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The Traedeskaton (TRAY-desk-ATON)

The Arena of Mending...
  Looming above Bainshaebo's north-east quadrant, second only to Thananagreia itself, this colossal mega-hospital provides state-of-the-art medical care to the populace, spearheading much technological advancement alongside Peirolyth. Proposed by Bainshae and Kundai eons ago, construction only began centuries later after the establishment of the city's boundaries, reaching completion at some indeterminate time during Deres' great trek. Behind walls of black stone and large glass windows, recovering patients wage war against a ruthless foe: illness itself. Aside from Mazzan, the Pavilion, and the Riders Citadel, the Traedeskaton is one of the most-visited of Bainshaebo's major landmarks by our stalwart heroes.

Purpose / Function

A portmanteau of three Thangien words (Trael-trial, Deska-rest/recline, and Auton-self), the Traedeskaton is the single and largest hub for healthcare, often abbreviated as the Arena of Mending. Because it must be able to service the entire city the specially trained staff use its vast interior and multiple levels to house and care for patients young and old, whether terminally or marginally ill.   The largest, widest floors at the base are reserved for patient wards and storerooms while the smallest floors at the pinnacle are used for staff quarters, meeting, and training. The Master Physician has an office on the uppermost floor. Of the Four Corners, Raaezen is the tallest, but in terms of base square footage, the Traedeskaton has it beat.
Traedeskaton Patient Floor by Mardrena
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Tradeskaton, Old 3d Render by Mardrena
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Its earliest incarnation looked drastically different from today with a smaller, simpler design with rough walls of fired brick. It went through drastic amounts of remodeling following the Bloody Bricks , gaining it's distinctive walls of dark marble and large windows. The basic four-sided design with steep walls and the distinctive spire at the top carried over into the new remodel.
Traedeskaton, Old Concept by Mardrena
Pencil and ink sketch
  In order to conserve space and streamline movement between floors, stairs were abandoned in favor of mechanical hydraulic lifts.  
Patient Ward Isometric View by Mardrena
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Central Garden Overlook by Mardrena
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Medical Storage by Mardrena
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Sometimes compared to a Mayan step-pyramid, some Meso-American roots show through in the redesign. Perhaps its most striking feature on its exterior aside from its dark walls are the large-pane windows, so painstakingly assembled it gives an almost seamless appearance.   The structure appears as a rectangular four-sided pyramid with seven large levels separated by large sloping windows. The spire at the top serves purely an ornamental purpose. While the amount is never explicitly stated, there are sub-floors below ground level used as isolation wards, storage, or operations.
The Traedeskaton (Exterior) by Mardrena
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Indoor Garden Overlook by Mardrena
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Because sunlight is the best disinfectant, the interior gets a great deal from the Twin Suns distributed along its many levels. The warmth is a source of great comfort for both patients and staff and provides nourishment to the Traedeskaton's other distinctive feature: its large indoor garden.   As if the gods themselves imported part of the Eastern Jungle, the indoor garden is packed with every and any kind of beneficial plant known to Thangiens. From the tried and true staple, the hardy Richtho bush, to the bulky Eyurodin's fan used for dressings and splints, to any number of fungi, berries, and fruit-bearing trees like the chorinae. A large array of mirrors mounted in the ceiling captures and redirects sunlight downward to afford the garden even coverage. Only Tirmutua in the northwest quadrant of the city bests it in terms of variety.


There were no intentions in the early days for defense since the original design called for every inch of open space devoted to patients. No guards were posted in the past, since even the divine fyrhundi were shunned from the clean interior. Thus the burgeoning staff found themselves ill-prepared when Yapign's forces marched on the complex. While Ritho, Goddess of the Home and Hearth was present that fateful day, even she refrained from simply atomizing the attackers, the memory of her previous exercise in power still fresh in her mind.   In the modern days, the sophisticated Pegasi are able to serve as both transport and deterrence for the entryways thanks to their sturdy dererium bodies and impressive arrays of weaponry. The crimson-robed carriage drivers charged with the grim duty of ferrying away the deceased for final preparations are often of moderate skill in Rait'chian. It was once proposed to call Warden back into service to act as orderlies and security but their distinctive armor was deemed too intimidating for recovering patients and the plan was abandoned.


Bainshae and Kundai's Vision

  When preliminary plans for the great city were made, the two early architects proposed a singular facility dedicated solely for housing and care of the sick, believing centralization would provide for greater innovation and communication, better corrective oversight, and more familiarity among the populace. It would not simply be A hospital, it would be THE hospital. The couple sadly would not live long enough to see even the first brick laid much less it reach completion, but thousands of years later the Arena of Mending would at last eclipse surrounding buildings.  

The City Strife

  Yapign's forces had no respect whatsoever for the sick and infirm or even the Four Queens for that matter and made the Traedeskaton their first target in their unholy rebellion, planning to seize it and convert it into their base of operations. While Ritho successfully evacuated patients and staff to Mazzan on the opposite corner of the city, the tyrants would go on to perform all manner of atrocities within the formerly sanitary stone walls.   It was here where Deres found himself a prisoner of the Vulgar Tyrant himself and spent every waking moment dreading any manner of fate planned for him. It was here that Eyurodin, Goddess of the Forge, intervened to assist Deres in slaying Yapign, but not until the conclusion of the Bloody Bricks was the Traedeskaton finally liberated.   The staff were horrified to see the state of the complex, the garden withered and ruined, the exterior and interior walls befouled with any and all type of bodily fluid as the tyrants had turned the complex into a den of iniquity. All of the storerooms had been plundered down to the bare shelves as the tyrants inebriated themselves on the provisions and prophylactics they found, using medicines intended for the comatose or terminally ill to indulge in psychotropic and hedonistic rituals.   At first it was contemplated to simply raze the complex to the ground and rebuild from the foundation up, but ultimately it was decided that would be too great an insult to the sacrifices made by the Architects and Faithful. Instead, the grueling effort began to disinfect the facility from top to bottom and undertake massive renovations, redesigning the windows and walls and replanting the inner garden. Even the gods themselves participated with Eyurodin creating the windows, Ritho and Witheren tending the garden, and Roth herself shaping the black stone walls.  

The Genesis Plague

  Thousands of years after the City Strife, the complex would suffer a fresh horror with the eruption of the Genesis Plague. Sening's corrupted magnum opus kept the city and the medical staff in the grip of terror until Afflicted could be captured and isolated in containment wards for study. Once the new Master Physician determined how the sickness operated, plans went into motion from there on how to deal with the Afflicted.   Even though the staff identified and researched the nature of the sickness, a great deal of public resentment brewed against the Traedeskaton, people viewing it as a source of profane arts. Thankfully the quick wit and glib tongue of the Master Playwright of that era was able to deftly diffuse hostility.  
Healing Venom (Scene from Foes From Another World Ch. 21) by Mardrena
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Events of Foes From Another World

The Traedeskaton is first fully visited by the Ronin Warriors in Ch. 21 "Plague of Thanged" when a mysterious illness starts spreading through the populace. The complex serves as a temporary base of operations for the team while the sickness is researched and identified. Even the vast space and resources of the facility are stretched to the limit from the sheer number of sick and dying.
Down with the Sickness (Scene from Foes From Another World Ch. 21) by Mardrena
Made with Inkscape and BlackInk
He could hear clamor out in the hall, and judging from the room he currently occupied, he’d been taken to the Traedeskaton.
— Fight Alone Ch. 15

Events of Fight Alone

In Ch. 1 "Old Warrior Pride" Dais journeys to the Traedeskaton in search of treatment for his remaining eye, which thankfully Master Physician Kin Kin Aega, Coval is able to provide. When Cye is nearly killed in Ch. 15 "The Black Unicorn", he is brought to the Traedeskaton for examination and recovery.

Events of Spacequake

In Spacequake Ch. 6 "The Secret of Immortality", Captain Caroline Wendell mentions she's visited the Traedeskaton in the past seeking a cure for her early-onset Alzheimer's, but sadly could not find aid. Almethea, the Last Bangukian, has been consulting with the Master Physician on techniques used by her lost people.
“I will go to Thanged. I will visit the Archives of Raaezen and speak with the healers of the Traedeskaton. I will put to word my knowledge and impart my techniques to others. In this way my people will yet live on,”
— Almethea, the Last Bangukian
When Cye is imbued with an alien consciousness in Ch. 10 "Confluence" and undergoing hybridization, Ryo suggests taking him to the Traedeskaton only for Tar Uhnin to swiftly shut him down, and while he does not explicitly mention the Genesis Plague, he states the facility cannot handle illnesses on a genetic level.   When a mysterious vessel crashes outside the city in Ch. 11 "Challenge of Roth", the passengers are temporarily housed in the complex with Janxilio being dubbed the new Goddess of Science and Tanjanira the new Goddess of Medicine. The westward facing windows suffered minor damage during the duel between Roth, Goddess of Victory, and Baeron, the self-proclaimed God of Evil. It is presumed Roth later repaired damage caused by her actions.
They emerged onto the overlook and Shainie wormed her way through the crowd towards the rail. Shannon glanced about the crowd: it looked like every staff member occupied the floors. Even patients had emerged from their rooms, either leaning against the rail or reclining on gurneys. Shainie waved Shannon over and nodded down towards the massive central garden.
— Spacequake Ch. 11


Of the Four Corners, the Traedeskaton sees the highest amount of foot traffic in the city, though perhaps not as much as the Pavilion. There is never a slow day for either the city or the staff. There are always medicines to be retrieved, surgeries to be performed, and bones to be set.   Oldworlders such as the Ronin Warriors and their allies find the facility at once exotic and familiar with its striking appearance and the hustle and bustle of a conventional hospital.
Pegasus approached a structure that reminded Charles of an Aztec pyramid, only made of black stone with large glass windows along each level. The Pegasi fanned his wings as he came in for a landing, and the sight of people and Pegasi milling about in the large courtyard below didn’t seem at all different from the bustle of a hospital back on Earth.   White Pegasi drew carriages alongside a sidewalk, and female medics wearing cowls and white combat uniforms attended patients as they emerged. Male doctors clad in long white surcoats accompanied each team to assess situations. Charles even spotted a couple pure black Pegasi drawing narrow carriages he assumed to be hearses, driven by masked riders in red combat uniforms.
— Fight Alone Ch. 1
Founding Date
8000-5000? B.C. Earth-time
Alternative Names
Arena of Mending
Parent Location
Related Professions
Age of Defiance Wordigirl's Unofficial Mapvember 2023 Entry
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The city itself is roughly 3000sq miles, so 750x750mi not counting the surrounding Lonesteads. My logic was that if Texas can fit 3-4 Finlands then Bainshaebo needs to fit 3-4 Houstons.

The Ronin exited the Traedeskaton to see the air rippling in the distance over the arena. They hurried down the street towards the two dueling Geods, arriving to see energy whipping about in a dome around Baeron and Roth. Wisps of white light unfurled like wings behind Roth, while crackling orange whipped behind Baeron. The surly Male seemingly stood his ground against the Goddess of Victory. Roth scowled as she channeled more and more power against him, and Baeron had to shift his posture slightly. The wind picked up and a howling groan echoed through the area. Windows in the Traedeskaton and columns at the Rider's Citadel started to crack as the divine duel intensified.
— Spacequake Ch. 11

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