families-gather.


The main structure of the Riders Citadel heavily resembles Rome's Pantheon with a large central dome and two wings spanning to either side housing an array of bedrooms, lounges, ballrooms, galleries, gardens, dining halls, studies, assorted storages, and impressive kitchens. A large courtyard garden sprawls out at the front. The central dome houses not only a small arena used by llaudaun performers but the forum where the Council of Houses gathers. The most distinguishing feature are the colonnades ringing the outer structure. Ornate marble staircases wind to the upper interiors. Luxuriant plants sprawl out from balcony planters.   Stone in particular metamorphic rock such as marble is difficult to access on Planet Thanged due to Roth's edict and the ban on mining and large-scale excavation, yet the goddess herself created the entire complex seemingly out of thin air. The Thunthen argue that because the Four Queens envied the stone found on their homeworld, Roth and Eyurodin pilfer it for their own use. Thunthen claim Roth grew so jealous of Das Anazhar's great palace she attempted to replicate it on Thanged. While most Thangien buildings draw heavily from Greco-Roman influences, this is heavily exemplified in the Riders' Citadel.


The Grand House does not employ a personal retinue of guards save for a few watchmen and chamberlains. Would that anyone be foolish enough to attempt a direct assault on the complex, the family's personal Pegasi would be quick to retaliate with their assortment of weaponry. The Watch-Rider, while not a Metraind, is at least of Super Nova level Rait'chian. A Watch-Rider unable to defend themselves is deemed not fit to rule, thus was Ram Ram Tairu, Torke able to usurp the previous Watch-Rider without opposition.


With Danaetanera III newly crowned, Roth determined she needed a palace in which to dwell and rule as the Queens themselves would need a grand temple where the people could visit. She first constructed Thananagreia in an awesome display of power then followed up with the Riders Citadel. Named so for Danaetanera III's preference for calling herself Watch-Rider as opposed to Queen and as an homage to Thangiens' ancient Freelander heritage, the Citadel joined Mazzan, Raaezen, The Traedeskaton, and Peirolyth as a major city landmark, only surpassed by Thananagreia itself.   Danaetanera III's House of St'lur would reign for at least a thousand years until the Genesis Plague and Wuelro's abdication of the throne. Currently the Grand House of Taurit holds power with Ram Ram Tairu, Torke serving as Watch-Rider, or King.


Newcomers from the Oldworld are invited to visit the Citadel and treat with the Watch-Rider. Disputes involving Thangien citizens are often abritrated by the Watch-Rider himself. In times of citywide crisis, the Citadel can be opened up as a refuge for citizens in need.
The great colonnades and arched balconies of the Riders Citadel loomed in the distance.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
“Here we are,” Torke announced as Sunbolt came to a stop in a courtyard. Northern Light wasn’t as graceful as he halted abruptly, almost throwing Ryo out of his seat. Ryo growled softly but relaxed when he saw the stunning estate before him. Despite the beauty of the Rider’s Citadel, Ryo’s gaze strayed up towards the massive building behind it, the same structure he’d seen from the top of the hill before the Ronin entered the city. If THAT wasn’t Thanged’s seat of power, what was it?
— Aftermath Ch. 11
Founding Date
1000 B.C. E.T. (Earth Time)
Parent Location
Related Traditions
King Torke and Ryo entered a balcony overlooking a small arena. Torke held out his arms and walked over to the rail. “Llaudaun. Khanphe is busy entertaining your friends, but the rest of his troupe was able to remain here,” he explained and sat down in a chair. Ryo clasped his hands behind his back and watched as people set up a stage of some sort.
— Aftermath Ch. 11
Just then someone came downstairs.   “Tiante, I am going out with my friends. I will be-,” the tall boy with dark brown hair and light brown eyes halted at the bottom step when he saw Ryo and Yulie. His eyes widened briefly before narrowing in a scowl, a very recognizable scowl.   Yulie couldn’t remember drawing his sword. It seemed to have jumped into his hand, and he raised it as he lunged and slashed. The blade buried itself into one of the marble pillars of the staircase as the tall boy sprang to the side. Yulie wrenched the blade free and lunged again.
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 2

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