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Lost City of the Natives

Everlasting testament to Ritho's wrath...   The graceful-seeming unicorn-folk commonly referred to as Natives for all intents an purposes had achieved quite an advanced civilization nestled within the Eastern Jungle. The aboriginal humans that would later become Thangiens had never even known they existed until the unprovoked and brutal murder of many architects, including Bainshae and Kundai. Freelander scouts accompanying the Four Queens to the border of the jungle would later record gazing upon elaborate stonework of the kind not seen before or since on Planet Thanged. Enraged by the Native's vulgarity and lack of contrition, Ritho reduced their ornate palaces to rubble, forever and for all time laying low the once-strong people.


The city was described as being quite expansive, being built in and around the towering trees of the Eastern Jungle. Only Natives ever dwelt there, driving away or slaying hapless wanderers.


Those handful of explorers-driven by curiosity, greed, or reckless abandon- that have ventured into the heart of the Eastern Jungle and returned alive speak of vast cisterns, aqueducts, arches, domes, terraces, and winding stairs.


No one knows precisely how long ago Natives reached their peak before aboriginal humans arrived on Planet Thanged via Transgalactic Rift. Whether the city had a name has long been forgotten, and either modern Natives do not remember or are not inclined to share with Human-born. The smattering of vine-choked ruins nestled beneath the jungle canopy is but a fraction of the original ancient megalopolis. The Natives were far from naked savages, but for whatever reason the mere sight of Human-born drove them into a near frenzy.   After the brutal murders of artisans including Bainshae and Kundai, Eyurodin and Witheren demanded swift retaliation. Roth urged calm and the Four Queens set out to the Eastern Jungle to attempt a parley with the reclusive Natives. Despite gentle persuasion from Ritho, the Natives remained unrepentant and obstinate, going so far as to attempt to attack the goddess herself. Seeing no redeeming qualities in their black hearts, Ritho unleashed her full power and destroyed the city, vaporizing entire buildings with a gesture and sinking others into the ground. Natives have never forgiven Human-born or the Queens for this act, and it seems the hatred runs so deep and complete they have made no attempt to reclaim or rebuild their ancient glory.


Not since Vthia made the mistake of attempting peaceful overtures with the Natives have explorers gone out of their way to explore the ruins. Anyone unfortunate enough to get lost is either never seen again or scrambles back to the safety of Kundain with great haste.


Since the earliest days after meeting the Four Queens, Thangien architecture has consisted primarily of fired clay brick coated with a secondary layer of clay. They learned their technique from Eyurodin, Lady of Flames. By all respects, the Native Thangiens built intricate hewn-stone structures that preceded even the Queens by thousands of years. At the pinnacle of their civilization over eight-thousand years ago, Native stonework possessed a sophistication that would have rivaled or even surpassed current modern Thangien buildings.   Most residences in Bainshaebo are made of reinforced kiln-fired brick coated with white clay on the exterior with only major structures such as Thananagreia and the Riders Citadel made of sculpted stone. In contrast, the Natives used stone for virtually everything, sourcing their stone from the Eastern Jungle's hidden mountain range. Even after thousands of years of being choked with jungle growth, most of these structures remain intact.


The ancient Freelanders had seldom ever ventured near the Eastern Jungle much less explored the depths in detail. The colossal trees, sweltering mist, and draping vines concealed the vast intricate city from prying eyes. Much recent exploration via aerial flybys has revealed the existence of a smaller mountain range with evidence of having been heavily quarried in eons past.

Natural Resources

The sophisticated Natives had access to everything they ever needed without having to leave the Eastern Jungle: food, water, wood, stone, and metal. Why they felt the need to provoke the Human-born remains a mystery to this day.
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Tears flowed from Ph’li’s eyes as he examined the ruins of his tail tuft. “Maybe you can grow it back with your horn,” Yulie suggested. Ph’li tried and pressed the tip against his golden horn to no avail. “I guess your healing powers won’t work in this Realm.”   “No...it’s Ritho’s Edict,” Ph’li replied sullenly. Yulie blinked in confusion.   “When Ritho punished the Natives for their hatred of Human-born, she decreed they could only use their powers to heal others, or humans. She intended to teach Natives humility,” Ko’li explained.   “Has it worked?” Yulie raised an eyebrow. Ph’li threw Yulie an awkward glance.
— Yulie's Tales Ch. 5

6000 B.C. E.T. (Earth Time)

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?? B.C. E.T.
Large city
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